August 13, 2010

Lessons In Law-Mark McMurtrie

Mark has stopped taking shit from his government.

In these three videos (look for parts 2 & 3 at YouTube) he tells you why, and how, he lives his life under common law.

Fascinating stuff.



defender said...

Thanks for that C'ptn.

What I find is that it is the citizen who hold soverignty.
The citizen is who the queen swears to, to fulfil the requirement for the post of queen.
As such when anyone swears to uphold the position they are appointed to via the queen, it is citizens who hold the queen by the coranation oath it is the citizen who holds the power which is excersided for expiedence by one appointed to that position. The position is but a temperory one and the successor is also oblidged to make known under oath on a bible that the continuation of the post is one determined by the oath and in return is given the position and the perks which goes with the job.
The only time we are excempt from our individual soverignity is when we are in dock.

I really hope someone who really knows about this would publish a "English law for Dummies" vol 1 so we can all understand all these loose threads.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video CR! He speaks much sense and I have to say it's fascinating understanding that all we have to do is unlock the chains that were put on us when we were born. It's that simple. Common sense, critical thought, logic and nothing more.

You know that's a damn good idea what defender stated, an "English Common Law for Dummies. Maybe that's something you, I, lawful rebellion followers and all who read your site and blog on their own could think about?

I remember reading Revolution Harry not so long ago, who wants to start a fanzine where bloggers can all write in. It would be free of course and all one does would be to make a photocopy of it and pass it to a friend.

I think it's high time everyone started becoming actively involved. I enjoy writing. I enjoy telling the truth and I would certainly enjoy watching authority crumble into dust in their corruption.

Captain Ranty said...


We may not need one.

Watch the movie I just put up.

If you still think the same after watching that, I will gladly work on it with you.


Mr Armageddon said...

Evening Captain this is the first time I have posted You should also check the John Harris Video

Link Attached

Keep the good work up

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mr A, don't be shy about posting, we need all the ideas we can get!

I'll watch the vid.