July 24, 2012


Wee vidlet for you.

Wake up. Stay awake.



Noggin the Nog said...


Are you havin' a larf, or do you really believe that the US Gov is either concealing the existence of aliens or is going to fake their existence to exert control over the population of the world?

Don't start harbi off again, FFS.

Captain Ranty said...


I really don't know. I'd like to see some evidence.

But, I find it hard to believe that we are the only sentient beings around. The number of planets alone suggest that there must be other life forms.

None of them have knocked on my door. Yet.

If they do I will let you know.

Having said all that, I wouldn't put anything past any government. They are sneaky, slimy, double-dealing bastards.


StourbridgeRantBoy said...

I thought you had 2 strange 'life forms' on your doorstep only the other day......

Laurie -

Anonymous said...

There is definitely a smoking gun here.
There are statements from astronauts US and Russian about sightings of "objects" in space.
There are some other statements made by ex military ,usually retired about these happenings.
However the subject is one that may attract derision as there is only circumstantial evidence which could be explained away as natural phenomena.
There is also a lot of cranks making fake videos etc which also adds to the doubts.
The airbrushed satellite photographs of the moons surface are interesting though,as are NASA videos very often explained away as "ice crystals".
What do I think?
There is a high probability that there have been some incidents that are true and have happened.
I prefer the theory that they are not from other planets, they are from this planet or if you prefer a planet of the same size occupying the same space in a pan dimensional universe,somehow they have the ability to slip through these dimensions.
Friendly ?
Yes and no depending on which ones they are.
A mind boggling concept.
Why visit in the first place?
Wouldn't you be curious if you had that ability?
Cover up?
This is the problem with rare events they are difficult to prove.
It is a true enigma.

Anonymous said...

Well, Bill Cooper memorably had this to say on the subject:


(That's the short version)

The text he quotes from, Report from Iron Mountain, is on the interweb, so one can read it for oneself.