August 10, 2010

Christopher Story Was Murdered

According to the video above, and this website.

I do not know how true it is, but it does not surprise me.

Watch your backs, people. No dissent is permitted. The emperor is wearing clothes, dammit!

These fuckers have no emotion, no conscience, and no way of stopping themselves. So we have to stop them. They know not what they do.

Fear, intimidation, threats and coercion. It's all they have.

Lose the fear and they lose any perceived power. They are rendered meaningless.

They are nothing. Let them know that you know that.



Anonymous said...

When I first heard of Christopher's death, the first thing that went across my mind was assassination. I then thought don't be ridiculous. Now you post this?

You say:

Fear, intimidation, threats and coercion. It's all they have.

Not so it appears Captain. Christopher is one of many whom the authorities simply bump off when it suits them. Police are taken off the case, told it was simply a suicide/death and post mortems of course find nothing. (Remember the video you posted the other day of the man campaigning for his sister's death because he was exposing paedophilia within the establishment? Remember the coroner who stated that they'd find what killed her from her kidney which was intact, then they were later told it was too damaged?)

The do more than fear, intimidation and coercion. Worse still the very people who do the dirty work of these vile, evil individuals are members of the public!

We've got a choice in life - hunt or be hunted. Therefore, I think it's vital that the UK public start re-arming themselves for protection against the state that seeks to totally control them.

Even better, why don't we start playing the establishment at their own game? Of course I won't state what but you should get the general idea.

We've come at a point in life where unless the public unites together to stop the NWO, then total control of society will be attained by them and freedom will merely be a word in a dictionary going out of print.

It seems to me that anyone who speaks out against the establishment is popped off. What does that therefore signify? Well simple, we STOP putting ourselves in positions where we can be knocked off. If we don't the truth movement will go the same way as the dodo.

Like it or not, this is not going to end peacefully. Ever!

sike said...

When I first heard of Christopher's death, the first thing that went across my mind was assassination.

Anonymous said...

Another inquisition could be very close.German pope with his german right hand man cardinal Ratttzinger...There could be a lot more Christopher Storys and Dr kellys,we really do need to watch our backs.NWO is pushing on now and have got a right good start.There must be some way to get these messages out to the public in a way they understand.I didnt see at first,but you dont need to be Einstein to figure this one out.Civil unrest could be what they have already planned for.So as to put jack boots on the streets.Remember miners stike? 1984...Notice the date cpt.Destroyed a huge industry,and we all stood back and did sweat fuck all.. They certainly do know what their doing, and resistance will be far stronger this time, its got to be...Going to hammer my chivers regal now.By the way, wish you good luck with HMRC. I am Morgan.

trippy-malcolm said...

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