June 17, 2012

Sunday Rant

Ever have one of those days when all you see around you is incompetence, corruption and general fuckwittery?

I have one of those every day. I keep hoping for better-I was born optimistic-but I am constantly disappointed.

This kind of sums it up for me:

I do not know who Chris Hedges is, but I agree with him wholeheartedly.

Everything is upside down. Everything is twisted. Everything is wrong.

The easy thing to do is to simply ignore it.

The easy thing to do is to pretend it doesn't affect you.

The easy thing to do is to switch on the tellybox and disappear into an unreal world.

Easy does not equate to right.

The easy thing to do is shout about the inept, spineless, greedy, feckless, power-hungry egomaniacal parliamentarians. These arseholes were entrusted to do what is right for the country. Not themselves, not their parties. Their "job" is not to pad out their CVs with tosh so that they can slide up the greasy pole to rub noses with the unelected, unaccountable and definitely unexplainable morons in Brussels. Or they use their time as "public servants" to get a seat on this Board or become the CEO of that company. Yet that is what most of them do. Some remain in office for decades, and maybe they did enter Westminster with honourable intentions but finding honour, honesty, integrity or genuine altruism in that building is a quest even Indiana Jones would fail to complete. They are shallow, shallow people. Each and every one of the 650 are guilty of treason or misprision of treason. The system stinks. They either know that, and carry on regardless, or they continue in ignorance. Whatever, neither reason makes them right.

I appreciate that they work hard. They keep long, unsociable hours. For about 35 days of the year, poor darlings. For that they must be compensated with gold-plated pensions. For that torment they must be protected and molly-coddled. I remain mystified as to how these people had the time, frankly, to enact 4,116 pieces of legislation last year. So much for smaller government. So much for the Bonfire of the Quangos. So much for the Great Repeal Bill. As I tweeted last night, we really could do with a Bonfire of the Stupidities. That fire would rage would rage for years.

Instead we got more legislation produced by any government since Simon de Montfort and his merry men set up the first ever parliament in 1265. Instead we got more bans. Instead we got more surveillance. Instead we saw police powers increasing. Instead we saw more agencies given the power to snoop, to meddle, to interfere, to enter our private lives, unbidden, unwelcomed and unchallenged. We seem to enjoy this death by a thousand cuts. We seem to like that thumbprint on our foreheads. WTF has happened to us, in this bulldog nation? We were neutered. Worse, we rolled over so they could gain easy access to our undercarriages. "Anaesthetic? Fuck that. Just rip 'em off with rusty pliers. We probably deserve that". Emasculation by consent. Castration by popular demand. We really have become wankers and we won't be happy until we are eunuchs. They won't be happy until we obey every command and continue to give them a larger and larger share of  the money we worked for. And we will give it to them, uncomplaining, as usual.

We stand by, and we watch, but not too closely. On occasion, we see a letter in the Times from "Outraged of Birmingham". Now and then we waste our own time by writing to those who swore to represent us. We are ignored, so we write a second letter, or more rarely a third, and then plod comes up the driveway clutching a fucking restraining order. We take it, we apologise, and hand them what's left of our backbone. It's a small package they take away. Lesson learnt though: STFU and do as you are told. Be a good little drone.

We see perverts let off with a smack on the wrist. We see people gaoled for a 10 minute rant. We see mothers who allowed their younglings to die, get off with a caution. We see, almost daily, just how out of touch judges are with reality and the notion of fair punishment. We see more and more corrupt, convicted, but still serving policemen and women. We see that the MSM, who know where the bodies are buried, continue to have a strangle-hold on a government that is rudderless, immoral, and mostly clueless. Every five years we kid ourselves that this other lot will do better. They never do.

Picking on politicians is easy, but it isn't the right thing to do.

YOU are to blame. YOU who keeps voting these leeches into office. YOU who believe that we have a choice in our political "leadership". YOU who do nothing. YOU who switch the telly on whilst switching your brain off.

We deserve this government of idiots. We deserve to be treated like children.

Until we grow up, this will be the status quo. This is our past, our present, and our future. It will not change.

Not until YOU want change badly enough.



Unknown said...

Nail head hit says it all for me

GoodnightVienna said...

He's an American journo and he's quite right - I only wish we had an MP who would step forward and say the same. I also had a rant today about the government - some days you just can't hold back :(

Btw Cap'n - I know what you're getting at but blaming ME isn't the answer - I didn't vote for them and I bet most of your readership didn't vote for the LibLabCon con either. That's what makes blogging so difficult sometimes - we're preaching to the converted.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Les.

I wish it was all bollocks.

But, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Or some such bullshit.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks GV.

It isn't enough to not vote. We have to do more. Much more.

Oh, and I include myself in that "YOU" part. I am not doing enough either.


Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for the corrupt swine either, but i heartily agree with the post.

I've been saying for years that we the electorate deserve to be shafted dry for constantly endorsing the bastards, the voting majority bloody still read the same propaganda sheets avidly, they still believe the soddin BBC is impartial, fuck me they really are sheep, but somewhere a bit of turkey must have slipped into their genes cos they keep voting for bloody Christmas, and then soddin moan when Christmas arrives.

The trouble is they, the electorate arn't bothered who's shafting 'em, so long as they can get pissed every weekend, get shagged by some slapper that's been through half the town, then stagger off home to watch some friggin popular TV drivel they're happy as a dog with two tails.

For Christs sake , there's millions of the bastards out there, thick as two bloody planks, except when it comes to filling a claim form in, by fuck they're quick then, how the hell do you engage the minds of people who can't think independently any more.

The TV show Big Brother....i rest my bloody case.


Captain Ranty said...


There is a school of thought that says the "sheeple" are conditioned. They have been dumbed down. Badly educated.

I think there is some merit in that but it just adds to my despair. It may take another generation to wake enough people up.

We don't have that long.

The MPs sold us down the river.

Probably while we were all watching Big Brother 3, or some other shite.


Anonymous said...


This is what I'm happy you wrote:

"YOU are to blame. YOU who keeps voting these leeches into office. YOU who believe that we have a choice in our political "leadership". YOU who do nothing. YOU who switch the telly on whilst switching your brain off."

Eventually, after years of holding the prison door open and shouting at the people inside:

"Look, the fucking door is open for you. Step through it for fuck's sake and be free, for crying out loud."

you realise that you're banging your head against a brick wall and in your struggling to help others, you are infact doing yourself more harm than you will ever know.

People don't want to get involved, that is waking up and smelling the fucking coffee, because they know that in doing so it will upset their apple cart and they would be compelled to ask. They're waiting for someone else to sort the problem out because it's always 'somebody else's problem' to the public.

They are (politicians and law courts) trying to bring in penalising people who abstain I believe. The system will do everything it can to protect itself and it really doesn't care how many people's lives it destroys in order to do so.

The simple answer is and always has been anarchy and any debate that anyone has with an anarchist who knows their stuff, will always be shown that it's the only viable existence on earth for humanity, that is if you cherish freedom and liberty. If you want to be controlled and oppressed by an elite who will 'take care' of you then you'll stick with anything other than anarchy.



ronnie said...

look at those thick bastard drones it makes me sick the mess our country is in because of them.

i will be thinking about them tomorrow at work, hopefully the next round of job cuts won't affect me cos i have a large mortgage every month and a 2 week holiday in turkey still to pay for, and on top of that i need a new hip on the NHS, and the missus job seekers money is running out, and we are hoping the courts will convict the bugger who robbed us when we were out at bingo.

anyway enough of that-drones stop voting now!!!

Anonymous said...

Visceral, and all too true. The thing is, underneath all our bluster, we're scared of what they will do to us as individuals when we kick back; when we really give it to them with both barrels. They'll destroy livelihoods - it's how they force compliance, which is absolutely NOT the same as consent.

I've said this many times before, but unless all rebels pull together and act as one unit - form a critical mass - they will carry on picking people off. It's our only hope. If we don't do it then all that is left is violence and war.


Captain Ranty said...


I think you were right all along: we are doomed.


Captain Ranty said...


It's like herding cats.

TPUC don't get on with FMOTL who don't get on with Icke's crowd who don't get on with the various Sovereign groups who don't get on with [insert group name here] who don't get on with blah de blah de blah.

It's the stuff of nightmares. We all basically want the same thing but we differ on which path to take. All have advantages, none of them is the "only" way but there is disharmony. Just like TPTB would wish for.

I do not know what the answer is, although, I'd love to get them all in the same room and get everyone on the same page.

Then we might have an effect.


GoodnightVienna said...

How nice to see you're plagued with comments from Anon too. I reckon he's the same shill just doing his paid rounds.

I know you're in Scotland but one thing about the Scots, the English the Northern Irish and the Welsh, is that they don't like to be "herded". We're not a people to be coralled and that's why immigration was taken to unprecedented, un-assimilable levels in recent years.

The plan was for immigrants to be ferried out from England to Scotland, N.Ireland and Wales and so to overwhelm us. It's working, except the immigrants seem to prefer England and are stuck here.

The downfall of our opposition is, as you say, our fragmentation. That's why tptb are still laughing.

Captain Ranty said...

Same guy GV.

We call him Herpes Simplex around here.

We haven't been herded though: we have been divided. If we had succumbed to herding we could all talk, share ideas, and find a way forward.

Fragmentation will sow doubt in the most dedicated people. If we are perceived to be divided, we will believe it.

We may yet win, but not, I suspect, in my lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Good points above about groups who don't agree with the status quo getting together...my enemies enemy is my enemy.

Its probably the only way, but it means bashing bloody heads together, the leaderships of the smaller parties/groups are as addicted to their little bit of power, and are as unable to look at the big picture as the liblabcon party machine.

Personalities and petty hatreds, unless we can put those aside we'll die in a survielled hell, not far off that now.


Captain Ranty said...


Much of this is about ego.

Lose the ego, unite the groups, win the fight, grab your ego back.

Simple, really.


pitano1 said...

hi capt.
unfortunatly the average person these days rely`s on the tv infotainment/news/msm to create their
thoughts,and opinions for them.

otherwise known as mind control.

aldouse huxley,said over 50 years ago,the people would come to love their servitude.

as has been alresdy mentioned,most wil not thank you,for pointing out
the dire position mankind finds itself in.

most dont even realise that we live in a post industrial age,and are heading for a worldwide feudal system.

they have been telling us for f`ing years,who,and what we are`think`

as for democracy..the will of the people/mob rule

i wonder if such a beast,ever existed.
propaganda,now known as public information..certainly

as for slavery,i dont think your average joe,gives a fuck.
that is until it becomes undeniable.

as for being responsible for your own actions..?

is this the fault of the people..no
its how they have been trained..from birth.

some say you get the government you ask for.
i say you get the government,that the real governers want.

we have the illusion of choice.

because the majority of us are now surplus to requirements,we are set adrift on a sea of corruption.

in other words..the so called authorities,dont give a toss.

Stealthy said...

Hear Hear Rantus, its an effort to keep smiling when faced with such fuck-wittery on a daily basis. Normals: Take a day off and read a fkn blog or two! :(

Anonymous said...

Sadly, everyone who made a comment here is correct in certain aspects. The perceived lethargy in Greece is no different to what we see here in blighty and things will not dramatically change until the shelves are bare and people are literally forced to scavenge on a massive scale which will of course result in further draconian measures from the "rulers" and this is not going to stop but will accelerate and ultimately we will see a take-down of govts. and police while "mob rule" ensues with all it's brutality, revenge, and bloodshed. The storm is festering slowly like a sore and will burst upon those evil corrupt establishment figures and their lackeys consuming them all like a firestorm driven by high winds. Am sure as "civilised common folk" we would rather achieve our ultimate goals of freedom and honest, righteous control via peaceful demonstrations and the ballot box but i'm afraid the ballot boxes appear to be manipulated by the moneyed people within the eussr & it's very late in the day and unfortunately those scum will never go voluntarily but history will one day prove they had to be driven out by any means. Indeed they will not be safe from harm and i believe that many acts of vengeful attrition will prove to be the norm. Who am i to blame any rampaging "revolutionary" for an act of revenge against the slime who drove and dragged us all into this cess-pit.
From bob dylan the poet & prophet....'the times they are a changing" (penned in the sixties!!)

Summerisle said...


Well I for one am desperate for us collectively to do something other than moan. Two facts though: one, we can not rely on any political party, existing at present or not, to come along and save us. Two, campaign groups are largely a failure because they all rely on the awakening of a public that currenlty shows no sign of
waking up, to any degree at least.

Sooner or later the shit is going to hit the fan. Keep an eye on what's happening in America for an idea of what's coming here. (Keep an eye on the David Icke site for a daily update of world headlines, mainstream and alternative.)

Sooner of later those of us who are awake are going to have to make the decision either to acquiesce to our enslavement, or to say NO! That's going to take some guts as it won't be without risk. Yes I know some people are in Lawful Rebellion, as I am to some degree. But it isn't changing much to my eyes.

We need to stop moaning about all this on a daily basis and form a strategy for how we are going to go about changing this for good.

Do we, collectively, have the bottle to do it though?

Summerisle said...

PS: Here's a possible starter you may not be aware of. Just started to look into what they are about:


Anonymous said...

Thank God my house sale is moving ahead as is my exit from the UK.

John the Bastard

Anonymous said...

John the Bastard

I don't think there's anywhere to go where you can get away from the fuckwittery is there?


Anonymous said...

John the Bastard says the best he can do is 75% of his life to be spent in Asia with 25% in Central europe (not the Eurozone). Anyway, here is hoping.

John the Bastard