August 23, 2010

Reclaim Your Freedom. Today.

Listen very carefully.

Make a choice. Tell them it's over.

If you don't, they will take the piss out of you until the day you die.

The game doesn't end until you say it ends.



Anonymous said...

cr its always nice to listen to robert,beautiful visuals,but trying to explain these things to people is not easy,sometimes people give me the look of,a dog thats just been shown a card trick,but i will keep going,it seems waking people up is a slow process.trippymalc.

Captain Ranty said...


I have the same problem.

Educate one, (or at least sow some seeds), and move on.

You can lead a horse to water....


Goodnight Vienna said...

It might be better received if it wasn't American and in a declamatory, echo style. No doubt it's my fault, CR, but I listened to 1:54 and gave up.

Captain Ranty said...


Robert: Menard is a Canadian. They have the same queen as us, and almost exactly the same laws & statutes.

This couldn't be any closer to our situation.

Persevere!! :)