May 11, 2010

Everything You Know Is Wrong

A bold claim.

In this instance Lloyd Pye means the origins of man. He gives a compelling presentation and provides evidence galore. His conclusion is staggering.

There are theories aplenty.

Maybe the God Botherers have the right of it?

Primordial soup and a lightning flash?

Intelligent Design? Creationism? Pure fluke?

Aliens, sent down to populate the earth?

Or something else entirely?

I won't spoil it for you.

It's an epic at just under two hours long, so you might want to carve it up and watch it in chunks, like I did.

Lloyd is a great speaker though, and it is an entertaining presentation. You will not be bored. And, it will give you whole new arguments for Friday nights down the pub. (If, that is, your village/town/city still has one).

I'm sorry to keep doing this to you. But this is another reality shaker. If you listen hard to the evidence, you will be forced to re-examine your world, your fellow planeteers, but mostly, you will have to take a long hard look at yourself. Keep an open mind and watch it all. This presentation will not make sense if you skip bits.

Press "play" and you are off on a wild, but exciting ride. If you don't want your world rocked, watch Corrie.

Don't say I didn't warn you.



richard said...

Jesus Christ! Well, that explains a lot, including our pathological insistence on having to have a leader. What else could a slave perceive as normal but to PAY for someone who is "right for Britain?" So everything we've done, all our achievement, is a 10% cargo-cult version on what could have been? No more horrible a tale has ever been told. If it's true, and the pieces seem to be kosher, then man is but a crippled mind deliberately set atop the ludicrously-enfeebled body of an ape. Wish I hadn't seen this. Hope it's the wildest fantasy. I would rather have been left alone to collect termites on a stick than dwell under the truth of this account. Explains the fascination with gold too. We're a slave colony of damaged goods, worse than ants and bees. No wonder we farm each other in brutal fashion, don't value human life, and in fact made a point of killing off the few noble races of "primitives" who wouldn't bend the knee. Fuck it. Drink tonight, methinks. What else is there, if we're all Kryten?

Captain Ranty said...

Told you it was a shocker, Richard.

We don't have long to wait for our masters return, either. Nibiru, (home to the Anunaki) returns to our orbit on 21/12/2012.

Will they be pleased with what we've done with the place? Will they be happy knowing that our false masters/overseers ordered millions of their herd slaughtered in pointless wars?

There is no evidence that they will pop down here on 21st December 2012, but surely they will come at some point to check out the old breeding farm?

If only to collect all the gold we have harvested for repairing their atmosphere.

It will either be very interesting, or very dangerous.

Or, it might be bollocks.


richard said...

Could be bollocks. Sounds like bollocks - man as a species not fitting in to the ecosystem? Nonsense! Now where's my Piriton tablets. Me, allergic to the surface of the earth for no apparent reason? Our closest relatives, the stinking filthy apes, don't seem to object to pollen. Yep, bollocks, Pye, from start to finish.

Captain Ranty said...

Aye. It could be.

We'll see for ourselves soon enough.

18 months and counting.


richard said...

I forgot to thank you for posting such an interesting video, so thanks!

banned said...

Interesting stuff so far
@ 9 mins he introduces upright standing apes and chimps but does not say until later what happened to them.
@15 mins he says humans evolved from neanderthalls but corrects this
@22 mins says we lived alongside and that all fossils supposedly of human ancestors are actually those of pre-neanderthals

@25 mins, interesting observation that some environments simply don't produce fossils so evidence from those areas does not exist hence gaps in the record.
@32 mins he claims that all of the 10,000 sets of pre-human footprints found by archaeologists are 'fake', presumably he will tell us why later.

@41 mins, Science & Religion on the same side in not accepting that we are the anomally
@46 mins we wear clothes because we are not truly adapted to live on planet earth.

Getting scary, got to go to work, D/L for later viewing, ta.