June 22, 2012

Friday Funnies

A miserable week. These will either cheer you up or extend the misery.

My selection of pictures this week are brought to you by the colour red, and the number 482.

Make your mind up, ok?

Pelican crossing. The river. On a crocodile.

For the uninitiated, this is a usual sight in downtown Bangkok.

Necessity, the mother of blah blah blah.

A tree. Running across the desert. Probably for charity.

Not funny, just true.

Rule Number One for the Hard Club: Never, ever, wear a dress.

Cornwall Police introduces their new Ooh Arr Division.

Mystery solved.

Mystery begins.

And finally...

No doubt those clever politicians will see this and decide to bomb the hungry......

Have a great weekend.



Bucko said...

If you're carrying an AK47 you can wear whatever the hell you like :-)

William said...

Funny money?

James Higham said...

That Bangkok "usual sight" I saw a lot of but usually with cloth over their nose and mouth.

Anonymous said...

Carr's mea culpa, for those interested:




Twisted Root said...

Second rule of hard club - don't wear your glasses on a chain around your neck.

Anonymous said...

Yours is now a fraudulent web site according to samantic...

Oh dear the yanks seem to be pissed off with you now.:)

Ferryman wants his cut...

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

May just be Norton stupidity and not anything sinister.


Norton is and always has been shit.



Anonymous said...

Thanks TSL.




Anonymous said...

Run Forest run

Steven said...

Hey Capt,

The year is 2020. The police have been privatised creating "Just-Co" and lots of police state laws have been enacted.

You've just been spotted wearing prohibited clothes. Can you talk your way out of this using your English language skills?

That's the cheery premise for this BBC Key Stage 3 edukasional game for the kidz.


Go police state!!!!