August 03, 2010

Tell Us What You Want

So that we can ignore it.

Gee, thanks Coalition Government!

According to Der Grauniad our ideas for policy change are falling on deaf ears. No surprise there then. We should take it for granted that when an incoming government says "Talk to us. We are different" we should hear instead "Shut the fuck up. We're in charge now".

Many of us had high(er) hopes for the CamCleggeron civil partnership. Many of us, (meaning bloggers & commenters), left them alone to....bed in. Well, they have well and truly bedded in and they are no different from DJ Snotty and the Unthinking Crew. Once elected, they went deaf. Par for the course.


"Crowdsourcing involves soliciting knowledge and expertise from the public to help find solutions to problems. The coalition asked the public to respond to its programme on government websites. It received 9,500 replies online.

However, its formal responses, published on each website, shows Whitehall regarded the process largely as an endorsement of what it was already doing.

In cases where most of the submissions conflicted with existing policy, the department simply restated the policy. The departmental responses were published last Friday without publicity.

The government has two other significant crowdsourcing exercises under way, including a Treasury-led request for the public to suggest ways to save money, which received 60,000 responses.

The government has also asked for suggestions on what laws it should abolish."


"The Department of Energy and Climate Change says in its response: "A theme which emerged was that you want this coalition to display a real sense of urgency in addressing two challenges: securing energy supplies, and decarbonising the economy. We agree." It then sets out what the government is already doing."

Now, I recall reading this particular section as ClimateShite is dear to my old heart. I also seem to recall the vast majority of people saying "Ram carbon charges up yer chutney funnel" and yet, in classic Orwellian-speak, they tell us that they will forge ahead, as planned, and help themselves to more of our cash as they do so.

Fucking marvellous.

The honeymoon period is definitely over. We need to bring them to their knees (again) and force another general election.

What say you?



Sniper said...


EG said...

Agree also.

I am beginning to yearn for the days when seemingly life was what you made of it and there wasn't a concerted effort by the elites to take everything you had, have, will have or may possibly have!

That was before taking the red pill mind. The worls seems a lot smaller now.

TheBigYin said...

As soon as Cleggy said he would not touch the smoking ban with a lit Superking I knew it was a stitch up. They are all cnuts, every last one of them!

bofl said...

meet the new boss......

Olly said...

Agreed, but people have to get off their fat fucking arses and do something about it. Like direct action, none of this bitching and moaning and making very valid arguments via blogs, which I am also guilty of. While blogs are a good source of information and education, it's putting that education into practice which is the stumbling block.

Sadly in my experience people won't get off their fat fucking arses and do something about it. It's too easy not to do anything... and then it'll be too late....

Anonymous said...

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Captain Ranty said...

A meeting of minds here then.


People are waiting for a fucking hero. There's no-one coming.

We are it.

I thought I'd picked a popular way to rebel. Via Royal Mail. Even the lard-arses cannot dispute the ease with which we can end this.

Since I began this blog I have had over 80,000 unique visitors. If only half of them had penned a note to queenie and entered Lawful Rebellion, we would be looking at change right now, today.

A million would be perfect, but 40,000 would have started the ball rolling.

If they can't be arsed to write a letter or two, we are well and truly fucked.


Olly said...

Exactly CR. There's no stand out person to be a hero at the moment, I'm sure it will come, but in our lifetime? I don't think so.

Longbow said...

Hey Ranty, I am not waiting for even 10 dozen to get the ball rolling. I do what I do to protect myself against the coming shit storm everyday.
You do too,
sod the rest, if they cant be arsed thats their lookout, not mine

Captain Ranty said...

Then we need to stop waiting Olly, and start becoming.

I have my heart set on ending this pointless game and I will keep at it.

I might dump the blog though. If I haven't convinced more than half a dozen people in a year of blogging I may as well just take my fight off line.


Captain Ranty said...


The point, MY point, is that we are all human beings and some need a leg up now and then.

I just wasn't ready for how many would refuse even that. I'm not saying that Lawful Rebellion, or the Freeman way is the bestest in the world, but it is an option. One that doesn't need balls of steel or a particular skill for street-fighting. In fact, no bravery is required at all.

How low have people sunk that they cannot rise to even this simple stand?

Apathy is King! Long live Apathy!


Dioclese said...

The problem is that the Grauniad is the Civil Service journal of choice and therefore reports in there that suggest that their readership should find itself scratching it's arse in the dole need to be treated with caution. Not exactly a coalition supporter.
Having said that, They may well be telling the truth, but then there are three sides to every story - yours, mine and the truth (whatever that is!)

Captain Ranty said...


It's still bloody depressing though.

The cynics amongst us held back. We waited for the syrupy words to turn into action.

We will wait until hell freezes over.

The game continues at any cost.


Longbow said...

Ranty, I dont want no body around me who is not brave.
Hanging around with liberal folk will get you in the shit when it really matters.
Keep it small, keep it tight, keep it close.

William said...

The blog must be having more impact than you can possibly measure in comments!
It's all well and good pointing out that this shower of shite is the same as the last shower of shite but what did anyone expect. They all belong to the same class of people laughingly called the Political class.

Getting out on the streets whilst certain to attract TV news crews, various police forces, who will either give the protesters a good kicking or try and do the TV crews under section44 (both are a distinct possibility given the state of the country) and every group who thoroughly enjoys rioting for the sake of it along with various religious elements who seek to turn disorder to their own advantage, is not the best way to oust the entire shedload of shite.

There is a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more effective way that will bring about change much more quickly. None of this political class can do anything with our taxes IF we don't give them any.
All it takes is for a real black market in all commodities to be quickly built up(smoky drinky black market is already there)and used, the braver souls to withhold tax such as income/fuel/council tax etc wherever possible and for the scared majority to simply unplug from the state by refusing to consent to state nannying nonsense.

If we stopped paying tax on everything even for a few days they would be out on their arses.

banned said...

..."display a real sense of urgency in ... decarbonising the economy"
Fucking liars.