May 27, 2010


We have learned a thing or two, you and I, during the last year.

Whether you choose to believe these uncovered "truths" or not is your own affair. As a recent commenter said, once you see the deception it is impossible to unsee it. No tin-foil hats are worn here. None of this is "conspiracy theory". It is actual fact (mostly) uncovered by merely looking. No complicated dots have to be joined. All you need is the ability to read, the ability to question, and in many cases, the ability (and the will) to simply follow the money. Ultimately, the deception is in place to harvest three things: money, control and power.

I thought a recap would be in order. Let's remind ourselves what we know:

  • We own America
  • The Vatican owns us
  • The Vatican produces law for the entire world
  • The USA polices the world
  • The UK controls the worlds finances
  • Parliament has no legitimacy
  • Our monarch has committed treason. Many, many times.
  • Our currency is worthless. (According to the Treasury).
  • Human beings are not required to pay tax
  • Council Tax is illegal
  • FPNs are illegal demands for money (According to the Magna Carta)
  • Lawful Rebellion is an obligation
  • Saying "No" politely, and repeatedly, works a treat
  • The House of Lords has no legitimacy (Not since 1999, perhaps not since 1913)
  • We all have a "trade name" and the government can only deal with this entity, not the human being
  • We may all possibly be considered dead (Cestui Que Vie Act 1666)
  • We may all have millions of £££'s invested in our (trade) names
  • Our trust funds may be traded on the worlds stock markets
  • We are all sovereign
  • We have more power than we ever dreamed of 
  • We know that 68 children are kidnapped every day by the government. Not all of these abductions are for the sake of the children
  • We know that the last government wasted over £300 billion. Enough to give us all more than two years tax free.
  • We know that they waste over £4000 every second
  • We know that the EU sucks money out of the UK at a rate of £48 million per day. It gave us over 120,000 new regulations, and several thousand new statutes in return. And no, we cannot inspect their finances.
  • We know that the smoking ban hasn't saved one single life since it was introduced
  • We also know that over 5500 pubs and clubs have been lost as a result
  • We know that the War on Drugs has failed
  • We know that the War on Terror has failed
  • We know that the War on Drinkers will fail
  • We know that the science surrounding climate change is bogus
  • We know that fake charities cost us billions every year
  • We know that quangoes cost us billions every year
And we have learnt many other things besides. Have a rummage around in my earlier postings. Be amazed.

Believe it or don't. But do you not think you owe it to yourself to at least check it out? It may just change your life.

I know it has changed mine.

For the better.



Dunfermline lad said...

"Saying 'No' politely, and repeatedly, works a treat."

Here here.

When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes sacred duty.

Captain Ranty said...

Indeed it does, DL.

Brings a surprising amount of satisfaction too.

(Both saying no and being rebellious).