August 31, 2010

Britannia Waives The Rules

For a nation that runs on paper, from worthless money to stifling statutes, does anyone else find it peculiar that when we send them the (correct) bits of paper, the rules change?

That is what I have discovered in my dealings with government agencies. Affidavits, which have been used for centuries in common law, are suddenly no good when we use them. Or so they say.

During my hugely enjoyable "Just Say No" campaign, I have learnt that the government says "No" pretty much all the time. It is their standard response. And yet when you say to people that they should do the same, they say, "We can't do that!".

Why not?

They say it all the time.

Do you need some examples of them saying "No" and us saying "Fair enough"?

Do you recall that we asked not to be taken to war with Iraq? They said no, and went ahead anyway.

Do you recall when 4 million of us asked them not to close down post offices? They said no, and went ahead anyway.

Do you recall that we asked for a referendum on Europe? They just said no.

I am absolutely certain you can think of dozens of other situations where they simply said no. And we agreed with them. We agreed because we didn't disagree. In other words, we consented.

The big question I have for you today is this: If it's okay for them to say "No", why is it NOT okay for you to say it?

It's a powerful word. Perhaps the most powerful in your vocabulary.

Practise saying it, why don't you?

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.



Anonymous said...

no contract return to sender,seems to work with pcn,s eventually their letters stop.
i said no and they,by their silence
are saying fair enough.

Angry Exile said...

"Are you government cunts any fucking use to anyone at all?"

"N.... wait, what?"