May 03, 2010

Government Hatred

The question on far too many lips is "Who do I vote for?".

Our pal Wh00ps has been asking the question, and sees very little real choice.

The unmatchable  Iron Legged One has been brainstorming too. He chucks in the "hate" word as well.

I thought I would combine them both.

The last Labour government (and let us pray to all of our gods that it really was the last, ever) hate us with a passion. An incoming LibDem government (again, let us pray that it never happens) will drop trou and bend its collective arse towards Brussels, grab ankle, and guide them in, so they are off my menu. The Conservatives? Much the same, from what I hear and read. No X for them either.

Who do they hate? Here is a short list:

Drivers-overtaxed, and told they are bad people. Penalised for choosing vehicles that are fit for purpose.

Drinkers-overtaxed and all are punished for the misdeeds of a few.

Smokers- massively overtaxed, shunned, ejected, victimised, denormalised, and criminalised.

The employed-massively overtaxed, with more pain to come.

Fatties-just because.

The unemployed-lazy bastards. Five million will not work. (Not can't, but won't)

Photographers-how dare you take pictures. Bloody terrorists.

Shoppers-we need to watch you lot. All the time and everywhere you go.

Envirocrims-garden bonfire? No slopbucket in the kitchen? Fly off on holiday? Bastards.

Climate change deniers-AKA scum de jour. Brussels are preparing a law to catch you filth.

Free speechers-more than three is now a mob. An unruly mob. Ask a question of any politician and you are out, old son. Hold a protest or wave your signs and we will despatch a S.W.A.T team to kick you around. We may even kill some of you. No-one will be punished for your wrongful death.

NHS users-leeches. Every one of you. Your treatment is now conditional. If we don't like your ailment, you're not coming in.

Our children-they snatch them at will. Those that get hurt/abused/murdered somehow "fall through the net". Those that fail in their responsibilities are usually free to go. No blame attached, although "lessons will be learned". Deep joy.

Our oldsters-worked all your life? Saved hard? We'll have that money, thank you. And we'll treat you like shit. We'll help ourselves to your savings, when you are alive, or when you are dead. It matters not to us. You do not deserve any dignity. We bled you dry now fuck off, do the decent thing and die.

Air Transportation users-how very dare you! Planes are nasty, belching beasts (unless we, the elected, use them) so we will make travel a tortuous event. It will be most unpleasant. Jobsworths will abound, and we will take your stuff off you for no sensible reason.

I ran out of target groups. (Please add to them in the comments). Whether it be the use of excessive legislation to control, or unfair taxation, or just righteous indignation that we may have a different viewpoint to that of the Westminsterites, they hate us. We get in the way. We are mere cash cows to finance waste on an unimagined scale.

Yep. They hate us. Pretty much all of us from what I can fathom. For the next three days though, they will love us. They will pester us for our votes. And yes, we will be swayed. In our fucking millions. We will forget the horrors that NuLabour unleashed. We will overlook the terror that the LibDems will bring via the EU. And we will wipe from our memories just how godawful CMD was in opposition. For years.

My choices, like others, are very limited. Who deserves my X?

The SNP? The same SNP that loves the EU so much? The same SNP that tabled the nasty smoker ban here in Scotland? Nosirreebob. I will never forgive them that.

The LibDems? Who I call the grey party, the party of the undecided? Not in this life.

NuLabour? Never. Not just "not this time around", but not as long as I have breath in my body.

The Greens? Do fuck off.

The BNP? I never thought I would think/say/write this, but they may be worth a punt. Me no racist, but they do have some other good stuff tucked away in their manifesto so if I have a BNP candidate I will consider it. And yes, I blame LibLabConSNP for leaving me with this viable choice.

UKIP? Best choice for me by a country mile. They want what I want. They want to leave the EU. So do I. With every fibre of my being, with every atom that makes up my body. They want to repeal 111,000 regulations, they want to dump 4,300 new "crimes", and they also want to ensure choice for us smokers. So do I. Having read, and re-read their manifesto, it makes much more sense than any others I have studied.

Those that tell me that "to vote for a smaller party is a wasted vote", I will say this: "Eat shit and bark at the moon". This is my vote, and I will do with it whatever I want. I may, if the need arises, spoil it. It will be a small shout in the darkness, but a shout nevertheless. I may not vote at all.

I have no advice, no guidance, no sudden and definite inspiration to offer you, dear readers, other than to ask that you think harder than you have ever thought before prior to a general election. This one will be life changing, for all of us, whoever wins it. Responsibility weighs heavy, does it not?

Search your soul, and whatever you decide will be right. I guarantee it.



Witterings from Witney said...

Naturally agree with the UKIP option, CR.
Have quoted and linked

Lost said...

Well I've a choice of Lib,Lab,Con and Bnp Cap,n.

Refused to sign this time, sent the polling card back with some choice words gracing its surface.

Sure they'll still let me vote , but I get the feeling I may as well just piss in the ballot box!


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks WfW!


Captain Ranty said...


Why restrict yourself to a onesy?

Go the whole hog. There will be plenty of paper....


Sue said...

Same for me. UKIP are the only party that represent the wishes of the majority and have a manifesto fit for a democracy.

If they don't get in this election, I'm sure they will next time as the dissent grows worse with the "CONservatives" and the EUSSR.

joe said...

Fucking brilliant ranty you said it all

GoodnightVienna said...

I have high hopes for UKIP's Farage up against Bercow in Buckinghamshire on Thursday, CR. I'll be on the edge of my seat until that result is declared.

Unknown said...

I had infinite respect 4 u ranty...until the bnp consideration u fight 4 peoples rights but the bnp infringe on rights u may not be rascist but a vote 4 them is empowering them surely!!!? i suggest u take this into consideration when claiming u stand 4 freedom!!! by no means take this as a dig, i as a man of african\english descent just found this a little unjust.just off topic but doesn't registering to vote have repurcussions as a freeman?? i will continue 2 read ur blog regardless just lost a little respect is all, a vote 4 the bnp is backing racism full stop!

Captain Ranty said...


Rest easy. I will not be voting for the BNP. There isn't a racist bone in my body and I cannot, in good conscience, vote for them.

And yes, you are right. Voting conflicts with me being a Freeman. The alternative is to stand by and not act, and that is hard to bear.

I feel obliged to register my disgust. Voting against them does just that.


Anonymous said...

BNP fostering hatred,exclusion,
isolation,apartheid. ? ? ? ? ?

What do you think its like being
a smoker in Labours land of the free.
My fellow minorities.come and join
the festival of spite, just learn to live with it, you'lle get used to it after a while
In the meanwhile take the plank of your shoulder its loosening the sackcloth.

Pete's Wolf

Leg-iron said...

Out of the choices available here, (no UKIP, Jury Team or independents) the BNP might do rather well. They won't win, the race is SNP/Libdem but I think they will do well simply because they are the only ones who don't hate the indigenous people.

I'm well aware of their racism and their socialist leanings which is why they have always been off my list in the past.

This time, I'm down to Tory or BNP as the only viable options and even though I know neither of them will win here, the more votes both of them get, the bigger the kick up the backside to whoever does win.

All those parties talk about 'fighting the BNP'. Well, if they want to fight the BNP, they should stop beating up their own voters first.

The BNP don't need to campaign. All they need to do is say 'hey, look at us. We aren't battering you every day'.

The other parties will do the rest of the work for them. As long as that continues, then one day, the BNP will win.

And then... well.

Harry J said...

I'm not voting. I refuse to give the whole sorry charade any legitimacy whatsoever. Voting only encourages them. It's our whole system that's at fault. The Crown, Parliament, the Lords, the whole lot. It's rotten to the core.

I have great concerns about immigration and the associated cultural Marxism so I should be tempted by the BNP. It's my firm belief that the BNP and UKIP as well as the 'big three' are all controlled to some degree other. None of them are going to do anything about the 'system'. All of them will see it remain intact. The BNP will be destroyed/undermined long before they ever get a sniff of power, as would UKIP. They are merely a cul-de-sac for the disaffected.

As John Harris says:

"The truth is you are not electing anyone and it has all been sorted out in advance, because it would never be allowed to be down to just CHANCE!! The election is nothing more than a stage show to make you think you live in a democracy and you think by voting you are taking part".

Captain Ranty said...


The beauty of our system is that every vote is counted (whether it counts or not) and some of these parties are going to have to wake up and smell the rebellion.


Captain Ranty said...


Go and take a look at John Bingley on YouTube. He has a series of vids on the British Constitution. I watched all seven and each section taught me something new.

Fascinating stuff.

The short story is that parliament is nowhere near as powerful as it thinks it is.


Unknown said...

I too understand your lean towards the BNP they talk a good game but we all know what lies beneath and its that day i worry about Leg-iron i fear its comming sooner then we might think isnt that the ultimate form of opression that we all fight against?? i understand the immigration issue i live in kent this is there 1st stop! but where so intergrated in diversity england would errupt if they did look at france wouldnt ukip be a better democratic option? I accept the fact they all have their own personal agenda's but out and out racism? I personally am not voting, always thought democracy was an illusion falsified to give us a feeling of freedom that wasn't really there as RH stated but if it does exist i dont exactly think an extra seat for them is a step in the right direction.

was just asking about the whole freeman registering to vote part as im still learning in that department and just wanted to grasp where you were comming from, i meant no offense to you or any one else! sorry if i came off a little angrily/disrespectful ive been reading most of your previous entry's for days on end, excellent stuff and to read that today took me back a bit, u must understand where and why this person is giving me info is a question i often ask myself when "learning from the internet" but that is good to hear i can now subscribe with good conscience, respect restored! or should say nuff respect!

peter wolf: Ive been a smoker for 15 years (im 26 now) been smoking for more of my life than not I was also working in a bar and lost my job when the ban came into effect so your waving the wrong stick mate don't really think its even a slight comparisant but enjoy your 1940's bubble!

richard said...

Groups they hate? Don't forget anyone who gets on a plane, the Government absolutelty needs to see your gonads, otherwise the plane could plummet - plummet I say! I agree with Harry, don't vote. Under no circumstances subscribe to the fanasy that this "democracy" is anything other than a rubber stamping of theft and violence. We don't need them. We're human beings, we survived the last ice-age when the next meal was an enraged mammoth, and now we get fined if our recyclables are in the wrong bin? Vote? Away and shite!

Barry the Jackal said...

I have someone in my constituency says he stands for the Magna Carta party, may be worth a look. Realistically, it's that or a spoiled ballot for me...

Mrs Rigby said...

Good post, linked and quoted.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mrs R.

I added you to the Awkward Sods on the left. I normally visit you via Leggy but I now have a direct route.


Anonymous said...

NHS users - you'd have to drag me kicking and screaming into an NHS hospital. I've had two very dire experiences, which I don't want repeated.

I'd rather live well and die naturally than be 'treated' in an NHS hospital!

Mrs Rigby said...

Yikes, and thanks. I'm in august company.

banned said...

UKIP too, same reasons.

You could add salt eaters and countryside dwellers. 'They' have added a new weapon in their assault upon air travellers with the now everlasting unspecified threat to suddenly down aircraft whenever they feel like issuing an Ash Attack alert, spurious or not. Who would plan an important flight on that basis?

ali said...

Tory for me this time. The spectre of another 5 years of Nuliebore alone or in a pact with the Libdems has me thinking suicidal thoughts.

I voted UKIP in the Europeans last year, but it has to be Tory for me now, particularly as they've mentioned a repealing act. If Cameron can't form a Government on Friday expect the country's financial sector to go into meltdown.

Captain Ranty said...


The SNP have dominion here, and if the Tories were a viable option I would vote for them. Maggie made more enemies in Scotland than she will ever know. It will be many generations before they enjoy any meaningful presence here.

If UKIP are on the ballot, they get my vote. If not, any other sensible sounding independent will get my little cross.

If there is no-one sensible, a little spoilation will occur.

FWIW, I couldn't give a shit if we get a hung parliament. Yes, it will be chaotic for a time, but you know what they say: Out of chaos will come order. That, and it will be a wake up call for the pollies and electorate alike.


Anonymous said...

Facebooked. The day before the election, it might change some minds on my friends list... then again it might not.
Interestingly, my elimination method led exactly the same place as yours: BNP or UKIP. And me not a racist either. And despite the UKIP burkha-(aimed at OH really!)-banning policy.

What God-Awful times. It might just vote BNP you know, just because they're the only ones honest enough to tell everybody what they REALLY want. And even though its not what I want at all!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks wh00ps!

We sensibles need all the help we can get.

I think the BNP will get a stunning number of votes and the core voters will not be racists either. Whether they (the new wave of BNP'ers) can then force change, remains to be seen.

What fucks me off is even having to consider the BNP in the first place.