June 09, 2012

Reality Check

A few days ago I wrote what I thought was my last post. I have twice written "last posts" but the overwhelming number of comments were supportive and convinced me to soldier on.

This time, prior to pulling the trigger, I sent the draft to my friend TSL. He proof-read it, suggested a couple of edits, and then explained, in gentle terms, why I should not publish it. He said it was a powerful piece, but contained within, (unbeknownst to me) were the reasons I should continue. TSL pointed out that we have merely arrived at the end of Chapter One. I had thought that the story was told. Anyway, I took some time to mull it all over and I agree with him. For your sage advice, old pal, I say thank you. I will march on.

Before we continue, I wanted to do a reality check. Prior to getting into this, I had no true understanding of politics or the judiciary, and the very notion that the monarch had defaulted to Citizen Windsor was an alien concept. I was wrong about many things and I thought a recap would help ground all of us. Some of this is fact, and some of it is my opinion. By now you will probably be able to spot the difference.

I will not drone on too much. I'll simply do each worrisome aspect in a few sentences. If you have doubts or questions, we'll deal with them in the comments.

From the top, then.

Madge, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons.


Mrs Windsor has committed treason. Thousands of times. She appears (given recent reports) to be much loved by the ignorati. (The masses are not stupid, they are just ignorant of the facts). Our constitution, spread over several documents, tells us that she is in error. Governing this country is done by three "teams"-Madge, the HoC, and the HoL. In 1972 Madge gave Assent to the European Communities Act. Actually, she breached her contract with the people at that time and the handing over of our nation to the EU began. Royal Assent is said to be automatic (thanks to the Parliament Act 1911), which weakens Madge's power. The House of Lords Act 1999 severely affected the Peers. Many were unlawfully excluded from the HoL and they were not permitted to take their seats despite having Writs and Letters Patent to do so. The result of this is that the HoC is effectively running the country on its own, with almost no oversight. An old-fashioned name for this system of government is tyranny.


Repeal ECA 1972 immediately. Repeal the Parliament Act 1911 and restore Royal Assent as per the constitution. Repeal HoL Act 1999 immediately and restore those Peers who were excluded. Rescind all of those Peerages granted by Labour during those terrible thirteen years of mismanagement. When we exit the EU most of our sovereignty issues disappear. We entered illegally, so an exit requires no protracted negotiations.

The judiciary


Every court in the land is illegal and unlawful. They got their authority from the monarch and as we have seen, the monarch is both a traitor and merely a citizen, like you or I. All courts are rendered impotent by Madges' treason and should be ignored. Furthermore, all courts are companies with limited liability. They are, for want of a better description, businesses. They are not there to render justice. If you want a topical example, look no further than "ranting lady on the tube". She was given a sentence of 21 weeks for her outburst about immigrants. Compare this with a drug-addled mother who left her two year old son to fend for himself whilst she and her partner were stoned upstairs. Their cannabis resin stash hydroponic plant food* was cleverly housed in a Fruit Shoot bottle downstairs. The boy drank that muck, and died. The mother was let off with a caution.

* Thanks to Nick (in the comments) for the correction.


Wind up all court "corporations". Repeal the many, many thousands of statutes that punish people who have caused no harm, injury or loss to their fellow beings. Retrain all JPs, magistrates, sheriffs and judges. Ensure they are competent to judge. (There must be a test we can devise to establish this). Oh, and swap ranty woman with drug woman. Her child died in her care and for that she should be in gaol. Free speech, however awful/nasty/disturbing, should never be punishable. Either we have free speech or we don't.

The police


The office of constable is an ancient one. There was a time when constables were respected, and listened to. Police officers swear an oath to Madge. They do not swear an oath to protect and serve the public. These days police officers (for they too are officers of a corporation, all police forces are registered as Ltd companies) are trained using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and following their training, a thug emerges. Modern police officers have a propensity for violence. Look at the figures on serving policemen/women that have committed crimes. It is staggering. Many are let off the hook (that copper driving at 155mph last year, for instance. He was let off by the judge who "completely understood" the coppers need to test his new muscle-car on the motorway), but that pales into insignificance when you learn that many hundreds of people have died whilst in police custody, or have been ground to strawberry jam by a police car on its way to arrest someone. Compare the number of serious crimes committed with the number of convictions. Chalk and cheese.


All police need to be retrained. They need to be told the difference between law and statutes. They all think they are one and the same. They are not. Any copper breaking the law gets punished and loses his/her job. No if's, and's, but's or maybe's. They are there to provide an example to us all. Furthermore, any recruit testing positively for psychopathy is rejected as a candidate for the police force. (Right now, it is deemed a "must have"). Policemen and women will retake an Oath promising to protect and serve the people. Madge has plenty of soldiers looking after her at home, or when she is on the move. And, since she is no longer legitimate, the police oath is null and void anyway. Victims of crime are to be treated with respect. Perpetrators of crime should be treated like criminals upon conviction.

Public health


We all think that politicians care for our health. They do not. Any decisions made "for the good of public health" are usually wrong. Look at Avian Flu, Swine Flu or BSE, or any number of health "scares". They get it wrong with monotonous regularity. The smoking ban is a prime example of their stupidity. It was based on junk science. SCOTH ( the "scientific" committee on tobacco & health), had members of ASH, CRUK and the BHF on it. How on earth could they ever deliver a fair report? They bamboozled the dozy MPs and the legislation was born. It has killed almost 10,000 pubs in the last six years. Forget the fact that second hand smoke has never killed a single man or woman in the last six thousand years.


This is a huge subject and I am no expert. Where health is concerned, I would make it unlawful to have any committees populated with anyone who had an axe to grind. Make them completely independent. Rigorous questioning at the formulation of the committee will root out the nut-jobs. Regarding the NHS, I would remove that massive layer of management and reinstate matrons to ensure cleanliness and discipline on the wards. I would also allow people to opt out of paying for a service they rarely use, or give them the option to buy private health insurance. At the moment we can go private, but we are forced to continue contributing to the public purse. This is immoral and repugnant. If we must have a publicly-funded NHS, everyone gets it free at the point of need, or no-one does. Lately, badly-managed hospitals have been refusing to treat the smokers, the drinkers or the overweight. They still, however, treat the drug users. They still treat sporting injuries. They still treat people who have stupid accidents, or have alien objects jammed in places not designed for the object to fit. Decide what is self-inflicted and stick to it, or turn all away.



Once elected, they suddenly go blind, deaf and dumb. Once ensconced in the Westminster bubble, they stay there until voted out. Once they are there, it's a mad dash to claim expenses. Once there, it is de rigeur to fleece the public. Of all that tax we "voluntarily" throw their way, a massive proportion is wasted. They are world-class wasters of our money. Billions and billions of £££'s go to the most ridiculous recipients. They lie to us on the way in, and they lie throughout their tenure. It is the devils own task to find an MP that genuinely cares about his/her constituents. And, they are all the same. Seriously. Try to find the differences between Conservative, LibDem or Labour MP. You will struggle mightily. All are guilty of treason now, as they have all a) ratified legislation from the EU since 2010 or b) they have done nothing about the treason of those that did say "Aye" to those pieces of legislation.


There are far too many of these feckless people milling around in the HoC. Slash the number of MPs and the corresponding civil servants. We do not need six million people to service those 650. Call an immediate halt to all legislation transiting parliament, whatever stage it's at. Dump all EU legislation. Repeal pretty much all legislation. Let's go back to basics: we only need one law, do no harm. Those retrained judges will be able to decide fitting punishment for miscreants. Cease all payments to "third world" countries that have space programmes. Cease all bank loans to the IMF especially if they loan that money to nations that would do us harm. All quangos to go the way of the dodo. No exceptions. Cease all payments to "charities" that rely more on our (tax) money than donations. No exceptions. All manifesto promises are to be legally binding. No exceptions.

These are just the big ticket items. There are hundreds more. The Armed Forces for one. They need to be up-manned, they need better care when they return from theatre, their housing needs to be upgraded and better support given to their families. Taxation needs to be looked at and severe cuts need to be made in this forced collection of our sweat equity. A population with more in its pocket will spend more, and if they don't they will save more, and relieve us all of the need to pay for them in their old age. Control mechanisms in place for things like fuel, electricity, gas, tobacco and alcohol need to be eradicated. In a free society people should not be punished for using these items. If they die early, then so be it. More savings for the rest of us. Taxation on all of those things should be reduced immediately.

You could (almost) be forgiven for thinking that pharmaceutical companies exist to make you well. They do not. They need sick people like ASH needs smokers. If Big Pharma discovered a single pill tomorrow, one that cures all ailments, when do you think that pill would reach the shelves? The answer is never.  They are businesses. They exist only to make money. Their products mostly alleviate symptoms but they almost never cure. They deal in drugs. Their drugs kill just the same as "illegal" drugs do. Have a look  at these creatures around the web. You will see stuff that will turn your hair white. And who knows, they might just have a drug to return it to normal.

Britain is in the top five most surveilled countries in the world. It would seem that we are racing for the top spot. This will not end well. For us. For the watchers it will be orgasmic. But soon we won't be able to breathe without permits, or think without licenses. The rot set in some time ago but it is not too late to start to put things right.

Lastly, suppose, just suppose that I am right about Madge. Suppose I am right that she breached the contract with the people and she is now an Ordinary Jane with no more authority than you or I. Suppose that the courts are similarly castrated. The ramifications are almost unimaginable, but let's try. Everyone convicted in a court of law for the last forty years has been judged unlawfully. That includes the killers, the rapists, the kiddie-fiddlers, the thieves, and all manner of criminals. I am due in court next month and I have a great defence. Will they listen? Hell, no. For all of the reasons I mentioned, if I am right, they have to let those people go. Moreover, anyone who was ever fined for anything need to get their money back.

So it is an exercise in futility. I cannot win, no matter how right I am. The only one happy about me being a pain in the arse, is me. This is reason enough to go on. To keep trying. The system is poisoned and the more of us that say so, the more chance we have of getting things put right. Doing anything else is a lie. "Going along to get along" just perpetuates that lie. That awful deception.

I guess the only question you have to ask yourself is this: do I care enough to do something about it, or should I just keep pretending that everything is a-okay?

I'm just gonna get on with it.

I like saying "No". I like being awkward. I like asking them the tough questions. I like denying them that easy money. I like making their lives uncomfortable. I like it because it is the right thing to do.

But, it's your life. We pass this way but once. You have to live with yourself, I don't.

The decision is yours and yours alone.



Anonymous said...

Glad you decided to keep blogging, I love todays post. Thank you.

Captain Ranty said...


It gets harder to find stories that I haven't already covered and the last thing I want is to be repetitive.

The last thing I want is to be repe [Pack it in. Ed.]


Bill Sticker said...

Caps, what is your take on the iniquity of SI's or 'Statutory Instruments'?

Captain Ranty said...


They are an abomination.

S.I's can be enacted by any MP.

Worst case scenario: a newbie MP with less than ten minutes under his/her belt can fiddle with legislation that has been in place for decades (or just days). By adding a footnote (now called a Statutory Instrument) he/she can alter that legislation completely.

No-one can stop them, and I do not believe there is anyone to double-check and/or rescind the changes if they warrant it.

S.I's carry the same weight as legislation and every year thousands more end up on the Rolls.

It is utter madness.


Ian R Thorpe said...

Please keep blogging Cpatain, our democracy and our right to free speech is looking more vulnerable every day.

bollixed said...

Thanks CR.

I jumped on your blog to see if anyone new was happening and you've hit us with this. I agree 100% with everything you say. Your solutions are spot on. Its common sense. Its solutions. Its anti-corruption. Its what we need to do as an island nation.

I think we have all now come to realise that we are not going to wake up enough MoPs to institutionalise a radical, intelligent change overnight to how things are done and who is doing them. There will be no teary eyed Hollywood moment. The people are dumbed down and they are conditioned and they are afraid. The guys running the show and laughing at the rest of us won't give up their privileges without a very dirty and very aggressive fight to hang on to their loot. The corruption is now so deeply engrained within almost every aspect of those bodies who control, police, and service us that I genuinely think it is beyond repair now.

I was listening to a 2hr interview Dean Clifford did on Red Ice radio a couple of weeks back and I am now certain that this is the direction to go. We need to lead by example. Break away as completely as we want to or can and establish ourselves as our own society within a society. Roger Hayes and many others have been saying the same for some time also. Why should one hat fit all? Why should everyone on these islands be forced to associate with this unrepresentative and corrupt corporate govt and its army of minions if we choose not to. I draw everyone's attention again back to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948. Many make faces when I quote from this but its still completely binding upon all signatory countries in its entirety. Article 20(2) says that no-one shall be compelled to belong to any association. End of.

I plan to be quoting this in magi court next week and seeking the assistance of the UN to enforce it. Overlooking the travesty that is Agenda 21 and the political duality of the UN we should use every tool in the toolbox. Once we pin them with their own bloody International Treaties (that were designed to stop exactly what is happening now!!) we then bring back our Constitutional protections.

A friend brought an interesting piece of information to mind a few days ago. Look up 'diffidatio'. Maybe the Freeman of the Land concept was spot on after all. Might be worth you looking this up and sharing your thoughts.

Keep the force, my friend, and keep at it. I can reassure you that more and more people are waking up now and I'm delighted to say that a large number of these are young people. Maybe all we are is a bunch of grumpy old men and women holding the torch of freedom and keeping the flame lit for the next generation to light their torch from. This is our Olympic event. Let's hope we get the gold as enthusiastic amateurs.

I'm going to read your peice again...

bollixed said...

Thought I'd bring this to your readers attention...


Have fun with that one folks and please pass this on. When dealing with an employee ask him/her for a copy of their Code of Conduct and/or Job Description. Splits them away from the herd and leave them personally liable for breach of contract/ breach of trust/ negligence/ corrupt practices/ acting beyond authority/ damages etc.

Anonymous said...

Investigate the http://www.northernperiphery.net/

and its EU effect on the north of Scotland

wayne said...

Great article mate, glad you're still at it!

Anonymous said...

.. "end of the beginning", surely CR?

Any road up, with regard to our Jubilee Girl and, is she or isn't she a citizen, I saw this on the website of one Andrew Brons MEP:

4th April 2012: Andrew Brons has received an answer to his Question to the Commission Requiring a Written Answer on UK citizens being able to renounce their EU citizenship.


How may UK citizens renounce their citizenship of the European Union?
Does the Commission agree that a simple renunciation to the relevant department of the Commission from a UK citizen would be sufficient?
If the Commission seeks to thwart such a renunciation by UK citizens, which would embrace the obligations and privileges that it considers are conferred on UK citizens, will it explain the reason?


An answer was provided by Viviane Reding, the Vice-President and Commissioner responsible for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship on behalf of the Commission.

"According to European law (Artice 20 TFEU), every person holding the nationality of a Member State shall automatically be a citizen of the Union.
Citizenship of the Union is additional to and does not replace national citizenship.
As citizenship of the Union does not exist independently from citizenship of a Member State, it cannot be acquired nor renounced upon independently from national citizenship."

My question is how could the Queen, who being the Monarch was never a citizen, become an EU citizen since she doesn't hold 'citizenship of a Member State'?


Anonymous said...

I should add that the Queen does not hold a UK Passport - because she doesn't need one.


Nick said...

Wonderful piece Capt. I’m also glad that you are continuing.
The blog sphere would be a poorer place without you.

Did you see the piece by the Filthy Engineer the other day? http://niklowe.blogspot.com/2012/06/they-hate-bloggers.html
I read it and thought this was reason enough for you not to stop.

One small point about the judiciary piece, I don’t believe the poor lad drank a cannabis resin solution from the Fruit Shoot bottle. I believe it was the hydroponic plant food, used to grow it. As far as I know, cannabis is not toxic in that way.

Keep at it mate.

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare bugger orf Captain, the few blogs i read keep me from going completely round the bloody U bend...lets me know i'm not alone in a land of bloody sheeple.

Excellent post, keep 'em coming.



Joanne said...

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare bugger orf Captain, the few blogs i read keep me from going completely round the bloody U bend...lets me know i'm not alone in a land of bloody sheeple.

My emphasis



Anonymous said...

great blog and great news your staying.

Russ said...

Best blog going CR; article was spot on. I'd vote for you!



Jacobite said...

Glad you are going to keep blogging, your blog is the top of the tree and alway inspires and gives hope.

DC said...

Can I suggest you add to the 'politicans' section: "Make elections promises legally binding" ?

nala said...

hi cap'in, mmmm think on it this way. Your out on the bike (solo blast are best)approaching your fastest bend, speed set, line set, kneeout, your in the bend max lean blood pumping, are you goning to touch the brakes, are you going to change THAT line.

thurs'kno'enough o'us dae'in this fur wan as clued up as ye gid self tae bottle the bend.

hae'fun keep smilin

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks Nala. I'll take the bend.

Thanks to all of you for your supportive comments.

I'll keep writing as long as you promise to tell me if it gets boring. Deal?

And thanks for the corrections and suggestions. I have edited the post to reflect them.


Anonymous said...

Great post Captain. Epic, in fact. I too am pleased that you are continuing.

But then you knew that already. :-D



Captain Ranty said...

Thanks TSL.

As explained here, you gave me some great stuff to chew on.

Onwards, to Chapter Two!


Anonymous said...

Captain, I read your blog every day although I don't always comment. Your voice is absolutely vital in this fight and repetition is important. There's so much information to take in and so much new stuff being uncovered that it's good to go over things and have them etched into our minds. Please don't stop blogging - your voice (along with others), is a sane one in the wilderness.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

That was certainly a rant and one that pretty much sums up your blog and your stance on many things. I agree, as usual on much although I wouldn't be as forgiving as you when it comes to the judiciary and the police. I'd simply wipe the slate clean and remove all police and judiciary from their jobs and retrain new ones. They were part of a corrupt system and so will remain so. They know what they do most of the time is wrong so they are inherently bad within, doing wrong for personal gain.

The big problem here though captain is you're cutting off the tentacles of a beast that will simply grow them back. Kill the beast. You have to remove the banks and any form of state/corporation control over society completely. I really don't believe that you can save the system, for it's evil to the core. Psychopaths always elevate into positions of power automatically and politics, judiciary, the police and armed forces are all places where they take their thrones of power within, to further control.

I think you have to make people self reliable and responsible for their actions. They should educate themselves on common law (I would remove all non common law altogether), train themselves in keeping fit. We should smash down the cities and bring people back onto the country side, there to farm the land. That way they know the food they're eating isn't contaminated in anyway.

I think I'd really bring everything the way it was before the industrial revolution, which as you know was Rothschild's initial control over the people of this land by getting them from their villages into the cities, to work in his factories, by destroying their rural livelihoods. The Corn laws was a classic example.
The problem however with this is that there are far too many people who are addicted to technology and their gadgets and so will continue living as slaves to the system as long as they've got their gadgets to entertain themselves with.

I don't really think that you can create a better system for the simple reasons of psychopathy and greed.



Anonymous said...

Actually, second thoughts on bringing people to farm the land, I'd still smash the cities but bring people back into rural life, thereby they'd have more say in what went on in their village. They could of course have their own farms, but they'd also have their other skills to offer the community as well, helping each other out. The food would be good and natural, for the people would soon put a stop to it if it wasn't. I just think that city life is the major problem for life. They're not natural and created to serve a far more sinister purpose than people realise.



Anonymous said...

Keep at it Capt, this blog I found one night while following links, there were two guys in the city explaining the birth certificate, I watched that vid 5 times, each time I watched it, I understood more. After about 2 hours of digging for more info, I soon understood that I had been ripped off, conned, deceived, call it what you like.

One thing I am sure off though is more people are waking up to what's going on. For the powers that be the Internet is their hercules heel. Keep on blogging Capt.


Anonymous said...


You'll be meaning 'Achilles' heel.

I'm not so sure about the internet being a bad thing for TPTB though. Although many (although still the massive minority) find much to waken them, many use social networking sites, there for the sole purpose to monitor. The elites created the internet. It's rapidly promoted globalism.



Anonymous said...

Harbinger, I kept looking at the spelling of that, and knew something was not right....but never clicked on to it lol....cheers.....I will go and stand in the corner for half hour.


James Higham said...

There are many who agree but who find it hard to put themselves and their families in a position of danger. That they should goes without saying but we live in a world where the threat feels real to many.

Anonymous said...

Hello Captain, This is my first time posting so please be gentle.

Firstly, just to say, I enjoy your blog very much. Apart from the occasional use of acronyms that aren't explained (Unless I'm Missing Them UIMT.)

Your assertions seem pretty sound as far as I can tell however i personally worry that the UK has no choice but to be in Europe. The idea that Britain has any influence on the outside world, directly, is probably wishful thinking. The irony being we have been brought up to believe that our nation has a position of strength like in the old imperial days. This hasn't been the case since WWII. 'We' didn't win. Germany was divided up by Russia and the USA, Britain gained nothing.

The UK police force needs a dressing down for it's use of, I think it's section 5 -the public order offence thing, but like many police will tell you - they aren't too happy with this sort of target driven behaviour. It's not policing as we used to understand it. On blogs like yours there's never any mention of "what about the decent Policemen", too many examples of bad policing what about a nod to those that do work hard to give the most they can to the community? (I@m not a policeman by the way! :-p)

Some sense must also be applied to the reasoning behind there being so few of the judiciary/police convicted. Yes, it stinks! We all understand why they do get protected right? It's about law and order, not justice - law and order. Wrong or right, they must be seen to be as infalible as possible, if every single arrest was 'judged' by the public the system would grind to a halt. There HAS to be a system, those in the system have to be protected to a certain extent and those in the system must be slightly higher on the pedestal than the normal Joe.

Stay Cool Captain. :-D

Anonymous said...

The basic problem here as I see it is very simple: we're massively over-governed and almost all of this is completely needless.

Statutory Instruments, enabler Acts, constitutional bypasses and retrospective legislation need all to be prohibited at the constitutional level. Our legislative system as originally designed was a fairly effective and efficient one: the House of Commons proposed and designed new law, the House of Lords checked and if necessary vetoed populist insanity and the monarch acted as a final backstop on things. All new law had to go through several filters before being made law.

In addition, we used to have absolute prohibitions hammered into constitutional law in the past to correct gross deficiencies in the existing system; no penalties to be imposed other than by a court (or by a person opting for penalty other than a court), and no giving constitutional power away to foreign powers.

And now we have this current mess. Parliament Acts which permit the HoC to do an end-run around the HoL filter (used to impose the universally derided and ignored Hunting Act and a minor war criminals act), retrospective laws which now deter major companies from daring to make profits on British soil, and bazillions of arbitrary SIs. Oh, and not to forget the biggie of the lot, the European Union enabler Act.

Scrap the lot, make the courts cheaper and easier to use. While we're at it, start making the Laws of Britain machine parse-able so that ignorance really is not a defence (at present, after a few decades of legislative diarrhoea Britain has so complex and massive a body of legislation that it is impossible to know it all).

An automatic sunset clause on enacted criminal law would be a useful trick; if a law is not used within two years of enactment, then it will be automatically removed from the statute books, unless renewed by Act of Parliament. The Renewal Act must include the ENTIRE Act to be renewed being read out in front of at least 50% of all MPs, followed by a free vote on whether to keep it (my thinking here is thus: Parliament either spends huge amounts of time retaining unused law and does little else, or it allows junk to be edited out).

Stealthy of the Mode said...

I tried to tell a few people during the jubilee, they were like yeah doesn't surprise me. Amazing how conditioned everyone is they don't even get mad. You can't chuck in the towel Rantus, you help keep us all sane! :)

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous (11 June 2012 14:34)

"The basic problem here as I see it is very simple: we're massively over-governed....."

It's called COMMUNISM, or should I give it it's modern word COMMUNITARIASM (the merging of Communism, the state and big corporation).

This reality was planned a LOOOOOONG time ago. This won't go away. It's here to stay and life will get progressively worse for those who understand what's going on and cherish liberty and above all freedom, but those ignorant to reality won't care and will just get on with their lives as usual. I am, of course, speaking about the overwhelming majority here.



wiggins said...


humanati said...

Hey man, keep on doing your thing because it's unique & gives voice to ideas that are still rare here in the UK.

Good post but I would go further & take government out of every area of our lives apart from transport & emergency medical care.

& I would make tax voluntary & proportionate to the services used &/or supported.

& you're right, it is time to ACT & DISOBEY because that is the right thing to do.

There comes a time when not speaking out & acquiescing to oppression is complicity.

That time is now.

Respect your courage & integrity Ranty.

Anonymous said...

The time for rebellion is at hand I agree but the masses are not yet conscientious enough to give consent to mass disobedience ? Why is this ? I'm secure in my knowledge and beliefs as to why but I don't want to implode into the Masonic plan that has lead to this time why we couldn't stop it and what it's ending will be ??? What is primary here is evil men with evil intent and evil motives ? Fact all corruption war death comes from within man and man is evil. Tho gradations exist of course

Anonymous said...

Or to use a biblical paraphrase there is sin leading unto death and Thier is sin that leadeth nt unto death therefore bear with each others weaknesses and sins don't sit in judgement of your fellow man with sins that are common to man ? That's not justification of wrong doing. We all have fallen short at some point but to preplan evil on the scale presently at hand is malevolent and insidious and some men are fully engaged in these plans Astounding but true dnt you give up on this captain many feel as you my friend many

Anonymous said...

History teaches us two things about overtaking the ruling government. And if not followed then the despair of the fall out of failure will make the present seem like paradise so to anyone who wants to take down the government of the day ? 1st question is the govt evil and lost all moral character and virtue ? Are it's people being forced to commit evil against its fellow man? And secondly is god on your side ? If not yes to both then dnt do it for god puts governments in power and to unseat wat god has seated will bode far more horrors than can be imagined sometimes bad govt is for correction of a nation ? Much I could disclose bt ik refrain but the present lot captain you got there cards my friend as do we