June 29, 2012


The title of the video is "Have we all had enough yet?".

Dumb question.

Of course we haven't.

With each new outrage we grow another layer of skin. If it isn't happening to us directly, we couldn't give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

It is far, far easier to shout "Conspiracy nut!" at whoever is making this claim or that statement. Who has the time to dig deeper into the claims? Very few of us. At least, very few of us make the time. Most of us prefer instead to bimble along, head firmly up arse, because it doesn't affect us.

Most of the bad shit happens to other people, right? Mostly those other people have brown skin and live far, far away.  We chip in. Sure we do. Our taxes pay for those bombs and bullets and men of violence. Our taxes pay for the psychopaths that control the men of violence and ensure that the bombs and the bullets and machinery of war gets to the right place at the right time.

Our taxes pay for the very same corrupt politicians who will do the square root of fuck all about incompetent fuckwits like Bob Diamond. "There is no mechanism in place to launch criminal proceedings" they whine. Yet when it suits them, they can shit out retrospective legislation. Not, it seems, when their pals the bankers are in harms way. The modern banking system is so badly corrupted as to be almost unworkable, yet they carry on regardless. Got a complaint? Just fuck off. This is none of your business. Fortunes are being made here, drone, so just wind your neck in. Nothing to see here. Get back to the tellybox.

Late paying your taxes? That £3,000 that you owe? Bad, bad robot! We are releasing the hounds of hell. You will pay, motherfucker. And shut up about Vodafone owing £4 billion. Shut the fuck up about Amazon. And that most excellent Tory donor, Phillip Green. Too much like hard work chasing them, so we will concentrate our firepower on you, drone.

Still, if you have paid your taxes, if you have obeyed all of the one million petty rules and asinine regulations, if you don't rock the boat, you're okay! Not that that matters, we are busy shitting out new rules.We'll get all of you, eventually. Last year we broke all records by creating 4,116 new rules for you filthy scum to live by. This year we have so far shat out 2,120 new rules, and we ain't done yet! No, the Coagulation are freedom-loving, small-government, quango-bashing, Bill-repealing, less-interfering aficionados! Well, that's what we told you in the manifesto. And you numb shits swallowed it hook, line and sinker!

You drones don't seem to react to anything! We actually do meddle in your daily lives. We love it! We have you all scared shitless. We have plans to trap all your gormless communiques and store them until such a time when it becomes necessary to punish you for daring to imagine you are free.

Free? Pah! You can't handle freedom! You shun freedom because with it comes responsibility. And we governments have learned one lesson above all others: you idiots couldn't be responsible for your own actions if your very life depended on it. Hey, and before you start blaming us for all this, try to remember who it was that never, ever, said no. Everything we did, everything, was done with your consent. You morons haven't yet realised that you can say no.

Until you do, we will assume that you are happy with what we do. That you are happy to have what little freedoms we have gifted to you taken away. One by one.

Have we all had enough yet?

Hell no.

We can (and will) take all the shite you can hurl down on us.

Keep pouring.



Sue said...

Yup. I've had enough. I refuse to pay tax if I can.

I have ongoing dispute with BBC licence and Council Tax at the moment. Of course I have that "Bible of Free men" at hand by Veronica to help me until I get the hang of it.

After I become a little more knowledgeable, I will try some more ambitious anarchy.

I even buy secondhand out of spite so I don't have to pay tax.

Hurt the buggers in their coffers and we've got the upper hand.

Captain Ranty said...


Good for you!

I think that all of us can do small things. Those small things (done by millions) will have an effect. Once we realise that the small things are the same (conceptually) as the big things, more people will say no.

We just need to shrug off the apathy and get stuck in.


NewsboyCap said...

Same as Sue above. I had enough a long time back. Don't pay the Council Tax till I receive the FAKE summons, and then begrudgingly. When they 'tell me' to fill in a form I just say " No Fuck Off, read the Bill of Rights!".Their rules are just that, Their rules, not mine.When they issue me with a summary Judgement I say Read what Lord Justice Laws said. "A Constitutional Statute CANNOT be repealed by any later statute", simple as that.

Anonymous said...

@ Sue

I echo what the Captain says but I would also say save your energy for the council tax and other efforts, as the telly tax is easy to dispense with.

This is just my advice, based on experience: Stop paying it and then don't communicate with them in any way.

At all.


There is sweet FA they can do if you follow this path. It also "hurts the buggers in their coffers" more effectively than any other method.

Visit TV Licence Resistance for more. They don't take too well to FMOTLers, however, so bear that in mind, but everything else is well worth the time. Also, the site BBCTVLicence.com shows what you get when you don't communicate: 6 years of letters and the odd (unanswered) visit. And that's it.

Evidence from the mythical "detector van" has never been used in court because no such evidence exists. The only evidence TVL get is what people give them, and they have been shown to falsify this as well (look into the case of M.Shakey on the TVLR forum as one example), so non-communication is the best way forward.

The BBC is an integral part of the system here, it is the chief vehicle for the propaganda and programming and has had 90 years of practice, and is thus unlikely to fall until the system itself falls. It is unlikely that politicians (aside, perhaps, from those designated as "mavericks" for the purposes of boxed debate) will ever support its removal.

The newspapers only run token stories on TVL, usually rubbish PR cockwaffle from Fishburn Hedges or occasionally a story where one of the salespeople has been revealed to be a rapist or something.

There are cases where TVL was shown to have fabricated evidence but the so-called "anti-BBC" papers have not run them. Why? Because (for example) if followed to a logical conclusion where TVL is exposed and things change, the Daily Fail and the Torygraph would have no BBC bashing stories or "look at these moronic lefties spewing bile on the airwaves with YOUR MONEY" stories to whip its readers into a frenzy with. All parts of the MSM need each other, they are all corrupt.

But, unlike those other pillars of the system that you mention, the BBC can be removed from our lives with hardly any effort - whether that means you keep watching the crackbox's live broadcasts or not. Getting others to do the same is harder but that is true about everything. Many people acknowledge the BBC's risible nature, but few know there is a simple way to stop feeding it. Most are shocked when they know how easy it is. Then they may start thinking a bit more. We can hope.

"Small things done by millions" can work because there are growing numbers of households not paying the telly tax. However, this is why they are looking into alternatives for it. Those may be more troublesome.

Not one penny of the telly tax is spent on the BBC. It goes into the Consolidated Fund. The BBC gets block grants from the DCMS to the same amount minus collection and enfarcement (sic) fees which Crapita skims off the top. The whole thing is a giant fraud. I know why people enter into controversies with the BBC, I know the arguments vis a vis contracts and administrative processes and so forth but truth be told it really isn't worth the effort. They have used notices withdrawing the implied right of access, like the one in Veronica's book, as a means to con gullible magistrates into issuing search warrants, FFS, all fraudulent but the amount of energy you must then expend dealing with the situation goes up, needlessly, and the system still wins. Far better to use it elsewhere.

Not saying "don't get stuck in", far from it - agreed with everything else you say, more "don't get stuck in on things that are easily solved."

All, IMO. :-)



William said...

TVL Simply ignore every lettert and knock. Job done
Council Tax. For me it's a case of paying in as awkward a fashion as possible whilst asking the Borough Treasurer or the FOI officer questions to try and establish if non payment is a criminal or civil offence amongst other things.
They tend to reply in as vague a manner as possible, cannot think why!
All other paper from the council is ignored as is any council knock.
DVLA just going through a process which if successful will make me a keepr of a vehicle and NOT the registered keeper. If it works, or even if it doesn't I'll report back on here.

Water is an odd ball.
Last year I got a discount because of the previous years hosepipe ban even through UU state they don't give such discounts.
This time paid one quarter by cheque and that other promissory note the giro slip and sent in a letter informing them that I do not consent to my details going anywhere outside of UU and despite their reply stating that they have statutory obligations to fill one of which is to pass details of unpaid accounts to their debt collector contractors I haven't heard another peep out of them.

In the process of setting up an offshore private trust into which will be placed everything of any value I currently own which renders bailiffs useless.

Quite fun really.

Always an excuse not to pay. said...

You freedom drones run away from your debts.

That's it...nothing else, bugger all, no protests, no campaigns, no political protest, nothing, nada, zilch.

you change nothing because you sit on your arses doing nothing, there is nothing co-ordinated, there is no blueprint for the future, there are no freedom leaders, no manifesto, no plans blah blah blah

what happens when public services don't meet your expectations, police, health, refuse....you moan like f@@k even though you aren't paying for them.

freedom drones just moan and moan and do nothing....that's your future you dream about freedom mongers...a future of lazy debt evading work shy hippies.

someone will have to work and pay taxes...caves and living in the trees has long gone and we aint going back, so when will these debt evaders start paying taxes for public services...never, not ever, cos there will always be an excuse not to.

"Always an excuse not to pay"....that's the freedom mongers motto.

William said...

DD slipped through t'net again?

Captain Ranty said...

I think he did...

Smoking Hot said...

'No' is a beautiful little word but oh so powerful. By using the word 'no' it puts the powers that be in somewhat of a quandary. They are so used to people simply confessing or paying the fines etc because to do otherwise is too much trouble for them.

By saying 'no' and hence refusing to consent makes life very difficult for the powers that be. :)

humanati said...

Always an excuse not to pay said:

"Always an excuse not to pay"....that's the freedom mongers motto."

So your argument is that because you wish to be a slave & finance illegal wars of aggression, & the sell out of your own people by criminals, then everyone should?

& the only reason someone might choose NOT to be complicit in mass murder, corruption & tyranny is because they are 'work shy hippies'?

If you want to live as a debt slave, & a bitter, twisted coward & spend 70% of your time on earth for banksters then be my guest.

Dance monkey boy, dance!

I have a conscience. I am taking back responsibility for my life & my actions.

I refuse to be complicit in what I know to be wrong.

What the fuck you are you doing posting here if that's how you feel?

Always an excuse not to pay said...

"I have a conscience. I am taking back responsibility for my life & my actions"

another "can't pay/won't pay muppett who wants some kind of noble cause to attach to his debt avoidance.

is there anything else but money saving involved in this freedom religion??

well there is of course but that involves taking the noble cause to the next step

don't use:

Health service
Council services.

nah forget that shite...freeload and don't pay eh.I bet you don't tell the neighbours/friends your debt avoidance and how you won't answer the door or telephone and ignore debt demands.

time to wake up freedom drone...debt payback DELAY means nothing but a life of hiding.