July 23, 2012

Dystopian UK

Back home.

As I transited through Heathrow on Saturday I wondered what I was coming back home to. The Olympics featured almost everywhere I looked. Huge signs inside and outside the airport, little purple clad people scuttling hither and yon, and armed police everywhere. It's at times like this I am glad I don't live in London. I am especially pleased that I do not have a Rapier battery on the roof of my house. My mission, which I chose to accept, is to ignore the games completely. Like all of us, I had to dig deep to "voluntarily" provide the funding for this monumental waste of time.

The latest estimates are that it will end up costing us around £40 billion. How nice for us.

The Stasi will spend untold hours looking for dissenters at blogs like this one, and the Tweet Police are already out and about. Naysayers will be rounded up and re-educated. Anyone daring to out themselves as an anarchist will have an especially difficult time. Just for a laugh, (if you are going to the games), try wearing a t-shirt with Pepsi or Burger King on it. You may well be shot on sight.

The banks continue to defraud us all, and there has been some blood on the carpet but strangely, no charges laid as yet. No-one is in the slammer pending trial. No surprise there then. Just like the system protecting bad cops, the system swings into action to protect the banksters. No surprise there either.

Wastemonster is shut down. Those hard-working MPs, the same ones who put in a grueling 60 days of work in 2011 are off for several weeks. Still, the legislation machine continues to vomit out more rules and regulations. How is it that there are no MPs at Legislation Central yet over 100 new pieces have been shat out since they rose for their holidays? Take a look for yourselves. We are halfway through 2012 and they have managed to hit a new record for that time-frame: 2,416 new "laws". I am wondering if Kim Jong Cam and his cohorts will smash even their all time high of 4,116 for a calendar year. So much for smaller government, eh? So much for less interference. So much for the much publicised Great Repeal Bill.

Keep voting drones, because it does make a difference, right?

Meanwhile, the moon says it is Ramadan time. Here is a handy guide for my Muslim readers:

Ramadan was intended to be a detox session for the body and for the soul. Looks like it has grown arms and legs.

I spent a great deal of last week being angry at the docility of Britons. I thought it would abate but it has not. A swift glance at the headlines on my BT homepage explains it: of eight headlines, only two are meaningful. The bombings in Iraq and the two missing girls in Manchester. The rest are pure dross. Entertainment drivel for the Borg. Year ago they said that watching TV rots the brain. Today we see that it is indeed true. We are reaping that nasty whirlwind.

Rant over.

Enjoy your week.



ChasC said...

Hi Cap'n. Love the high-way code!

I've moved to Wordpress now so your blogroll is out of date. Now at http://chascmusic.wordpress.com - much nicer platform.

So you 're missing out on my latest offering "Street Fighting Man" and. no. it's not cover version of the Stones!

All the best, mate

Noggin the Nog said...

Do you think the moon bats will refrain from killing women and children during their 'holy' month?

Apparently allah is displeased if a moon bat swears or smokes, or neglects to chant mumbo jumbo 5 times a day, but is rather chuffed at scenes like those in Baghdad today, with a death toll approaching 100 and scores more wounded.

It wouldn't surprise me if they try to tie in a bit of proselytizing, AK 47 stylee, with the Olympic debacle. Again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

Interesting isn't it? The Olympic games are being held in the UK (London) and the two main sponsors are MacDonalds and Coca Cola. It's possibly the biggest advertisement for glabalism one could ever see. Where are the homegrown British industries? Obviously none, because they can't afford to fork out cash once they've paid their rent, rates and taxzes to the EUSR.

I'm also glad I no longer live in London. I lived in the east end and it was hell back then. It was like living in a sardine tin. It was smelly, overcrowded, dirty, incredibly busy, totally disrespectful and full of shitheads. Then there was the fact that it was another land to the films portrayed in the Harry Palmer films of the 70's.

Will I be watching the Olympics? Will I fuck! I'm sure it'll be interesting for those who like to run around tracks all day, jump over hurdles or into sand pits, but frankly, apart from the fitness aspect it's a total waste of time in my book. It produces tossers like Lord Coe to name a few and then there's the overwhelmingly obvious point that it's nothing but a promotion for a multicultural/racial society, the coup de grace of globalism. I don't watch TV. I haven't for over 5 years now. I don't miss it in the slightest. It means I'm unable to debate what's what in Eastenders, Corrie or Hollyoaks, but then I avoid people instantly if such conversation should ensue.

And £40billion. Quite a different figure to the initial estimate of £2.5 eh? I also think that you're underestimating the cost though Cap'n. London is a militarized zone at the moment. It's just itching to be false flagged, with the planning, help and carrying out of Mossad, the NSA and MI5/6.

I also wonder what the athletes think about the possibility of being blown to bits? I suppose it doesn't even cross their minds quite frankly. They're just concentrating on winning and the closest they get to conspiracy is Spooks on the TV. I don't even think anything other than sports enters their minds, well that and clubbing, looking good on TV and socialising with their friends, living it up in the big city.

It's when you put the pieces of the jigsaw together; it's when you realise the bigger picture; it's when you're ridiculed for trying to warn people of the reality that's about to hit them with a thump when misanthropy starts to grow within and your desire to help others, who quite frankly don't give a shit about anything, dwindles, as you look evermore to a life of a hermit, totally withdrawn from society and human coexistence.



Anonymous said...

By the way Cap'n,

Have you seen this article in the Times of Israel?

London braces for Israeli strike on Iran during 2012 Games

Some interesting quotes:

'England is thought to be within the range of Iranian missiles and UK officials believe that a military confrontation between Jerusalem and Tehran could involve the country against its will.'

Why on earth would Iran attack the UK? There is no reason on this earth they'd launch a missile strike on the Olympic games. What on earth is there to gain from killing Israeli athletes (and all other athletes for that matter), knowing full well that in doing so would create a major war against them including foes, previously sympathetic to Iran, before the strike?
Again, more scaremongering from Israhell.

'The team said England would have to guarantee the safety of the athletes and the continuation of the Games, as well as make sure Israeli and Iranian athletes are kept away from each other.'

So we know that Israel are using this (along with their puppets in western governments) to create conflict with Iran, yet, what I'm trying to figure out is what's so important whether so and so, from who-gives-a-fuck nation (read globalist state) wins over another who-gives-a-fuck-where they're-from? Why must the games go ahead? Surely if it would create a possibility for war then stop it forthwith?
And how on earth do you keep Israeli and Iranian athletes away from each other? What happened if they both one their heats and got into the final of a race/competition? Would you remove one from the race and let them run it after with the better time winning? Or would you just disqualify the Iranian, because obviously they're the troublemakers.

What really and truly fucks me off is the fact that people are just so fucking oblivious to what's going on. Talk about sheople. Jeeez.....



Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Chas.

I will make the adjustment!


Captain Ranty said...


A couple of great comments there.

I was well and truly fucked off with it all last week. I was seething.

The drones are seemingly unaware of the "death by a thousand cuts" routine. They seem to happily throw off their shirts and say "Again, again! And while you're at it, lob on some sea salt!".

I can't fathom it all out. Why would a nation like ours subjugate themselves so?

(It's okay, it was a rhetorical question).

We are (collectively) certifiable.


Captain Ranty said...


It's a religion. No religion would be complete without a ton of hypocrisy thrown in.

Christianity, Islam, Judaism, they are all the same. Conflicts galore.


Anonymous said...

@Noggin the Nog,

I used to be like you, believing that the UK was going to be Islamised. Then I woke up. I suggest you try the same and moreso, you are infact closer to the truth that you can imagine - Zionism and the Rothschilds are a driving force behind the NWO and ironically the mass migration of non indigenous into the UK/West and the rise in population of Muslims within those lands.

Do some research.



Anonymous said...

Noggin the Nog,

Yes, you are right. I've never been like you, incredibly naive, indoctrinated and ignorant.

And regarding Jews, well, the Marxist School of Frankfurt fled Germany in 1933 at the rise of Hitler, coming to the USA to infiltrate Academia where one of their number, a one Willi Munzenberg is quoted as saying:

"We'll make the west so corrup it stinks.."

That's gratitude for you.

As for untold disruption of financial systems, one name - Rothschild's.

Go figure.


William said...

The serial liar T Bliar once stood up in the Den of Thieves and stated on the public record that Saddam possessed missiles that were 45 minutes away from London.

Today we see the Israelis peddling the exact same twaddle but rejigged for 'the enemy of today' Iran.

It's all about fear. Scared people cough up more, simples.

Funny Oilyimpics thing...apparently last night 60,000 turned up at the rehearsal for Friday's jamboree in the smoke and some twat called Danny Boyle swore all of them to secrecy so they don't reveal all to those morons who shelled out 2K a piece for a seat at the real thing.

Noggin the Nog said...


Make your small mind up, you either think you are like me or you don't.

It is the height of arrogance to assume that the reason that I disagree with you is because I am not party to the special knowledge you have gleaned from Wiki and YouTube. I am well aware of Frankfurt School, the Hegelian dialectic, the MIC, the Bilderbergs, the Masons and most of the bullshit tin foil hatters like you come out with. You think you have discovered some arcane secret, that you hold the key to the salvation of Western civilization and use your Internet fantasies to promote your prejudices, such as your apparent dislike of the Jews and support for their expulsion under Hitler. You'll be quoting the Protocols of the Elders of Zion next. Better than Mein Kampf I suppose.

Power and money corrupts. Some rich men are Jews, so some rich Jews are therefore corrupt, so what? Most of the richest men in the world are either nominal Christians, atheists or Arab Muslim. Are they part of this Jewish conspiracy too? Have they been infected by the Jew?

Tell me you are not a David Icke fan, please.

Noggin the nog said...


Being abusive is not debate. Repeatedly asserting the same things without ANY evidence is not debating.

It's what children do when they can't have their own way.

You haven't got any 'secret information' as you call it, it's tin foil hat paranoia.

You really have picked the wrong person if you want to 'debate' the formation of the nation of Israel. Your ignorance of the matter is highlighted by the fact you think Balfour was a Jew. Have you any evidence for this ludicrous claim, or is it 'secret'?

The main reason for the creation of a Jewish homeland was they had nowhere else to go, because people like you were constantly passing laws to deport them. As you think Adolph was right in trying to get rid of them (was gassing them OK too, or is that a fiction, a conspiracy to defame the Nazis as well?) you presumably think other nations would have been correct to do this as well. Where were they supposed to go, the Moon?
Your defense of naziism is quite frankly disgusting and anti-statists such as yourself would have been on the trains with those Jews you so despise, if you didn't collaborate that is.

I am not a hypocrite (in this matter, at least). My dislike of Islam and the people who seriously follow it is based on my everyday dealings with these people, which is on the whole most unpleasant. I have not had the same experience with Jews, nor do I believe that they think they are going to subject the world to their religion, by force, unlike the Muslims.

You are a hypocrite, for moaning about multiculturalism and the displacing of the indigenous, when you have personally added to the number of the multicultural inhabitants of the UK.

What is your solution to the problems we see in the UK then? Vote BNP?

Seriously, what should a man do if he is to try to solve the mess we are in, regardless of how one thinks it was created?

If you reply, try to refrain from name calling and unsubstantiated twaddle about secret information.

Anonymous said...

@ Noggin the Nog:

But the thing is you are a moron. It's merely pointing out fact.

"You haven't got any 'secret information' as you call it, it's tin foil hat paranoia. "

Again, clearly unable to know the difference between a disinfo agent and a truthseeker, or conspiracy theorist as you call it.

As for Balfour, in my haste I called him a Jew, when I forgot to continue to state that the man responsible for draughting up the document was in fact a Zionist Jew: Leopold Amery, who changed his middle name from Moritz to Maurice in an effort to hide the fact that his mother was an Ashikenazi Jew. Do some research on that, should you care.

I've not picked the wrong person to debate with, although it will be short, for the reason that you have ignored almost most of my last post to you, proving as I said, you see and believe only what you want to see and believe.

"The main reason for the creation of a Jewish homeland was they had nowhere else to go, because people like you were constantly passing laws to deport them."

This comment took the biscuit and ends my pointless debate with you. You are clearly oblivious to reality Noggin/Stan.

This was my last reply to you.


Noggin the Nog said...


I am not Stan, nor am I a 'disinfo agent'.

Astonishing breaking news: Jews involved in the creation of Jewish homeland shocker!

Amery contributed to the Balfour declaration, but could not rightly be described as 'drafting' it. Nor could he rightly be described as a Zionist Jew. He was at best (for your purposes) half Jewish, on his mother's side, who herself had been raised in England as a Protestant by parents who had converted to Christianity. I suppose you advocate some sort of racial purity test, going back several generations? Perhaps those found to be tainted by awful Jewish genes could wear some kind of identifying symbol, as you seem to think they should be readily identifiable.

One reason Jews changed their names to hide their heritage is because nasty little bigots like you would be more able to inflict their prejudices on them if they didn't.

Closing down the debate when you're getting whooped is a favorite tactic of the lefties you claim to dislike, so I am on the one hand surprised that you have bottled it so quickly and, on the other hand, not so surprised when one understands the paucity of logic, or even truth, in your 'argument'.

BTW, watch out for those chem-trails, you never know what those Zionists in the MIC are gonna spray you with next!