August 22, 2010

Record Numbers Renounce US Citizenship

Last year 7 million people said they no longer wanted to be US citizens.

Seven. Million. People.

Full story (3 minute vid) right here.

If I was in charge of the US and A, (that would be you, Queenie), I'd want to know why.

Then, I'd insist on putting it right. After all, seven million disgruntled souls is not some breakaway group.

Any thoughts on this?



Ken said...

Looks like 7 hundred not million to me which is a shame.
7 million would be much more interesting??

Captain Ranty said...


Whoever wrote "700" in the write up got it wrong. They say "seven million" at least twice in the film.

700 would not rate a couple of lines in a local rag.


Anonymous said...

It was 7 million alright, and she said "three times more than last year". The ex-marine being interviewed was on the ship the Israeli special forces boarded which was part of the first 'Gaza flotilla'. I recognised him from a program the BBC did the other night - tattoos on his face and neck are quite distinct.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

7 million ? - like New York leaving the USofA? - hmm....

One would reasonably assume that they'd be people who can earn a living elsewhere, i.e. skilled types - if 7 million were that pissed off I think we'd have seen a few more unhappy bunnies doing the rounds and vocalising a bit.

Do you think for a moment that if this was the case Al Habibi-See wouldn't be cock-a-whoop?

Sorry, Bacofoil™ headwear alert I'm afraid.

HUBRIDY said...

If FOTL is correct, then someone needs to edit this:

Bucko said...

I would imagine their idea of putting it right would be some way to force people to remain citizens.

Anonymous said...

I dont' know about this video. Sure 7 million renouncing US citizenship, because of American foreign policy and not following by the ideals of the founding fathers, but as usual with the media, it won't get down to the nitty gritty and start discussing WHY? Of course you know where I'd take the discussion CR? But because the media is controlled it just gives the signification to those watching it that these 7 million are just disgruntled Americans, angry about something, unlike the other 340 odd million who are quite happy living the American dream in the land of the free.

It seems though that there is an awakening and no doubt the NWO will be working their socks off to find ways of totally shutting down the internet.

Anonymous said...


7 million renouncers would mean 1 in every 50 American citizens.
Doen't this strike you are rather high ?
Try cross checking facts, even a simple search on Google will take you to many sites that give more realistic figures.
Examples include :-
New York Times claims 235 in 2008 & 743 in 2009 thus supporting the 3 times last year claim.
Mises Institute (hardly pro-statist)- claims 502 during 2nd quarter of 2009.

I would like to believe much of what you claim but unverified claims such as this do not engender credibility.

Captain Ranty said...


It isn't my claim.

Those who made the video made the claim.