May 19, 2010

Still Alive

Sorry about not blogging for a while.

We lost power to the villa here in sunny Libya a couple of days ago. No-one (apart from me) appears to be too keen to get the lights back on. "Maybe tomorrow. Inshallah", I am told by frustratingly cheerful people.

No power = no internet. No internet = creeping madness.

I have found a 17th Century solution though. Candles!

I just wish I had 17th Century eyeballs to go with them. I am  a 60w candescent man. I know that now.

Normality will, I am almost certain, resume soon.




Indyanhat said...

Jaysus Cap'n how have you managed to get your computer to run on candlepower, we may need to know sooner than you think

James Higham said...

Are you in exile there?

Catosays said...

A Freeman has a villa in Libya?

Someone somewhere is pulling my plonker!!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

It's OK, we weren't really missing you... ;o)

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Obo. I know you care deeply.

That cuntish exterior is fooling no-one.


Captain Ranty said...


It isn't MY villa. I just use it while I am here. It sounds grand but it is just an office with a couple of bedrooms.

I wouldn't buy it anyway. Fucking power keeps going off.....


Captain Ranty said...


I wish. I am more free here than in yUK.

Mind you, Cleggy seems to think we are going to "Tear down these Bills...." so things are looking up!

I was supposed to fly back tomorrow but things are progressing nicely with the Gubmint here so I extended my visit.


PS-I am playing some one-on-one basketball with Al Megrahi tomorrow. The bugger is as fit as a flea.

Captain Ranty said...


I have to keep sending my laptop around the corner to get it charged up. I cadged an internet dongle from my mate Ahmed.

I am visiting all the freaky porn sites (you know, men on women, that sort of thing) so the Secret Police will kick his ass, not mine.

I am typing this by candle-light. It is harder than you would think.


Indyanhat said...

Hahahahahaaaaa poor old Ahmed!!

Stay safe mate!