July 25, 2012

Chancers Of The Exchequer

Want to see how an Idiocracy is managed financially?

Cast your peepers over this sorry lot.

(Click pic to unsmallen).

Can you believe the staggering incompetence of the Labour mob?



RAs B said...

Ill just hope you are not defending the conservative party in any way shape or form... As they are turning this country into a poverty sriken place, no doubt !! Poor ones must pay the bills, so the rich can keep their pockets full !!FFS

Captain Ranty said...


They are all cut from the same cloth, so no, I will defend none of them.

They are all shite.


Sackerson said...

Look at total borrowing, not just government borrowing.

Dystopian society said...

Think of it this way they ONLY have money to protect them, WE have each other and there is NO WAY on Gods green earth will they EVER be able to be one of us unless they abandon their money and do the TIME, because they have done the crime.

Remember we have HISTORY on our side and by that I mean what your grand children will be reading.

So ARE you going to get your name in HISTORY, because from what I read Capt'n has made the effort to inform us all and maybe, just maybe, one day there may be a CAPTN RANTY DOLL, LOL perish the thought. LOL

Namaste, rev phil;

Anonymous said...

Hey Ranty,
Thanks for the continuing heads up on various topics.

Could I request you provide updates on the various videos etc. you have covered? The guy being stopped in his car, he guy down in jail, the old guy thrown in jail etc.?

I'm with you in spirit but not yet in deed as it were.

Change s required without doubt.


James Higham said...

May I go and slit my wrists now?

Steven UK said...

Hey, Capt. you're looking at UKPLC's current account. What about its savings account?

Have you heard of Clint Richardson or Walter Burien?



Anonymous said...

Hi Capt,

Nothing has convinced me that we're not fucked yet so I can't say I'm that shocked by that.

There seems to be a common denominator in recent scandals such as the expenses scandal, media scandal and the recent LIBOR rate scandal. They are supposed to be rt and honourable??? Act in OUR best interests. "OUR", as in Us the shareholders of UKplc.

I am moaning because in my opinion they are neither rt or honourable and people seem to be too wrapped up in themselves or cant deal with the enormity of it all.
Most would tell you that they don't approve of whats happening but don't feel they can do anything about it....... We are fucked.


tinks said...

To be fair Brown did have a financial crisis to deal with which started in America so said the saviour of the world.

Oh hang on, for 10 years he screwed us big time, and in particular in the run up to the 2010 election to achieve 0.2% GDP growth so as not to be 'in recession.' Such was the hubris and delusion.

The professional, career politician, the scourge of our times.

Oh yes, I believe we are fucked.

William said...

Well I take different slant on things. I don't think we are screwed at all. To figure out what those who seek to control gain from that control is an impossible task unless you are one of the controllers and I am not.
I have come to a position that for me to prosper in life I have to accept that nothing, not one single thing that happens to me or around me is what it appears to be at first glance. I am of the opinion everything in life short of physical pain is an illusion. Physical pain might also be an illusion but I do feel physical pain so I am not convinced.
Money is in reality just a mechanism to transfer a feeling of wealth from one party or another on a relatively level playing field.
My name is just an illusion as there is no way on earth to prove I am my name or visa versa.
Time is just an illusion as I have found out by starting to live by the day and the seasons rather than the clock. The clock was invented to 'measure time' and the only reason time needed to be measured was for some humans to be able to control others.
Authority is an illusion. The presumption of authority exists in the mind of the individual and nowhere else.
Society is an illusion created by those who wish to control.
Country names and flags are illusions. They exist in the mind and nowhere else. The same goes for towns, states and villages.
Nationality is an illusion. I was born upon the land known as the British Isles if my parents are to be believed but I am considered to be Barrovian, Lancastrian, English, British all at the same time depending on who is doing the assuming but there is no way to prove any of it so therefore it's all illusion.
History is sadly an illusion. I so wanted it to be real and accurate but it is an illusion recreated with every new generation. As each one moves further away from the possible events a little more embroidery is added till in the end there is just illusion.
Religion is an illusion. Whether you dress for church on Sunday, blow yourself up to get a few virgins on the other side, sit under a tree for five years to become 'enlightened' it's all the same. Convincing other humans that there is a sky fairy who is benevolent to the believers and will bring death and destruction down on everyone else.

The truth is we all live in our own individual worlds, always have and always will. We create our world by our actions, reactions, experiences, beliefs and interactions with other people's worlds. Every living thing on the planet lives in their own individual world.
Once I accepted the illusion hypothesis as probably being true and the 'own world' hypothesis as definitely being true the controllers of the population lose all relevance.
I know fully understand what Mandela said when he said though he was incarcerated behind bars the real prisoners were his guards.
The one thing that the controllers seek to control is the one thing they cannot, my mind. They did for 40 odd years but not any more.
We are not screwed, not even remotely screwed unless we want to believe we are...

Pesky Anonymous said...

"We are not screwed, not even remotely screwed unless we want to believe we are... "

Ain't that the Truth.