May 01, 2010

A Glimpse Into Our Future

What follows is pure supposition. I tried, and failed, to get hold of Mystic Meg, so I had to use one of my own crystal balls.

Six days from now......

The Conservatives win the election and form a government. Amongst the shattered dreams of the Labour party, panic is widespread. They now need to find jobs, and having proved how bad they are, at everything, it is not a pretty spectacle. The bloggers are up in arms, particularly the more libertarian among us, because we knew that we only had two years to kill off the European monster. From 2012 we succumb, but totally. We will think it's all over, and it will be then. The Tories, only marginally less europhile than the LibDems, will bend over just as far as Labour did, and they will ensure that the work of Ted Heath is completed some 38 years after it all began.

Six months from now.....

We are in pain, we Britons. The sensible amongst us knew that winning the general election was remarkably similar to losing. Thanks (largely) to a wavering, uncertain, and confused electorate, we ended up with no change whatsover in government and we are now learning that we have no change in our pockets either. Big cuts were on the cards, and tax rises were inevitable. They just couldn't/wouldn't tell us the truth prior to the election. We the taxpayer continue to be bled whiter than fresh veal in the new chancellors zeal to service our debt. The same debt created by criminal mismanagement over the last 13 years. Opportunities to save were ignored, opportunities to slash spending on quangoes, charities and senseless government "initiatives" were likewise ignored, despite our pleas for some common sense. What became clear was that the victorious party in all elections, and GE 2010 was no exception, suffered instant and lasting deafness. Once in power they knew that they could not be shifted for five years.

Six years from now....

The Conservatives, having delivered pain upon pain, and tax increase after tax increase, have been in opposition for a year now. The Boy Wonder, now greyer, and no wiser, gains power and formed the government in 2015. Labour has now spent six years bickering. They have had three new party leaders and they continue to squabble, and when some television station does ask their point of view on anything, all they can say is "We told you so". Not that they would have improved matters. They would have simply bankrupted us faster that the Tories did. So it is the LibDems turn to screw the country. The only surprise is the sudden voter swing to the far right BNP (thanks to the influx of over five million immigrants) and an ever more sensible UKIP. Both have thirty or forty MPs in Westminster but they don't yet have quite enough to make a huge difference. Immigration was never gripped, of course, but some of us knew it wouldn't be. The EU said, in no uncertain terms, "That is now our concern. You will allow in whoever we say". Again thanks to the EU, our gaols are full to bursting, despite CMD's efforts to house our prison population on fifty vessels anchored offshore. We now have over 250,000 people in gaol due, in large part, to Corpus Juris. The accused are considered guilty, and cannot afford to mount their own investigations to provide evidence of their innocence so they sit rotting in prison ships. It has now been five years since the last jury was convened. Habeas corpus has long been scrapped and many languish in gaol for many months before even coming to court. A further 50,000 ex-Britons (for we are all Europeans now) are sitting in gaols all over Europe thanks to the European Arrest Warrant and its continued abuse. These "scatterlings of Europe" have no hope. They are deemed guilty and lack the language skills to get anywhere close to a fair trial.

The place is a mess. We converted to the euro and lost any savings we had squirrelled away because when we changed over, the euro (thanks to the economic failures of Greece, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and France) was worthless. Still the grand experiment continues. And continues to fail at every turn. Riots are commonplace. Workers are not getting paid, so they riot. Violence is endemic, thanks to crop failures and food shortages, so people riot. Attacks on farms are routine. Attacks on supermarkets are commonplace. People are starving. Their money is worthless and there is nothing to buy. Nothing they can afford, at any rate. The police, all of them armed to the teeth, boast openly of their kills that day. All completely and openly sanctioned by both the puppet government at Westminster, and in Brussels.

We are in desparate straits. Politically, libertarianism has soared as people  finally wake up to the nightmare of a totalitarian state. The Americans, who have all been microchipped for a full two years by now, try to warn us, but the dissenters are silenced. Small pockets of resistance flare up and those of us who armed ourselves when we could, lead bands of would-be liberators. Brussels responds by deploying the new EuroArmy and things get nasty. There are many deaths.

I don't know how it ends. My crystal ball has clouded over. We bloggers, long since silenced, have found new ways to communicate and life is tricky as a rebel. The armchair warriors of old had it easy. They could sit and hack away at their keyboards insisting that LibLabCon was the way to go, and that we were wrong, and that we had been melodramatic with our predictions for the future. (Being proved right brings no comfort at all). They said that the only way was the way of our fathers and grandfathers. Vote like they did and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well. It will all work out.

Six years on we learnt that it didn't.

Orwells Nineteen Eighty-Four was utopia compared to our lives now. Tobacco, alcohol, salt and sugar have been outlawed. (But not for the wealthy). Exercise is mandatory. Our children often disappear, snatched, we believe, to become playthings for the mega-rich. All television is state run. There are over 100 million CCTV cameras. 70 million of them are in our homes. We are chipped, and we are logged, and they know where we are. All the time.

Britain Regions 1-14 in 2016 is now hell on earth.

But we are fighting back.



The Filthy Engineer said...

It made me shudder

watching said...

Crystal balls don't actually work. I though you realised this!

opsimath said...

A frightening glimpse into the future, CR, but I don't believe in predestination; I shall probably not be around in 6 years to see all the fun anyway.

We live, as the old Chinese curse would have it, in 'interesting times'.

The Filthy Engineer said...

I shall be manning the barricades in my wheelchair. Brandishing my zimmer.

Anonymous said...

And in America they run this constant TV ad for Volkswagen, the people's car, an invention of Hitler, which in a German accent repeats the key phrase, "It's Vhat da People Vant", over and over.

I don't know if it's vhat da people vant - but when certain key phrases appear daily and constantly to reassure us, it's vhat we want, after a while, people start believing it.

So resistance becomes difficult, if not futile, and it's how the whole damn thing comes marching in on golden wings of glory, as it has been and quite visible to many without a voice or with no power to prevent it.

Meantime others just stuff the iPods in their ears deeper to drown out the reality and keep believing it's vhat the people vant, over and over again, until it becomes self-fulfilling.

Up until now it's only been the smokers, then the drinkers, the eaters, soon others, who have discovered the reality. But eventually, it will be everyone, just like the last time around, when someone tried to create a single European state.

U.S. will probably not be the bastion of freedom like in the past, as it's already succumbed to the same rhetorical sweetness and fallen.

This time, it's the entire world, the final end, do or die. I think it's that serious what is about to take place and already has leading up to it.

Maybe your crystal ball is correct, or maybe it's only showing you half the story, the reality to be significantly more historical than imagineable.

hangemall said...

I did 1984 in school. I wonder if they do it now.

Anonymous said...


I don't know about the UK, but they do in Canada.... well, in BC (Bring Cash) they do anyway.... or did...

.... not that it does any good.

"I see you're reading 1984. Notice anything familiar?"

"Huh? Nope...."

Although, as I was told the other night, by someone I thought was a little more switched on,...

"1984? We're a long way off from that mate." was the twats response when I broached the subject, with examples...

"Er.... right. I think the story you read may have been different to the one I did. Or is it a case of, like the bible, it's one of those books you say you've read but actually, you haven't bothered with either?"


Other than that, good post CR, as always. Frightening thoughts indeed. If it gets shit, you're welcome to join me on the porch, swigging homemade wine and beer as the sun goes down. I'll even join you in a smoke or 3.

Pip, pip.


joe said...

Good piece Ranty.
Times like that are not far away,not if those bastards in brussels have thier way.What is happening in Greece as we speak is going to spread throughout Europe there is tough times ahead

Unknown said...

How exactly is anyone 'fighting back'?

I don't see that anywhere.

Captain Ranty said...


Remember that this is six years from now.

Someone will be fighting back. And I will be alongside them.


Unknown said...

You're going to join some sort of armed Resistance? Bombs and targetted assassinations.

Considering the overt contempt for the British people from the Eurocrats and their collaborators i think you would be morally justified but i don't give much for your chances.

Soft totalitarianism is insidious and powerful. It is changing the very demographics of our nation and is creating a vast client group, all backed by voluntarily coopted media and education to manufacture public opinion. Crisis and collapse will be used to simply justify ever more extreme limitations on liberties and many people will cheer.

Much more mass immigration and there simply won't be enough of a British people to make a stand for British liberties such as Habeas Corpus, Magna Carta and Common Law.

Occasionally civilisations collapse and cultures are ended. I simply don't see the desire to face up to the dangers, instead i see a deep rooted shame and need to apologise for our traditions and heritage, i see a cringe reflex, i see a civilisation on the verge of commiting suicide.

Tell me when and where the fight back starts and i'll be there.

Captain Ranty said...


I am going to defend myself, at the very least.

Of course, I may have it all wrong. When Dave gets in, as he almost assuredly will, life may well be jam-packed with sunshhine and lollipops.

But if it isn't, I am prepared to fight.

I'll give you a nudge in six years or so.

I wholeheartedly agree with the "committing suicide" statement. There is no shame in dying on your feet, but to wilfully bare your neck is scandalous. It clearly demonstrates how keen we are to be shackled.

Welcome to slavery for the 21st century.


LazyCookPete said...

A chilling read CR.

At least with crystal balls you can see yourself coming!

Magna Carta Society Blog said...

Regarding fighting back, the resistance will have the advantage, I suspect:

"Reflections on the Civil War in Britain
by El Inglés

Given the obvious and apparently unalterable trajectory that Britain is charting towards violent conflict between the historic British people and our Muslim fifth column, it might be interesting to indulge in a little harmless futurology with respect to the likely characteristics of this conflict. The idle speculation that makes up the content of this essay is hereby offered up by a playful mind with, perhaps, too little to gainfully occupy it....".

El Inglés other essays are well worth looking up IMHO.

Regards, John Hurst.

Will U Stand said...

You lads might think about lending your wieght to the

English Defence League

They have just formed exarmed forces
group recently

Magna Carta Society Blog said...

It appears that the EDL are staging a protest at the site of the proposed mosque.