June 01, 2012

Do Your Collar and Cuffs Chafe?

Dear Slaves,

We do hope that your collar and cuffs are not chafing too much.

If they are, tough fucking luck.


Your Overlords.


Anonymous said...

excellent bang on

Steven UK said...

Just walked home. Came to the conclusion the bigger the Union Flag outside, the bigger the idiot slave inside.

NewsboyCap said...


Lets be honest now, anyone who wants to celebrate Brenda's 60 years on the throne wants to be a slave.
If you or I could get away with not doing our job for that long and get paid Millions, wouldn't you celebrate, I know I would.
Lamppost, piano wire comes to mind for all of 'em including the Politicians.
Cunts the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Seen the markets yesterday.
It has began.
They are all toast.
The end of civilisation is only three meals away.
They go down with the rest of us.
The current political systems will fall with it.

James Higham said...

All about to go down anyway.