August 03, 2010

Morgan Freeman On Race

I found this offbeat interview with Morgan Freeman by accident.

It raises some interesting points so I thought I would put it up.

Let me know what you think.



I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

Well from the amount of thigh the hot bird was showing our Morgan,the way she kept looking him up and down and her purring I reckon the old git was on to a winner...

Lucky bastard!

Oh the race yeah ok,whatever!

Captain Ranty said...

Thank you Stan.

I was more interested in the verbage than the pervage but I see your point.

I ask because I don't see a lot of black/white racism here. My village is peopled by the pale skinned. When I travel to Africa, I am a distinct minority and I don't experience any black on white racism. At least, not overtly. I have dozens of stories about black on black racism, (or maybe it's tribalism) so I was curious.

I also liked Morgan's comments on slavery and consent.


I am Stan said...

Ok seriously,

Here in Nottingham City its very mixed racially,Ive never come across serious racism,what I mean is people who go out of their way to make it difficult for another race,yeah you hear the odd bad taste remark but on the whole people just get on with their day,their lives.

The only time I can remember racism becoming an issue in the city, where I live ,is when the EDL came to town and spent the day abusing coffee colored xmas shoppers.

Ive no doubt there are racists here,in certain out of town areas its a risky place for a black man,but then why the fuck would I want to go their anyway.

People should avoid building their own mental barriers...still its their loss!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Stan.

I think racism is 95% ignorance in most cases. How much of that ignorance is "taught" or passed down from one generation to the next I have no idea.

I should add that I have been called an "English cunt" several times in my 20 years here in Scotland. I retaliate with humour every time. It seems to diffuse the tension but I don't think it makes the problem go away.


I am Stan said...

"Slavery and consent"

Those that enslave use brutal methods to force consent I believe.

I am Stan said...

"English cunt"...Jeez thats really pathetic,I think abuser`s like that make themselves look incredibly stupid,its a big world,we live once and have little time,who gives a fuck!.

My idea of hell would be where everyone looks,sounds and behaves the same.

Captain Ranty said...

Couldn't agree more Stan.

Call me a cunt if you must, but there is no need to prefix it with anything......


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you that the other day I found an excellent documentary on race by film maker Craig Bodeker, which breaks racism down to nothing but a social construct.

Trust me you will not believe the ignorance of the people on there. From the black prejudice against latinos, from white hatred of their own people, having been socially conditioned at school under Marxist school of Frankfurt ideology. It's all there. It will prove just how ignorant black Americans (and whites) are toward racism.

It's an excellent documentary. It exposes double standards and indoctrinated hatred against whites in the USA. Trust me, once you've watched the video it will certainly make you think and moreso, just how subverted American society was to the point that whites, automatically think they're racist because they're white and that it's impossible for blacks to be racist to whites. The inbred ignorance and social indoctrination is in a word - staggering.

A conversation about race - by Craig Bodeker.

It should be public viewing for everyone. AND I MEAN EVERYONE. There's also a rather interesting twist at the end of the film as to just why American whites feel the way they do.

fraser said...

Morgan Freeman,i have always liked him,and he is talking sense in that interview."Live free or die"

fraser said...

You have to agree to be a slave,
he is spot on

richard said...

It's all right for Morgan, because he has enough money to not BE a slave. Us slaves struggle with bills and rising prices, and are shafted. That's a brutal enough method, worse than an overseer's whip in a way, because it's invisible and it's been made in our minds. A slave knew he was forced to toil, and therefore he made the least effort he could get away with. But nowadays you're a lazy bastard with an attitude problem if you aren't content to waste half your life running to stand still. Fuck it. At least those poor field-hands knew they were slaves.