August 26, 2010

The Arrest Of Charlie Veitch

A bit of background on Charlie's arrest in Canada.

Listen to the chilling words of one of Canada's top lawyers. (I don't have many good things to say about lawyers, but this is a good 'un).

I'm not sure how good the blogging will be from sunny Lagos. My internet is about as fast as a striking amoeba. An amoeba that has overdosed on valium. An amoeba that has overdosed on valium that is in a coma. An amoeba that....well, you get the picture.



Fat Councillor said...

Looks like YouTube removed the video.

Pesky Anonymous said...

This link works:

Captain Ranty said...


I wonder if it is because there is an ongoing legal action? Charlies lawyer told us how he would defeat the prosecutors and it was interesting stuff.

Thanks for letting me know FC. My connection is too bad to watch YouTube clips but it did tell me the clip had been pulled.

Maybe it is on Charlies site?


Captain Ranty said...

Pesky to the rescue!

Thanks mate.


david ophalus said...

im afraid i have to say that he got what he wanted. love police are fully seated in the realm of controversy, which wouldnt be anything interesting if it wasnt for his video camera and humour.

i cant help but be aware that on some level charlie needs this kind of thing to happen to increase the eyeballs, or at least sustain them, in an ever-increasing world of fragmented viewerships.

i personally dont think its ever a good idea to do anything with the police, as they're only doing what they see is best. we never see this from the police perspective. imagine... you think your job is to keep order and 'peace'. some 'loud hippy' comes along who is arrogant and continually crosses the line of respectability. no other member of the public bothers you in this way because they are 'good citizens'. so charlie is bad. lets find a way to arrest him because he's a trouble maker. whether or not he gets away with it, we need to show we arent afraid of people like this. he is a 'hippy' anyway disturbing the average bloke on the street.

notice this: charlie hasnt blown up online like many others. he has literally copied maybe unknowingly mark thomas's idea from WAY BACK. but mark thomas is a gruelling journalist/activist/comedian who had intent behind his words which was backed up by his ability to intellectually challenge the system, as well as do his silly protests. note: mark thomas never treated police without a huge amount of respect and still got what he wanted.

i do like charlie, he's a nice bloke, but i just dont agree with most of what he does.

Captain Ranty said...


I agree.

What he does has some value if it shows up some of the ridiculous antics Dibble gets up to.

If the video shows nothing else, it shows that the Canadian cops arbitrarily establish "zones" that people cannot breach. This is made up on the spot and suits them perfectly. This is the reason the courts will not, in the end, prosecute.


microdave said...

I've downloaded both of the videos, just in case.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Dave.


defender said...

We have to keep pushing back at the system, Charlie does it his way, I do it my way, you do it your way.
It does not matter what it is, keep pushing back.

Captain Ranty said...

I agree with that Defender.

It's all grist to the mill.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dae/whoever.

Charlie is a hero. Period. If you do not know that yet you will come to learn that.

I agree with his efforts.

To disagree with how he is going about shining lights on things is clearly "pants".

In every dark area light must fall. He is a light.

He does not care about "eyeballs".
On what basis do you state that?
What evidence ?

You are afraid of fear itself. Just as the state wants you fear.

Problem, reaction, solution. The States play with you.

Wake up and please stop posting unsupported statements on Captain Ranty's site.