June 19, 2012

The Despicables

Inspired by a recent comment.....

On the right-hand side (just over there >>>>>) is a quote by Percy Shelley.

I'd like you to read it. To save you swinging your eyeballs all the way over there I will repeat it here:

'Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number-
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you-
Ye are many-they are few'

How often do you hear bloggers (particularly) say that there are 650 of them and 62 million of us? I write that a lot. I write it because it is true. The problem? They are a team, and the rest of us pretty much stand alone. Their teamwork drove us apart. Their continued interference maintains that separation. They did this to us, and sure, we collaborated by complying, but I wondered if the time hadn't come to put aside the things that vex us, we individuals, and thought instead about a reunification programme?

Think about this:

The poor despise the government

They despise this particular government because benefits are being slashed.

The rich despise the government

They despise the government because their incomes are decimated by ridiculously high taxation

The business owners despise the government

They despise the government because they have to obey 200,000 regulations which strangle their growth. Those regulations would disappear if only the government would listen and get us out of the EU

The unemployed despise the government

They despise the government because they are forced to live on less and less. Jobs are hard to find because the business down the road can't employ them. Expensive NICs, taxation, or because they are in the wrong ethnic group.

The Labour Party supporters despise the government

They despise the government because their lot aren't in power anymore.

The Libertarians despise the government

They despise the government because they want a small government, they want people to take responsibility for their own actions and they believe in the non-aggression principle, and they want people to have more, much more freedom.

The smokers despise the government

They despise the government because the government ruined their social lives when they enacted the smoker ban. The government paid ASH and other "charities" vast amounts of OUR money so that ASH could lobby the government for insane, inane legislation that has so far failed to save even a single life. (Not that any were threatened when smokers could smoke indoors).

The pub owners despise the government

They despise the government because that legislation, combined with higher taxation on alcohol has now killed 10,226 pubs with a loss of an estimated 400,000 jobs. Colossal interference ruined the entertainment and hospitality industries. There has to be retribution for that.

The drivers despise the government

They despise the government because they know when the government pretends to understand what high fuel costs really mean to the little people, they really don't. We know, do we not, that if the government wanted to reduce fuel prices all they have to do is slash, or, heaven forfend, remove tax on fuel. It's a piece of cake, the work of moments, and the haulage industry (for one) would be instantly rejuvenated.

The freedom-loving despise the government

They despise the government because 4.5 million CCTV cameras is 4.5 million too many. The new Snoopers Charter that the government want to bring in means that every email, every text, every tweet, every phone call is listened to, transcribed, written down, logged, tagged, held on record and the merest whiff of sedition, of unrest, of imagined criminality will ensure that the thugs appear at dawn, smash your front door down and they will haul you away. They will process you, they will lie to you, they will attempt to ensnare you, they will help themselves  to your fingerprints, your DNA, your breath or your blood. They have been known, in hundreds of cases, to take away your life. They despise the government for enacting law after law after law to such an extent that it is entirely possible that you contravene 28 pieces of legislation from leaving your bed to arriving at work.

The airline travelers despise the government

They despise the government because the government spreads the only message it understands: fear. Terrify the population and they will agree to anything. They will do what the airport Stasi tell them to do. They will remove their belts, their shoes, their false teeth, their colostomy bags and their prosthetic limbs in the name of safety. To protect themselves against a threat that was designed, created, and maintained by 650 inept politicians. All they want to do is get away from this Orwellian nightmare for a two week break and they have to endure endless queues to get into the airport, up to the check-in desk, through security, and onto the plane. Statistics prove that most bombers have darker skin, are called Mohammed and have beards. Profiling, people. It works. Political correctness, and the terror, the sheer terror that someone somewhere might offend someone somewhere has caused no end of problems in this nation. It has to end.

It didn't take me too long to come up with some pretty disparate groups of people. I'm certain you could add to the list considerably. Within minutes we would have our 62 million.

Did you spot the pattern? We all despise this administration for one reason or another and I say this: let we who despise the government get together. Let us get together just once. For as long as it takes. Let us get our marching boots on. Let us write our slogans on our boards. Let us go down there and stand in front of parliament. Let us stand there until we have satisfaction.

We do not need their permission. Children ask for permission. They took our freedoms, so we must take them back. We are obliged to. Our forefathers died in their millions to protect those freedoms.

We have no right to give them away. None at all.

We were lions once. They tamed us. They took away our claws. They turned us into harmless kittens. We meow instead of roar. Well I want my claws back. I want my roar back. I want to be a Lion again.

If we did get together, what a pride we would make! 62 million Lions all roaring their defiance!! Circling the 650, snarling, threatening, making them fear us again, the way it should be!!! What a day that would be! Reminding them who serves who. Demonstrating, in overwhelming numbers, in unvanquishable numbers, what a force we are! Proving that although we may put them in office, we can also and will also remove them, if we wish it so. Not on May 3rd, but on any given date we bloody well choose!

All we need to do is set aside our differences. Some of those differences are real, but many were manufactured.

Divided, we are a conquered people. Divided, this nonsense will continue forever. Divided, they win.

United, we can stand.

United, we can win.

United, we can, and must, roar.

So loudly the windows will shake.

What a glorious sound that would be! What a victorious tale to tell the grandchildren!

We, the United Britons shouted "No more!" and we won our country back from The Despicables who would give it away.

Let us stand tall, and proud, and fierce, and be Lions once more.

So, what do you want to be?


Or this?

The choice, as always, is yours and yours alone.



Smoking Hot said...

lt needs a leader to achieve anything like you describe but for the life of me l can think of no-one to fill that spot. Can you?

karlos said...

Great post Capitan - We will get your audience from the sheeple in the end, it will take time, but they are now awakening to it. We need the like's of you to be leading them, they know no better, and need to see the light slowly because heads are just beginning to pop up out of the sand.

Anonymous said...

Highland Cooncil have signs in Inverness.

What next?

Anonymous said...

Well said Cap'n, we've gotta keep at it.



NewsboyCap said...


Just a thought; on the local propaganda 'news'. Elections in November for Police Commissioners for Greater Manc., Lancashire,Cheshire and Merseyside.
Of course only the Big three political party's can afford the costs of leafleting, radio and TV.As there is no money available for independents.
But, imagine if we could raise the cash to fund one of our own to be a Commissioner of Police. Run the 'Force' on purely 'Peelian' Common Law principles. Remove Target driven Bonus culture, prioritise real crime detection,sack all the 'Plastic Plod' more Bobbies on the beat, end the employment of thugs and regain the respect of the public.
The possibilities are endless and could, would, should be a focus that you alluded to in your post, or am I just dreaming.

Condolences to you and yours at such a sad time

Caratacus said...

Just a thought Cap'n - I worked with lions many years ago and your choice of a male may be less than fortunate. The average male sits around all day looking good, scratching his bollocks and waiting for the female to do all the work - raisning the cubs, organising the hunt, returning with the kill and then ... letting the lazy bastard have first dibs on the carcase while everyone else has to wait. Evolution's first go at welfare dependence.

Maybe a tiger would be more apt :-)

Dioclese said...

I love the government. I think they're wonderful....

....where else would I get so much to write about?

Sackerson said...

What makes you think the rich pay much tax, compared to what they'd have to shell out in bribes and personal protection elsewhere? This system suits somebody, even if it doesn't suit you or me.

OBO 110X said...

I think you are still a little in the collective mentality - how many times did you say "we". I much prefer to be an "I" than part of the "we".
Doesn't mean I would jump to help any of my fellow men but I think the "we" is the problem?????

Dystopian society said...

Well said Capt'n.

The real battle is to be won through consciousness and not in any physical war - Lion or other.
Notice how from around 1999 how the conciseness movement has grown, its like a cloud suffocating the cabal.
It isn't that we are awakening we ARE awake all of us it is the REALISATION that we are being herded by the ones we trusted to manage affairs we allocated to them.
It isn't the place, here, to mention who or what these ogres are merely to point out that they know that we know and are starting to scuttle underground [Some say underground coffins].

Someone here stated that we need a ruler / leader and cannot think who that could be.
I can only ask this person and all those who think the same, WHO was it that made every decision you have ever made, who dresses you in the morning, who feeds you every day, who tells you what is right and what is wrong, who controls your thoughts? The true leader is YOU, not me or anyone else YOU.
Look no further for a leader you have already found it.

Capt'n your writings and many more like you are spreading a message that has brought about a great movement in courage, the courage to stand out among the NAY sayers and say 'FUCK OFF' Like others here who comment you speak the truth and THAT IS your ROAR your PEN is your CLAWS, you have never been anything other than a LION you know that but for a time others made you believe you were a kitten but you knew all along they were wrong.
I know like others how HARD it is to be a messenger and I know that you know that message is being shouted from the rooftops.


and those that know what to do are doing it, the HOW, WHY and WHERE has been made and it is now only a matter of DAYS before the process is executed.

What do WE do? We continue because it is the power of 'TRUTH' that will feed the mechanism of removing the cabal.

You read my blog so you know where I am at. For those that don't I urge them, if they are in the service of the cabal -'Authorities' ETC, to QUICKLY question their masters as to WHAT they are doing, like their lives depend on it.

The line IS about to be crossed and many more than 650 are about to be lost with this crossing and death is no escape.

For the rest of humanity who dared to question, you have a BRIGHT future ahead of you, it will seem dark for the crossing but the lights will come on and BOY will you know it. I cannot mourn for those who will not see the light but say this, you HAVE / HAD the choice.

I do not believe you know Capt'n how many souls you have saved by your RAMBLINGS but I dare to say many, many, many.

You have just been promoted to Admiral.

Namaste, rev;

William said...

The poor, The rich, The business owners, The unemployed, The Libertarians, The smokers, The pub owners, The drivers, The freedom-loving, The airline travellers despise the government
(Labour party supporters removed because any human being, man woman or child, who supports a political party with the income they earn is clinically insane, in my book!)

No they don't. They cannot. They all put up with whatever their 'lot' is without protest because they either fear the consequence of protest or they truly believe that no matter what they do nothing will change. Whatever the actual reason they believe in fear. The fear that no government means anarchy. They fear that anarchy means chaos. They fear that chaos will lead to premature death. All of this is untrue as death calls when it decides not when a dead entity like a state or an individual decides its time to go but as with so many things in life it is perception that matters to most not reality.

The 650 actors in the Theatre of Parliament, despite the bleatings of the MSM, do not create legislation nor do they pass it onto the statute book of the dead entity called the United Kingdom nor do they force this legislation upon the population of the island called Britain.
They regularly lose their parts and are replaced from a pool of actors that is constantly being replenished by a 'party system' which is reality a theatrical recruiting agency.
The statute book of the United Kingdom has now been replaced by the statute book of the dead entity called the European Union. The servants of the United Kingdom/European Union rubber stamp and gold plated the EU statute book thus keeping the obfuscation scam in full swing and themselves in the manner to which they have been accustomed and it is they who craft and enforce their statute book. Here is the new boss the same as the old boss...

Banding together to attack the wrong enemy is insanity.

There is no one size fits all solution to this.
We all have our own false beliefs and demons to deal with, most of which have actually been implanted in our minds by the very state we now seek to escape. Perhaps a better way is to simply ignore the current system and let it strangle itself (it has more than enough rope) and set up alternative systems of control of the people which are modelled more on the Swiss style of representation which seems to me to be about the most honest around today. No permission is needed for this to happen as the people who run the state can only do what they do with the consent of the governed. As no-one has ever been asked to consent to be governed there can be no consent no matter how much assumption the people in the state make, so there is nothing to withdraw, no letters need be written. No acceptance of the name and number handed out by the state has ever been asked for so there is nothing to rescind.
Simply get a consensus of like minded people together and start living life within the new system by ignoring the old.

The people in the old system especially those who rely upon it for income (there is a good reason why the state is the nations biggest employer) will resist, there may be violence, there will certainly be hassle but if the new is to prevail whilst the old withers I cannot see any alternative other than upping sticks and moving overseas to somewhere where the people currently living there don't put up with the insanity the people of this island do.

sike said...


in Italy something quite new and disruptive is happening in the political landscape. As expected, the “Movimento 5 Stelle” (5 Stars Movement) had been the real winner of the recent round of regional elections a couple of weeks ago, and in my opinion it is worth to keep an eye on them especially in the light of the recent elections outcome in many European countries.

The founder of the movement is Beppe Grillo, a comic showman, very popular in the 70s and 80s. He was (unofficially) “banned” from Italian TV in the mid-80s when he made in a Saturday night show a very satiric (and funny) joke about the Socialist party and its chief Bettino Craxi, at that time Italian PM.

In the first half of 2000s he started Beppe Grillo's Blog, posting messages in a satiric style about economy, politics, ecology, society.

The movement is quite different from the other parties. It does not not a clear, hierarchic and defined organization. It is more a mixture of a method, a guideline and a set of rules to select candidates and programs and obtain its logo be part of the network.

Main Rules for the Five Star Movement

Not be an elected politician prior to 5 Stelle
Commit to stay in charge for no longer than 2 terms
Commit to take a minimum salary and give the rest back to the community
Post a public platform on the internet
Be willing to hold a public debate on the platform
Get out of the Euro and default on debt

In the latest elections, Five Star Movement candidates have been able to get almost everywhere between 10 and 20% of votes, sometimes even more, all without a single minute of TV advertising or a single advertising page on newspapers.

The movement has simply spread via the internet, social networks and public meetings around the country. The message sent by their success is clearly: we are fed up with this corrupted, inefficient and incompetent political class.

Duncan B said...

This could be why 'they' are so sniffy about multi-level marketing.

Just saying

Duncan B

Anonymous said...

Love the kitten.

Can grow very feral...


Rochdale Rebellion said...

@Dystopian society.

Rochdale Rebellion checking in sir.

We have 2 battalions ready for mobilisation, 30 mins readiness.

Awaiting further instructions.

William said...


F = false

E = expectations

A = appearing

R = real

# The subconscious does not judge anything as true or false.

# It cannot tell the difference between real or imagined.

# The subconscious does not distinguish between negative or positive.

# New neural pathways are created through repetition.

# Strong emotion strengthens these neural pathways so they fire easily.

# Ancestral DNA may stop you from change, but you can train the amygdala to get past any fear.

# Brain plasticity (neurogenesis) proves we are capable of much more than most have ever dreamed possible.

# Neurode brain patterns that are not used atrophy and break apart.

# Watch your thoughts: they become words.

# Watch your words; they become actions.

# Watch your actions; they become habits.

# Watch your habits; they become character.

# Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Captain Ranty said...

Thank you all for these great comments.

Sorry I haven't answered each individually, I have been a little preoccupied.

OBO 110X,

I say "we" because I cannot do it alone.


Jason said...

When the people fear government there is tyranny, when the government fear the people there is liberty.

Captain Ranty said...


And what have we been conditioned to do for the last 20 years?

To stay frightened. To stay controlled.

A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.


Sike said...


more information about people power and direct democracy movement in Italy

The MoVimento 5 Stelle is a tool of direct democracy available to the Italians. Transparency and participation are its key words. With the M5S, transparency walks into the Town Halls because there’s access to discussions about spending, about the quality of the process of making investments, about the items on the balance sheet. With the M5S, participation walks into the Town Halls. The mayors and the councillors are the connecting point, by means of the Internet, for proposals, for the problems and the requests of the citizens. The M5S is a cultural revolution. It is not a party. “The citizen in power”, this is its prime objective. A question that people ask me is “What will you decide in relation to the most important topics that are not in your manifesto if you get a position of power in the Government?” Nothing! Each decision will be the outcome of a referendum. Only the sovereign people can choose whether or not to remain in the Euro, for example, certainly not a group of politicians closed inside a room.

Captain Ranty said...


I went, and I read.

This would be brilliant if it happened.

With politicians, talk is cheap.

They almost never carry it through.


Sike said...


heres another example of direct democracy and people power. I agree with you about politicians - but I am looking around for some optimism and hope that shows that they dont always get things their own way , and it is worth striving to overcome them

ps wow those captcha images are quite difficult to get right

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Sike,

There's something in the air just lately. I just hope it spreads like flu virus.

A mass ejection of idiots.

Sorry about the captcha things. Can't do much about them. If I switch them off, some tosser ensures my spam-count goes through the roof.


Anonymous said...

I don't like the system either. BUT, how do you propose to manage 62 million people?

Captain Ranty said...

I don't think we have to. We just need a sizeable number.

Momentum will take care of the rest....


Anonymous said...

Great site captain keep shining a light in them dark places soon will come the numbers that you seek but it will be done with an unseen hand and it will take a little time from now when faith will replace fear love for one another will be the law inside and outside that will be that they gave us gadgets to play with whilst robbing the country silver and setting us against each other how insidious they are but how shallow and foolish are the masses

Anonymous said...

I don't want to delve to deep into eschatology on a political blog site bt as said before 62 m British people the world populace approx 7-8 billion how do you control such numbers for without law for sure anarchy reigns ? The implementation of the law and by whom is the question that needs be addressed ? Some men are evil and nothing can change that right? No for it is evil that is running the world we are outraged at this bt cannot alter it yet? Bt soon evil men will all be exposed by a light so bright all will be exposed so kp yourself from evil if your the enemy of the state for your honesty then fear not greater is the one inside of you than what holds them?

James Higham said...

Wonderful. I feel a post coming on. The few have always known the psychology of groups and groups will never combine before they fall out.