May 29, 2010

Worst Crime Committed In The UK For 1000 Years

Watch. Listen. Understand.


1. Be outraged.

2. Be vengeful.

3. Be avenged.

4. Be restored.

5. Be satisfied.



Harry J said...

Good luck to them. It's heartening to see people taking action in this manner. I wonder what the response will be.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Yes. Good luck to them; I admire them.

Captain Ranty said...


We will know soon enough.

I'll give it a week or two then get in touch with those taking action.


Captain Ranty said...


It is great to see that people do give a damn about the way their nation is run.

It is hard to look at parliament, and the monarch, without a sneer of contempt.

Thier petty squabbles interest me less and less these days.

Once it is a lawful house again I may respect it. But until then, anything they say or do means less than nothing to me.


Longbow said...

Ranty, any chance of a pdf on this, I would like to have it to present to the local plod.
This bare faced treason has got to end, peacefully or not.

Captain Ranty said...


I don't have one but the document can be found at their website.

Click on my title and that should take you there.

Let us know what your local plod have to say when you report this crime.


Longbow said...

sorry ranty, whose web site?

Captain Ranty said...

Here you go mate:

freemanlee said...

If you are interested in getting the PDF and the evidence files go to: