June 18, 2012

Greece: In A Nutshell

The Torture Of Greece, in picture form. With thanks to my good pal JB for the image.

Yesterday, we witnessed the bizarre foreplay as Greece whored herself to the EU.

Today the systematic and prolonged rape begins.

It will be ugly.

I have absolutely no sympathy for Greece now. They dropped their drawers knowing that they had the choice to keep them firmly in place. They chose sustained pain over national sovereignty. They deserve everything heading their way.

Some anticipate A social explosion

Next step: Blood on the streets? I'm not so sure.

Their submission is total, so let's move on to Spain and Italy. Both are due to prostrate themselves before Reichsfuhrer Merkel.

Like us, they need to lose the fear, and know that they CAN operate independently of this horrifying New Europe where domination is the number one motivator, no matter how pretty the wrapping paper may be.

Those aren't silk ribbons around the package, they are stainless steel chains.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

>I have absolutely no sympathy for Greece now. They...
Greece may have done, but did the Greeks? Any more than the British ever voted for Camoron or Bliar? I know I never have.

Anonymous said...

Highland Council

is now running adverts on it website.
I call on everyone to demand this is stopped.

Is their no limit to their averice ....

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Anon (10:30).

That is a cracking 12 minute video!


Captain Ranty said...

Anon (14:06),

Is it the Ness Motors ad you object to, or any ads at all?

Do they have a policy on adverts running on a publicly funded website?

Ask them.


Anonymous said...

I object to ALL and any adverts on their publicly funded website.

A new policy has been introduced.

Anonymous said...

Bear in mind Captain that only 30 percent of Greeks voted to be buggered - they have the same bastardised 'democracy' as us. Personally, I want to see the the politicians responsible for the EU dragged out of their cars and beaten to death. They deserve nothing less. I hate them with a venom I never thought I had in me.