August 23, 2010

Blackwater. Black Hearts. Same Thing.

Tell me again about nobility.

Tell me again about "sense of purpose".

Tell me again that the "end justifies the means".

Or just be honest.

Tell me that money can absolve you of fucking anything at all.

I know all about the fog of war. I have been there, and I have been blinded by it. And this has fuck all to do with the fog of war. This is as clear as the morning dew. Unlike the morning dew, this has the stench of corruption and a cosy little "arrangement". This is absolution, the 21st century way.

This is about money, control, and unaccountability. This is about private corporations doing just whatever they damn well please. $42 million is petty cash to these fuckwads. They must have laughed like fucking hyena's as they signed the cheque.

They are hyenas. Parasites. Leeches. Human life means less than nothing to these vultures.

Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I'm mistaken. Tell me I've read "too much" into this.

Oh, and try telling me too, that these retards were NOT in the direct control of the State Department.

I fucking dare you.



Anonymous said...

I, like you, have been blinded in the fog of war. I went to Iraq on a private contract after I left and these animals were untouchable on the ground, even then.

i don't believe in God, however I want to cleanse my body and soul of all the wrong.

I need to start again.

Captain Ranty said...


I am no Seer*, but I'd say you had already begun.

Forgive yourself. That's the first step.

Getting even is the second.


* Oddly enough, I am an ordained minister, and I forgive you. You are absolved.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I've had conversations with people about arms deals, big pharma, the possibility of invented diseases ("Swine Flu"), etc.

They always seemed so stunned (I ALMOST felt embarrassed, but not quite, for some reason).

I've only recently started to make inroads when talking to friends, explaining that disbelief from the general public of stuff like this happening is exactly the reason why it can happen.

Yet they readily accept the very real atrocities of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

I guess I just need to get on the telly.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how to write tis because I don't wish to be arrogent, condecending, or just a plain twat but I really do feel alone. I want to make amends for my past life.

I'm sorry.

I'm crying as I type this but I am. I'm sorry.

Snakey said...

Eric Prince, CEO of Blackwater/XE, has been reported to have relocated to Abu Dhabi which has no extradition treaty with the US.

Captain Ranty said...


To be heard by the masses you need to appear on X Factor, Corrie or Big Brother.

People assume you are talking shite unless they've seen it on the telly.

They clearly don't understand the "death by a thousand cuts" system that the elite depend on.


Captain Ranty said...


Find a pal and talk to him/her.

I don't know what you have done to feel so down, but you need to unburden yourself.

Talking with a friend will help.


Captain Ranty said...


Now why doesn't that surprise me in the least?

Slippery bastard.

And we both know he will stay as free as a bird.