June 28, 2012

Back In The Saddle

We arrived home last night from sunny rainy Manchester. Funerals are no fun at all, and I remembered why I don't go to them as often as I am asked to. Usually I find myself a quiet spot when the funeral is taking place and think about whoever it is that has died. I always thought that I could pay my respects from wherever I was.

My father in law got a good send off. I seriously doubt that there will be 60 people at my funeral. I have decided that I do not want anyone to wear black at my final shindig. Such a dreary colour. No tears either. I have had a blast and there are no need for tears when I go. In fact, I may include a clause that anyone caught crying has to get a round in.

I noticed that the shenanigans continued unabated while I was otherwise engaged.

The bankers carried on ripping us off. No doubt that the fine they were issued with will be clawed back from an increasingly gullible public. Lovely.

The banners have decided that we must not, absolutely must not have the right to think for ourselves, and they will inject their poison into children in order to get their own way. Delightful.

The wankers in government steal yet more of our money to throw at a failed experiment. Marvelous.

The people continue to be robbed. Peter simply must be paid and Paul will be relieved of his money to satisfy that demand. Thirteen years of  Labour incompetence. We will be paying for that mismanagement for decades. Hallelujah.

The architect of that historic failure wants to move back into Number 10. Are you fucking kidding? I seriously hope so.

Five stories, all from the same newspaper. I dread looking at the others.

We need cheering up.

This gave me a smile:

Rebels: gotta love 'em.

Have a good week, what's left of it.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Captain.

Love the end bit of the hyperlink to the last Mail article: "Tony-Blair-admits-I-like-crack-PM"

Has the Fail stumbled onto a bigger story?


If you haven't seen it, you must watch this absolute car-crash from Newsnight (the fun stuff starts at about 06:19):



It's up there with the Aussie MP who agreed with everything Gillard said, even though he hadn't heard it yet.

There's 20 or so others the Fail links to, one of the best being the interview where the head of the British Dental Association is grilled on the toxicity of mercury fillings, and he ends up going "La la la la la" and waving his hands in the air before throwing a strop.



Captain Ranty said...

Thanks TSL.

Seeing an MP struggle like that, sounding so vague, does absolutely nothing for my confidence. I genuinely think they have no idea how to run a country. They lurch from one fuck up to the next.

I almost felt sorry for her. Almost.


Dailyhammer said...

The URL from the Daily Mail about Tony Blair is fantastic


Never a truer word spoken.