July 31, 2012

Chewsday Chuckle

Nothing much happening on the rebellion front, so I thought I would bung up some stolen piccies.

Click to enhugulate if need be.

If you are not watching the Olympic Shames, scores on the doors are as follows:

Team Gee Bee-2 silvers, 2 bronzeses.

If the cost estimates are accurate, that's around £10 billion per medal.

I'm so pleased I "voluntarily" chipped in £1,000.



Bucko said...

10 Billion per medal? And you're not even allowed to complain about the lefty shitfest of an opening ceremony

Bucko said...

Ha! Snapes on a plane. I just got that

Captain Ranty said...


Looks like it took you a minute.

It took me four.

Note to self: get eyes checked.


Anonymous said...

I like the Belfast builders' stupidity. The JB coma post is also a good one too.



Span Ows said...

I must be really dumb...took me ages to figure out the Belfast builder one: I was zooming in to try to read the path/road signs, looking to see in the windows to see if it was a nurses' changing room or something, clicking it to read the rest of the text (after sha...) and of course that just took me to the next picture, the finally...FINALLY D'oh.

bollixed said...

Needed that chuckle mate. Keep em coming.

Lots and lots happening on the rebellion front. Watch this space! :)

Anonymous said...

Two images with fallacious content:
#1 - "It is wrong to taxt a working person almost to the breaking point, the give it to a person who is able to work but refuses to." - What is a working person or what is to work? Is art work? Is doing philosophy working? Is being a CEO work? And, what is to "refuse to work"? Is labour an obligation, or a right nowadays? Should it be a right or an obligation? What is freedom?
I have no doubts that one person should not be taxed for it's work, but exploitation of work should taxed to the breaking point - the corporations and the rich people taking this advantage should be taxed. But other hand nobody should be forced to work. Man wasn't "born" to work. The machines are and will do that. Also social security should exist to prevent not only one unbalanced society now but also in the future. Because the father refuses to work, understood here as labour, doesn't mean his family has also to be considered "guilty" for him not to produce. Beside being a father can be a full time work if talking about equality of genders. Also if he or she doesn't want to work that's maybe not his or her problem but how society educated this person, not stimulating curiosity, creativity, neither ambition (not talking about greed).
#2 - Pharma vs Guns - Both need the regulation and the image tries to excuse the non-regulation of gun on the non-regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. The fact is that both being well regulated can prevent deaths. Therefore both are necessary and the comparison on what is more has no sense. Two industries very powerful, among others, are lobbying the government, and spreading their propaganda among the public, for not having control on their products and that's the real question to debate.