May 08, 2010

Picture This

Tip of the beret to Mrs R.

I don't have much to say about this. It speaks for itself.

I will offer some advice to Davey boy: Get ye to No 10 and kick the fucker out. Do it now.

An honourable man would have left without being dragged out. Brown, as we are all aware, has had an honourectomy. He is a shameless little toad. For all our sakes, remove him now. With force if necessary.

There. I've said it.


CMD will need one of these, courtesy of The Geek.

Politicians, whatever their hue, may not recognise it. In the old days we called it a backbone. 



Anonymous said...

Please give me a break, circa 60% of Scotland's voters did NOT vote for Labour. Labour redrew the constituency boundaries years ago to ensure they alway get a disproportionate return. Voters in more than a few old traditional tory strongholds no longer bother to vote.

This election

labour vote 40% result 70% of MP's (41)
tory vote 17% result 1% of MP's (1)

why bother to vote?

Captain Ranty said...


The system is broken. I think that is obvious to all.

We need change.


Anonymous said...

The map is dramatic.

The Gothic loony intends to continue in power using Scottish Labour MPs to enable him to rule in England.

England has been colonised by Scottish people. The English are being taken for complete mugs.

I do not think that is right. It should stop.

Scotland has its own Parliament now - with no English MPs. So let the English have Westminster back the way it was before the Act of Union 1707 - no Scottish MPs. With mutual respect between the two countries.

Sue said...

Time for an English Parliament, run by English Politicians for English Conservatives (who happen to be in the majority).

joe said...

I heard today Ranty if there is a LIBLAB packed the Liebore party will replace Gordo with Alan Johnson! and i thought it couldn't get any worse WTF!

joe said...

I mean pact lol.

Anonymous said...

As always, the answer is obivous.

"Dave, Monday's Workday is cancelled, until that fucker is out. We'll do it again Tues, Wed and every other day for as long as it takes until you've got him out. If you lot can spend days in debate, we'll wait for you. Don't worry, the wine cellar is stocked. Take your time."


James Higham said...

That backbone looks a bit straight there.

Captain Ranty said...

I suspect a real spine would have the required kinks.

The one pictured is made of stainless steel.


Barking Spider said...

He could always hit the bastard with it, CR, it's going to take something like that, (or sedation), to get the fat twat out of there.

banned said...

Stolen the pic, ta.