July 06, 2012

Need A "Get Out Of Gaol Free" Card?

I can help you there.

We often talk about the notion of consent here. The Lioness video on her website explains that concept in full detail.

Go visit this website and watch the video before deciding whether it is for you or not.

If it is, click on the "take part" button.

It will cost you £20 but it may save you a great deal of trouble and you may even be recompensed by the police when they do anything to you without your consent.

I just went through the process. I am in. This is a stunning plan.

Many of you want to do something, but you tell me, often, that you are not quite ready for Lawful Rebellion, or that the Freeman principles do not sit well with you.

This is something you can do. Painless, non-confrontational, and a bargain.

What's not to like?



Anonymous said...

The Police don't do it with consent. They do it with legislation. If they did it with consent, they couldn't arrest anyone as they would not consent to it. The whole 'consent' issue is a fallacy made by the cretins in power to con the public that they are living in a democracy. They're not. They are living in a one party state, though split into two sections with the same aim - political subjugation of the population of the UK through stealth. One day, they will wake up to find they're taking part in a reality programme called something like, "Back to 1984 and Big Brother is your friend". Doesn't qorry me, though, as I've just taken the tablets. You're now on your own!

Nick said...

For 20 Quid I'm in. The Police will probably ignore it, but, I enjoy the power of the word "NO" and being an awkward sod to officious tin men :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, you sent us all on this journey and do not realise the answer is before you..

look, for fuck sake...Look.

Do you not see?

If not, you deserve all you get.

Being a smart cunt with all the LEGAL books in the world dont cut no ice with the ones you deal with.

Question..What do you want?


Isn't gonna happen.

Peace, same as above.

Get a fuckin grip. Play the game . Unless the game you wish to play is alternative to what you see.

Good luck with that, if thats your future. Although we are of the same mindset yours seems to be on a slightly different level.

Advice is cheap.
As are bull its.

Play the game, if thats what you want,,,,but dont expect the game will not change for the benifit for those who make the rules.

Sorry for the harshness of this reply to your post, but I love my country and the people, and I know not to be alone.

What you do is honourable, and respected by many.

Move on.

Never ever go to their place of business. Always put pen to paper..
Lasts longer than a verbal agreement!!!

Never bother me anymore. Have no fear of them,and they know it.

Live with peace and love in my heart, and vengence and death in my soul

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Morgan, could you explain how you deal with tptb? You reply is intriguing but doesn't offer an explanation of how you behave when confronted by police and other 'authorities'. All snippets of advice are gratefully received by posters on the Captains blog.



Happy Drone said...


I'm afraid much of this mularky is full of riddles without any substance.

You won't get answers just more riddles..trust me.

Ranty showed the absolute nonsense of it all when he appeared in a court clueless and walked of with a large fine.

I was expecting the Magna Carta to be the trump card or the Queeen and treason perhaps or the the illegal court and the illegal servants of the crown.

yeah, yeah , yeah...the real world kicks in and it all collapses with the whisperings of a court worker as the new big secret that can't be shared.

Oh yes more secrets , more riddles, you want answers to questions.....go on see if i'm wrong.

Part with £20 with this new secret shit....what about someone paying and telling us on the blog about it.

nah that aint going to happen, and my money is the secret to this new plan is finally revealed when more money has been parted with.

It's secrets and riddles with no substance.

Anonymous said...

Happy Drone, with respect you have given no clarity either. What I get from the Captain are real life situations tied to facts. He finds information, tests it, is sometimes successful and sometimes not, but he is always clear about what he's done and where he's tripped up (or been tripped up by the corrupt system).

What I read from yourself and Morgan is a poo-pooing of his efforts so what I'm asking is - what have YOU done that convinces you that we should all just STFU and carry on getting shafted?


Happy Drone said...

What you get from captain is debt payback delay and nothing else, there is nothing successful , nothing gained but a life of hiding and dodging debts.

I haven't the answers except i will vote for whoever i think will change things for the better.

You fall for the fraudulent illusion of lawful rebellion actually meaning something which can relate to real life but obviously haven't a clue how to deal with the police or authorities.

why haven't you learnt anything?.

anyway let's hope someone comes back with an answer about "the Police" cos a straightforward factual answer to that question aint coming i will tell you that.

Expect a riddle.

William said...

A life of hiding from what?
Please explain I am genuinely interested in your take on what real life is as I don't believe in assumptions.

Happy Drone said...

In real life not paying your debts means the people you owe the money to will want to be paid.

No assumptions just facts.

Ranty will discover that not paying his latest fine will mean his freedom dreaming will count for nothing.

It's either paying or hiding. Ranty has been feeding freedom drones for years about the big idea and he ends up in court and it counts for nothing.

It's all secret emails, whispers from court workers, mysterious plans to emerge as the winner on this latest fine.

Wake up freedom drones, ask yourselves why you never read anything concrete, nothing is straightforward, it's always coming but never arrives, the fraudualent shite that there is someone who knows something keeps the drones coming back to check on the blog.

you have been conned. with riddles and more riddles.

Someone someday has to actually state a fact that counts, that benefits someone.

William said...

Thank you for your reply.

So in your vision of real life a key component of living a full life is having the cash to honour debts. There is no room for doubt, no room for questions. All that is required to be happy is having the ability to pay whatever debt is presented.

Fair enough.
I understand that if I incur a debt by purchasing something or a service I have a duty to honour said debt because I gained from its creation. However there are debts which are imposed on human beings by those who deign or claim to rule. There is no material gain for the human who is being levied and yet if that levy isn't paid then the human will at some point be threatened with a loss of liberty.
Council tax and telly tax are two prime examples.
TVL claim that unless the name on their records pays their levy then they will be heavily fined.
Councils claim that unless the name on their records pays their levy then they will be heavily fined and then imprisoned.

There is no justification whatsoever for the telly tax. It is theft of income pure and simple.
There is some justification for charging for some of the services councils offer but if you can find a better alternative you should be free to do so and see a reduction in those councils charges.
For example It is easily possible to do away with bin collections. I haven't had a council owned bin on my property for the past ten years and yet I manage to dispose of all my rubbish in a correct manner at my own expense but still I see no reduction in council tax. I even managed to dispose of my waste during the winter of 2010 when council services stopped for H&S reasons. I didn't get a rebate on the council tax nor did anyone else.

Some debts are not debts at all they are charges levied by state organs . Are you really suggesting that we shouldn't look into, query, question and seek to avoid paying this kind of levy?

Surely though there is more to life on this planet than the ability to pay debt or am I missing something?

Happy Drone said...

i have said nothing about key components of living a full life or being happy and all that tosh.

What you are missing is Ranty pushes the "just say no" to everything to bring society to it's knees without engaging in politics, that is why Road Traffic fines don't count even though he benefits from such traffic laws probably every day of his life.

I agree you should be able to opt out of some charges and T.V licence is old hat and should be changed but mass rebellion of paying council tax means the country decends into chaos. Political changes are the only way forward

The nonsense of Lawful rebellion offers no plans, no ideas,no leaders just riddled bullshit like avoiding a road traffic fine is some kind of noble cause even though a serious road traffic offence that involved Ranty or his family that wasn't his fault wouldn't be so easily brushed off as a corrupt illegal system and forgotton about you can be sure of that, he would engage fully in the laws of the land

There is more to life than paying debts and a rather sad life when you are engaged on saving money and hiding and dodging debts based on mumbo jumbo about the magna carta or the Queen and the EU.

You are missing quite a lot william and the no brainer one is that freedom debt avoiders will ALWAYS have an excuse not to pay.

As i have already said, why can't anyone ever actually post a fact that benefits something or someone.

riddles and riddles.

anything about the police yet??...nah no chance.

well done for asking william, for some reasons questions get avoided with the freedom drones patting Ranty on his back without a clue what its all about.

William said...

Question is though what facts are you seeking?

A supermarket car park that was plastered with a parking enforcement company's warning signs and prices that stated charges would be made if the vehicle was parked over the prescribed time. The car park was monitored by anpr cameras linked to a human in front of a computer screen somewhere. It cost nothing upfront to park there.
This company did as its signs said and applied to the DVLA for the address details of the registered keeper of the vehicle. The DVLA sold these details to this company for a fee. The Data Protection Act clearly doesn't apply to the DVLA and none of the details any person hands over to them are private and confidential. They are just data to be sold at a profit.
The registered keeper never consented to the DVLA selling their details but equally the registered keeper never asked the DVLA not pass on their details nor was he even aware they were able to undertake commercial activities such as data mining and retailing!
The parking enforcement company then appeared to engage a solicitor but in fact engaged another office in their building which traded under the name of a 'legal company' in other words a different department of the same company which sent out a further three letters demanding payment of the £195 charge or else they would pursue it in the County Court.
This parking enforcement company's actions are legal under the codes of the United Kingdom the jurisdiction under which the company operates. These actions were considered unlawful and therefore unenforceable in law by a County Court judge when another parking enforcement company put forwards a test case which was lost because the parking enforcement company could not prove a loss.

The upshot was I discovered this thanks to the power of the internet and I ignored the letters and eventually the parking enforcement company realised I knew the scam they were pulling and gave up. Naturally I told everyone else that I knew who used that car park not to fall for it and also told the staff about it. The signs are still there fading away but the cameras have vanished.
That proved to me beyond all doubt that just because something is legal doesn't mean its lawful therefore lawful and legal are two entirely different beasts. Which is what started me on a route to asking questions. I don't do labels. I am not in lawful rebellion, not a freeman but neither am I a drone nor seeking to avoid paying for things I actually use or need to live my life. I am me one man seeking a better life by getting the monkeys off my back.

Debt collectors have no contract with the people they are seeking money from. Their contract is with the person or company who hires them. That is a documented and provable fact.
Once a debt has been sold to a debt collector in the eyes of the United Kingdom it is perfectly legal for that debt collection company to chase down that debt. In the eyes of the law however the debt has been paid in full and no further action against the original debtor is permissible. That is again documented and provable

Another fact I discovered was that it is possible to watch television anywhere in this land without owning a TV licence. Sky encrypts its signals and I cannot see them. The BBC and ITV don't encrypt theirs and are called free to air so I can watch them on any sort of device that is enabled to receive free to air broadcasts. The ownership of the device in use is irrelevant and TV licence is just a government money generating scam in exactly the same way as the parking enforcement company's activities are a private money generating scam.


William said...

I have said NO to one police officer and two PSCO's who have asked for my personal details. On each occasion I was simply responding to an observation question and so why would they need my details?
They didn't and three embarrassed officers on three different occasions walked away without them. I used to regularly say no to all council and government officials who ask me or anything but the funs gone out of that so these days I just ignore them. I also ignore their letters as I am under no obligation to ever open any mail that gets pushed through a letterbox and neither are you. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.

I am constantly asking the local council to answer one simple question. Is non payment of council tax a criminal offence or a civil offence and they will not give me a direct answer one way or the other no matter how crafty I get at asking the question. Why?

I am off the electoral roll, finally. The letters now turn up addressed to an non existent entity called the 'legal occupier' even though the council tax is being paid every month. Just like the TVL people address their threatening letters. I have voted in elections since 1978 and my vote has achieved nothing. The difference is I know realise that Ken Livingstone was right when he said,
"If voting changed anything politicians would abolish it."

I demanded and received a discount from UU for a 42 day hosepipe ban they imposed in 2010. I calculated it out and sent in four payments all shy of the discount until one very nice lady applied the discount even though she claimed it wasn't 'company policy' and she even gave a discount of £50 off the current water bill as gesture of apology for them acting so slowly. This time I am trialling paying in instalments of my choosing just to see what happens. What has happened so far is UU lost the payment and sent me a red letter demanding full payment. I replied through their online form and told them under no circumstances are they to hand over my personal details to any third party.
They miraculously found the payment and allocated it correctly and sent me a letter listing their statutory obligations which included handing my details to a debt collector should that prove necessary. That was in late April I haven't paid a bean more and I have never seen hide nor hair of a debt collector. I will pay the full bill because on balance I regard UU billing as quite fair for the level of service they provide and there is no alternative currently available to me.

Finally I listened, researched and am testing that research in 'the real world'. For my benefit primarily. If it proves to be an accurate course of action I will share with others and if they do or don't do anything with it that is entirely up to them. The V5C is a paper record of a database entry which lists a name as being the 'registered keeper' of a vehicle which is identified by its VIN number and its registration mark. When this vehicle is sold the document has section which asks the registered keeper to fill in the name of the new keeper NOT the name of the new registered keeper. Nowhere in the V5C does it mention owner of the vehicle. That is because the VIN is registered with the DVLA the DVLA is the owner of the vehicle and they appoint the name as the registered keeper of the vehicle which translates in reality to the one who must pay.
This is why they can turn up at the location of a vehicle, lift it onto a wagon and carry it off to be crushed without the police intervening to stop the DVLA thieves in the act. If the police do turn up they are simply there as they are when they turn up with court bailiffs to keep the peace.


William said...

We think it means registered keeper but it actually asks for keeper. If this process is successful I will regain ownership of my property which has been bought and paid for through income I have earned and from which I gain personal benefit from. If it doesn't work then I will have to go back to researching and find another way to recover my property.

The one stand out thing I have learnt is nothing that comes out of any organ of government actually says what we think it does on first reading.
Another is NO is the most powerful word that is in the English language.

Happy Drone said...

The supermarket scam is a private business scam so well done and you are right the tinternet is useful for uncovering these sorts of scams.

what about the rest of your post?

You need a T.V licence to watch live television broadcasts. A fact and the law.

Police- well done that achieved nothing.

Water bill - paid
council tax- paid
car- seized

Thanks for being honest but really it dosen't amount to much does it. i wonder if the millions with digital set top boxes from sky/virgin/BT can claim not to watch live T.V when i expect it can proven they have done.

the lure of Lawful Rebellion is money saving dressed up as a crusade except the money saving is debt delay payback.

The word NO i reckon has cost your car and Ranty a much bigger fine than he should have had.

The theme of this blog is an illegal corrupt system and the battles against it....i'm interested in the big stuff that often gets a mention as imminent like the revolution is coming tomorrow with nothing of any substance whatsoever to back that up.

It's all talk, talk, brag, bullshit, with a debt dodge here and there, with punters reading this blog scratching their heads like you william who want to believe it but see no proof hence the question you asked about the police.

There is a reason for riddles and "let you into the secret" later mularky...cos Ranty is clueless too.

Did you notice Ranty wouldn't reveal his tactic before appearing at the court??...what tacitc there wasn't any.

Did you notice Ranty has a secret he will reveal later about his next tactic for the courts?

It's coming soon, it's always tomorrow, get ready for the revolution.


William said...

Well that's that then.
I still cannot fathom what your position is other than you have some personal problem with this Ranty chap. I really have no interest on his court appearance which you may have noticed had you paid closer attention instead of glossing over the facts I provided and moving back into attack Ranty mode.

I am genuinely interested in anything that will get a monkey off my back and you did give a glimpse of ways I had not consider to be fruitful but then you closed the door. You seemed to suggest that voting would change the world but rather than expand on your ideas you clam up and resort to personal attacks on Ranty and make erroneous assumptions about my situation based on facts honestly delivered that you asked for. You reckon the word NO has cost me a motor vehicle and yet I haven't mentioned anything about the process other than explaining what the words on a government form actually say in reality. I really don't see where your gain is If I am deluded choosing to waste my time on such things as testing the waters of perceived reality as it is fed to me by HM Government and the EU why should this bother you?

You said that lawfulrebellion is all about delaying debt payback which is fair enough at least that sounds like an honest opinion and then you have a pop at me because I pay the bills I feel are fair and due and the one where the only current alternative is jail!
As I say I cannot fathom what your message is other than I am a nutter who should either be a happy drone, like you, or became Wolfie Smith. Well sorry to disappoint my time is mine to waste but thank you for allowing me to waste a small portion of it talking with you.

Happy Drone said...

my position at the start of our chat is that you won't get an answer to questions about the police and authorities except riddles or slogans. Infact you didn't get anything in reply and i'm sure you won't do no matter how many times you ask.

I admire your honesty william which is really quite refreshing in this blog of vauge wishy washy slogan chanting, although you do make an effort to turn your explanation of the t.v licence and your car into a deliberate riddle instead of plain speak.

i didn't clam up about voting...its quite simple and provable with facts with no assumptions voting changes the world instead of complete society breakdown and some kind of fantasy future that dosen't involve voting but everyone just gets along with no plans, no ideas, no leaders, no manifesto.

my message is that Lawful Rebellion is fraudualent without substance and has no use whatsover to real day to day life. Starve the beast and don't pay taxes and just say no slogan chanting by Ranty and others should be backed up with facts and explanations.

You tried to provide facts that there is something behind the slogans and it boils down to T.V Licence which i have sympathy for, and riddles about bin collection and your car.

ah well thanks for your time, i don' think you are a nutter just sort of honest and confused and looking for answers and hoping Ranty must have something.

This court case is a good example of fraudualenty pretending he has a secret plan of action to win the day and when he can't provide anything he turns it into a another secret to be revealed later where victory is assured.

that is the theme of the blog, nothing now, always tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Happy drone is Dickie Doubleday -spreading discord and doubt and getting no return for his efforts. Having happy drone as a monicker says all anyone needs to know. Well, we're not happy drones - the fight for justice and a return to the real law of this land, goes on.


Anonymous said...


You beat me to it. Having started from the top and read through each debate it became more apparent Happy drone was DD and that's why I never got involved. I'm sure the Cap'n will prove this from his IP address. The giveaway was his relentless attack on the Cap'n, stating mass rebellion of [not] paying the council tax would descend the country into chaos (utter bollox) and the coup de grace - "Political changes are the only way forward."

He tries to come across as the 'advocato diablo' but anyone with an ounce of common sense sees him as an agent provocateur, here to sow the seeds of discord.
Political change is the only way towards more of the same state totalitarianism and implementation of the NWO's total control network society.

The only thing that will bring people 100% liberty and freedom is the complete removal of all elites, oligarchs, corporations, politicians and bureaucrats' control over society, simply by utterly obliterating the mechanism they use to do it - THE SYSTEM.



James Higham said...

They obviously hope that the Lioness and you don't get about too widely. They'd be in deep if many people took it up.

Anonymous said...

Well done William for those lucid and honest posts. As you have no doubt observed, you can lead a horse to water and all that.

I too have tentatively lifted the veil and have been pleasantly surprised at what I found. It takes two to tango, and that is something the state very much depends on. Refuse to play by their rules, all the while protecting your own interests of course and it is amazing how many of those threats, etc etc amount to absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Like you, I am a man with one life, no more, and I am damn sure not going to waste it in the service of an insatiable state that is simply out of control. Knowledge is power and people like Ranty have the balls to attempt to forge a path so that others may follow. What on earth could possibly be wrong with that? Why should he be denigrated for putting his own neck on the line? Of course he cannot spell out every strategy here for obvious reasons but for those who fail to see, forewarned is forearmed. Is that such a difficult concept to understand?

I, like some others, am willing to risk a slap on the ear if the price of a pat on the back is too high. There will always be those who derive a perverse satisfaction from parting their own cheeks, from conforming whether right or wrong, from fitting in with the herd, ...so more power to them. Carry on and good luck with that. Just don't expect those of us with no affinity whatsoever to the domesticated livestock they have become to want to do the same.


A.K.A. Damo Mackerel said...

IMPORTANT: The Lioness is not qualified to give legal advice; she does not give legal advice and will not enter into correspondence regarding any individulal legal problem. Information contained on this website is NOT a substitute for legal advice.'

Why has she this disclaimer on her website?

Anonymous said...

The book in question is, " So they say you have broken the law" is straightforward. To win any legal game, you have to know the rules. Play by the rules (as mentioned in the book) and it works. A court is just that, (where do you play a game ?). The book is simple and easy to understand, fits easily in your pocket too!. THEY (The hierachy enslaving you) don't like it but, I have achieved quite a few wins with it.

Anonymous said...

Take responsibility.

If you are incapable of doing this..stick your head between your legs...

Dont expect someone else to take responsibility for you.

The police are not your enemy.YOU are.

Every thing you own you have a receipt for. Do you not. If not it does not belong to you. Take your receipt and reclaim your property.

What the fucking hell do you think life is about??

Sad days are ahead, and I feel so sad that all my countrymen are wanting.

Fuck the lot of you, i'm off tommorrow to listen to some jazz & blues in Brum...

By the way..Happy drone.

Met many like you. Usually big head small cock.

Stay safe my friend with all the trepidations.


Happy Drone said...

@Morgan, i hope William sees your reply full of slogans and riddles and totally ignoring his question.

just slogans and riddles, riddles and slogans.

Sad days ahead indeed...riddles and slogans for the here and now and its all coming soon, always tomorrow, nothing for today.

Wake up freedom drones blindly following this hippy religion of anonymous bloggers who speak in tongues consists of debt payback delay and nothing else

You know it but you don't want to believe it yet.

There is nothing here of any substance.

Keep asking questions folks.

Anonymous said...

dd you have no substance,you actually think legislation is law dont you?
if so what is law? is there a difference between the 2?
if no is your reply then that about sums you up,
the lack of knowledge is staggering.
if your answer is yes there is a difference between them please explain it,
either way,checkmate fool.

Captain Ranty said...


There isn't any point debating him. He sees what he wants to see and off he goes, in the wrong direction.

I could have corrected him a dozen times but he simply cannot assimilate information.

He convinced himself that I had written "I learnt a secret from a court official".

What I actually said was "A court official gave me some good advice".

It was good advice and I am following up on it. It isn't a secret, all I wanted to do was NOT point out who the official was. He/she did me a kindness and I did not want to say who it was in an open blog.

Let him carry on. He really is a slave to the system. He is not alone. He has millions to keep him company.


Happy Drone said...

@Ranty- you had no need to mention the court offical- this is just another diversion tactic to avoid posting FACTS.

you used another diversion tactic before appearing in court saying they look at your blog and you will not post your tactics TO avoid posting FACTS when infact you had nothing but nothing in court.

Why is there nothing of any substance to anything its always tomorrow we will find out as again you are following it up to avoid posting FACTS.

I read about the slaves, the magna carta, the law and legislation, the Queen,the Elites.

What difference to anyones life does that make except as an excuse to embark on Debt payback delay?

Absolutely nothing, nothing gained from the apparent legal high ground Lawful Rebellion brags about- If you are right prove it by posting your experiences.

There must be proof and facts...slogan chanting without facts are useless.

The whole mularky Lawful Rebellion is a shambles, the system is supposedly illegal yet you turned up in court with the Government/Queens officals when you tell such officals they should have no part in an illegal system but you use it yourself.

then what....you stand there dumb and walkout with a hefty fine.

Checkmate indeed.

Captain Ranty said...

And you had no need to overtly change what I had written into something that fitted better with your spineless acquiescence.

You do everything they tell you, you believe everything they say, you even believe that voting will change things.

You are very welcome to your worldview, just don't expect me to share that vision.

I'll keep on trying to change things, whatever you say to the contrary. I never expected to win all of my fights but I have won far more than I have lost.

All you do is bend over further, faster.

Good luck with that.


Happy Drone said...

Is that it Ranty?, your silly word play on advice that can't be shared which i call a secret....LMAO, it fits better because its the word that should be used.

Well done ranty you acted like a good slave, turned up at the court got your fine and told to f@ck off.

I have never been in court, i have never had dealings with the police, i have never had my handout to the state hoping they can bail me out, i have no debts...none.

i am no slave to anyone,i choose to live in this country. it is you Ranty that is enslaved in debts and a fake religion that racks up the debts further.

The slave is you RANTY and the fools who follow this debt inducing religion will be slaves themsleves unless they wake up.

Ask questions readers of this blog, look beyond the slogan chanting and you will find nothing absolutely nothing which you can benefit from or will change anything.

newsboycap said...

d.d, happy drone, happy slave...whatever!

If you feel that the Captain and his readers are so wrong in questioning anything and everything why don't you create your own Blog to offer a counter to this one.

Perhaps you could offer some examples of how voting, for any political party changes anything.
Maybe you could explain where the Gov't spends all our hard earned Taxes.
Or, maybe who or what gives the Gov't the Right to travel the world killing innocents, men, women and children.
Or how the Gov't can ignore it's own Laws, when it suits them.
Or why it spends our money in foreign aid while the Older generation are struggling to feed and keep themselves warm in winter.
Or why the gov't have handed the running of this country over to someone you and I cannot vote out of Office.
Why the Gov't can refuse treatment to certain members of the public by the NHS for not following Guidelines.
Just a few questions for now, take your time, but do hurry up as we are running out of patience and funds, as I have to 'give' my money to the GOVERNMENT before I can feed my family.

Anonymous said...


Nice one (as always) - can't fault a word.



Happy Drone said...

I agree absolutely in questioning anything and everything.

I am doing just that with Lawful Rebellion and the slogans that keep appearing on the blog.

There are no answers here, no facts, nothing proven just empty slogan chanting, what good is the legal high ground that Lawful rebellion boasts if it is never acted upon or used or accepted.

You seem to have not grasped this blog newsboycap...this blog boasts answers that will change things but changes nothing.

it's always coming but never arrives.

i will continue to question fake fraudualent shite and not swallow it hook line and sinkers like so many on here do.

the answers to your political points are by voting and taking part in politics. Lawful Rebellion offers another solution:

get rid of all the politicians/elites, arrest and send them to prison and...err well nothing cos there are no leaders of Lawful Rebellion, no party, no manifesto, no plans, no voting, no laws, no rules, no taxes, no police, no government.

Your choice freedom drones follow the slogans blindly or question them.

Question everything

Anonymous said...

Dicki Doublewank/Drone/whatever...

I find it quite heartening that you're prepared to spend so much time on here trying to spread your negativity. It just convinces me that you - and whoever you are working for - are getting more an more terrified about the spread of Lawful Rebellion.

A critical mass of people is building, who are willing to put themselves on the line to stop the anarchy we now have in the 'legal' system and return the country to the Rule of Law. History is changed by those bravest to stand against tyranny.

You should be ashamed at your acquiescence to such corruption in the legal and political systems of this country. It's people like you who allow them to get away with it and yet rather than spend your energy doing anything constructive to change things you'd rather spend your time on here, poo-pooing the efforts of those who are prepared to do what you are too cowardly to - standing up to the soft tyranny of those who would fleece you for every spare penny in your pocket. What a yellow-belly.


Happy Drone said...

@David says:

"the fight for justice and a return to the real law of this land, goes on".

"History is changed by those bravest to stand against tyranny"

Why don't you David and the rest of the freedom drones who spew out these slogans on a daily basis take some time out and ask questions?


You should be wanting to know answers to Lawful Rebellion and how it will benefit you and change something, blindly following slogans is bonkers and naive.

Captain Ranty uses Lawful Rebellion as justification to avoid debts....the debts came first and the excuses later.

Question and doubt everything and when you finally take the leap of faith and start to ask questions the fraud and fake religion that is Lawful Rebellion collapses becasue you will get no answers just more slogans and riddles.

newsboycap said...

Harbinger @ 23:58

Thanks for the kind words.

I know your not going to like this; you really need to re-open your Blog.

William said...

I knew happydrone was DD. Such high quality writing and opinion cannot be disguised.