August 24, 2010

Offended? Tough Shit.

Pat Condell weighs in on the terminally offended. I can't stand these idiots. But there is money in being "offended" and some idiots are just greedy.

This time it's an Irishman who claimed thousands of £££'s because someone told him a joke.

Are you listening, soft arse? Fuck off.

And when you get there, fuck off again.



microdave said...

I'm offended that Pat finds someone else being offended, offensive. Can I have some money please???

Captain Ranty said...

Yes Dave. Yes you can.

However, I am offended that you feel offended by Pat's offensive video on offensiveness.

Where's my handout?


I am Stan said...

Well I am offended that CR is offended that microdave is offended by Pat being offended by someone else being offended in his video on offensiveness...

Cash please....

The Grim Reaper said...

I am incredibly by this article and by all of you. I think this post should be removed at once and that I should be compensated for my hurt feeling.

Gimme some money, you cunts.

Oh shit, now someone's gonna want some money for being offended by reading the word "cunt".

Ah shit, there I go again...

Captain Ranty said...

Your cheque is in the post Stan.

Unless someone else is offended by my sending you free money.

In which case I will have to cancel the cheque.

There are a lot of offended people around and we have to ensure that the right folks get the dosh.

For it sayeth in the bible: He who hath been offended shall be cured by money. Lots of money.


Captain Ranty said...


Now the Grim Reaper is offended and feels that offense may have been caused.

GR, you get nothing. You were offended, then you caused offense, ergo, your actions cancelled each other out.

No offense intended.


The Grim Reaper said...

I find your reply incredibly offensive. I am going to complain to the blog regulator to see if I can get you shut down.

Unless you compensate me.

Captain Ranty said...

With evidence as compelling as that, how can I refuse?

How much would it take to disoffend you?

There's no sense keeping a sense of proportion here: go wild.


Anonymous said...

I'm offended that Pat Condell continues to lay into Islam while ignoring Judaism!

Seriously, I used to like Pat Condell that was before I got educated on the Islam thing. He's pretty much a blatant hypocrite because his videos are all about how he's offended at religion all the fecking time.

Clever man, but his priorities are seriously fucked up!

Damo Mackerel said...

I'm Irish myself and never felt offended by Irishman jokes.

How do you confuse an Irishman? Put him in a barrel and tell him to go piss in the corner.

Ok, I'll get my coat.

PS. Ye're all fecking eejits.