May 05, 2010

T Minus 11 Hours

Judgement day cometh.

In just a few short hours we will decide. Millions of us will not even think about it. We will vote Labour because "we have always been red" or we will vote Tory because we are hoping "for change" or we will vote LibDem because we honestly "do not understand politics at all and we just like the rosettes".

For those of you that vote Labour, remember this: if they could not get it right in 13 years when times were good, just how the hell do you think they are going to perform now that Europe (possibly the world, see below) is in meltdown? Screw what your granpappy said, he doesn't have to live through it. YOU do.

LibDems? Puh-leeze. We need decisive leaders. And I am sorry to break this to you: The Boy Wonder is not the man for the job. He is weak. He dithers. Perhaps in another 15 years, but not now. Not with this much at stake.

CMD then? Well, possibly. But before you toss your hat into his ring (fetch the eye bleach-Ed), recall that he keeps breaking those promises. Remember that "cast iron guarantee" that was constructed entirely of candy floss? Remember that video I put up for you just hours ago? The Greek violence? That's us that is. Very soon now. If you want to speed it along, vote for DING Cameron. At least you will get to hunt foxes (lawfully) again. Hip hip hoorah!

UKIP are a safe route away from the madness. Their manifesto screams common sense, and with Nigel and Lord P running the show, we will be happy bunnies. I am certain of it. We must leave the EU. Remember when your old ma told you not to play with the bad boys? The EU are worse. They steal our money then refuse, for more than 11 years, to tell us what they spent it all on. If you think that is right, fair and proper, then vote for more of it. Vote LibLabCon.

Whatever you do, whoever you vote for, know this: the world is now in REVOLUTION.

Where do you think all that rage came from? Who do you think CAUSED it? Who, apart from your very own government fomented, nurtured and engineered this rage?

You have 21 hours or so to consider which bastard you are going to unleash on your countrymen.

Think hard.



Witterings from Witney said...

Well said CR, well said. Well done also for keeping the blogging going - I gave up this morning as too depressed!

I am Stan said...

Yo Captain,

I expect martial law in Greece.

Coming to a town near you SOON!.

Captain Ranty said...


After that terrific post of yours you deserved a rest.

I would have quit for several days if I had produced something like that.


Captain Ranty said...

I know Stan. We are in for some ugliness.

Greece must be millimetres away from that martial law decision I would think.

God help them.


I am Stan said...

"God help them"

Not sure who you mean there Captain,the Greeks know how to kick off,god help the guvmint I would have thought.

Bring it on!!!!!

Captain Ranty said...

Let's be honest Stan.

It ain't gonna be Marquis of Queensbury rules on the streets of Athens.

The mob will be bringing a knife to a gunfight.

That cannot end well for the proles.


I am Stan said...

I get your point,but the proles out number the state French Revolution.

could spread like a virus!

Lord Hutton said...

I would have voted CMD just for the hunting act repeal, but in all honesty that law didn't stop fox hunting, it only made it illegal for dogs to kill foxes (that's right, a law to ban an animal killing another animal, what a great use of the parliament act!) Foxes can still be trapped/gassed or shot.
So, UKIP can have my vote :)

Captain Ranty said...

Good man!

LazyCookPete said...

UKIP for me too. I will be 'telling' for UKIP at my local Polling Station this afternoon and evening.

My UKIP PPC, Pete Hollings was kind enough to visit me this morning.

Bad news about Nigel Farage's plane crash, but at least he is OK - unlike the pilot who is 'critical'. Fingers crossed.

Captain Ranty said...

Well done Drabzz.

I wish I had the option. See my latest post for the poor choice I had to put up with.

I was shocked to hear about the crash. The picture of Nigel on Sky news looked grim. I am pleased he is okay and my thoughts are now with the pilot.