June 02, 2012

Saturday Sniggers

I am away for a few days.

Here's a few pics to keep you going.

Worst. Typo. Ever.

Okay then, I'll use Waterstones instead. No need to be nasty.

Bit of wisdom amongst the mirth.

If I had an arse like that I'd avoid cameras. Forever.

"Told you we should have turned left".

Ee, those Danish folk. Always up for a bit of adventure.

Parents. Sneaky bastards.

Snappy comeback.

(Check the timeline).

And finally....

An uncomfortable journey for those of us on the No 23 this morning.

Have a good break.



bollixed said...

That last pic......she needs a hip holster for them

Captain Ranty said...

I'd have said she needs a longer tee-shirt myself.....


Leg-iron said...

If she fell asleep, you could draw a Mr. Blobby mouth on her stomach.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I disagree, that first typo was quite good.

Anonymous said...

Gravity the inevitable winner

bollixed said...



James Higham said...

Poor Hing.