July 28, 2012

Saturday Puzzle

Anyone care to explain this?

Regulars know that I am no tin-foil hatter. I prefer to ask those basic questions and go from there.

But WTF is going on here?

If you have a theory, please share it.



Sackerson said...

Different camera angle/distance, different expression/tilt of head. If you use the right measuring points I expect it'll all gel.


Captain Ranty said...

And the nose?

Sue said...

I do have a theory and funnily enough I read the same thing on Prison Planet later that day. It also filled in some of the gaps in the mystery.

Here: http://bit.ly/MS3kWQ

It's a ploy by the Obama administration to get rid of the second amendment, the one that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

A defenceless population is much easier to control.

Sackerson said...

Tilt of head, and optical illusion created by raised eyebrow/skin round eyes.

Aren't there enough real conspiracies and corruption issues without this sort of stuff?

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Sue.


Captain Ranty said...


Then one more won't hurt :)

Thing is, I have learnt not to take anything on fave value anymore. My cynicism is now hard-wired.

I trust no-one in any position of power. The abuses have been horrendous to witness.


Anonymous said...

I think it is the same man. The left earlobes are the same. The other features can appear different due to facial expression and lighting, but ear shape is a very reliable biometric indicator. The timing of this terrible shooting is certainly convenient for the UN small arms treaty proponents who want to see the populace disarmed, though.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Sue.

This incident is on a par with the Thomas Hamilton, Dunblane incident. Just as it was the final nail in the coffin for gun ownership in the UK (80 years of continued legislation), the Batman shooting is more false flag ops against the constitution as Zion lover Obama with his attempts to destroy the 1st amendment with his hate speech laws (anti semtism), ironically already in action in Europe.

The total control network has already been built in the UK, especially with the illegal arrest and imprisonment of Roger Hayes, not forgetting in most parts of Europe (16 countries who imprison anyone who questions the holocaust). Now it's just a case of doing the same in the USA and they'll continue to attack the constitution until it's no more, doing just what Benjamin Franklin warned in giving up liberty for security.

As for is it a different man, well, look at a mirror, put on a glum, sad face and then smile. Watch how the nostrils move up and outwards. It's the same human being.



Anonymous said...

Well, how about these?

- Batman shooting foretold in 1986 "The Dark Knight Returns" comic

TDKR was a bit of an inspiration for the Nolan trilogy; possibly, the comics were also used by the shooter, and thus it isn't as the link claims. But you never know.

- Witness says someone let him in

Includes pics of a door that was "kicked in", yet it is made out of steel and opens outwards - emergency exit - and has no damage.

- Interesting one here, make your own mind up.

And the apartment thing was just bizarre.

The thread over at DIF is an interesting read, although it is now 60+ pages long with over 1200 posts.

On the 2nd Amendment, whilst it is certainly part of the agenda to deprive people of the ability to defend themselves against their own government (more than one shooting example has been "MSMd" to death recently for such obvious reasons, not to mention the UN arms treaty mentioned by Richard above, which Oblimey wants to use as a back door), it's not happening yet. Yet see how the puppets flip-flop, it's all theatre.

They are still working at it, floating certain ideas, and so forth. Saying something like "the time isn't right" or "we can't fit it in" is not the same as "we're not going to it." Softly softly etc...

Gun sales increased significantly in the days after the shooting; of course, if everyone had one, the shooter wouldn't have got very far, would he? Like in this incident, for example, where a pensioner in an internet cafe shot two armed robbers.

Another thing to consider is that blood sacrifice is part of elite ritual.



Anonymous said...

Captain, good to see someone else has seen this, you should have a look what the real JH's Daddy does for a living and where he was going to be in the coming weeks!!!!.
the show gets better every day.

Anonymous said...

Yes TSL.

The article by vigilant citizen is a good one (as they always are). What was interesting was the 'Li'l Wayne video sitting in a movie theatre. Not only is there an eerie depiction of skeletons all around him, but moreso the number is the same as the people shot by James Holmes in Aurora. Coincidence or foreknowledge? Anyone who looks at 9/11 will see the exact same situation of advance advertising (on the Simpsons, The Lone Gunman X Files that was pulled and the Steve Jackson card game 'Illuminati' to name a few) of the event.

People call people conspiracy loons who join the dots and are able to think critically. It's a constant attack by people who see only what they want to see, in other words blind, against those who have done hours of research, linking events others never see.

What's truly evil is these sick psychopathic elite pulling the stringsopenly advertise their intentions which always result in the deaths of many. The MSM and Academia are completely controlled, more notably, the Music and Film Industries. Vigilant Citizen has done some excellent articles, breaking down the symbolism within videos from Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj to name a few, but most popstars under the age of 30 are controlled. What was even more sinister was the blatant Illuminati film, depicting Heath Ledger's obvious sacrifice - The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

For those who think the Elites are getting nervous think again. We are like a trapped mouse being toyed with by an Illuminati cat. They advertise their ritualistic murders and always get away with it. And they win because they have complete control of the mediums which they use to indoctrinate us with - educational establishments, academia and the MSM.
And they simply sit back knowing that the massive minority of sceptical critical thinking truthers, joining the dots will get nowhere in exposing them because the majority will continue to castigate and pillory these individuals, calling them tinfoil hat wearing, conspiracy loons.

As I continually say: the people have not only built and staffed the very system, there to destroy them, but worse still defend it.



Noggin the Nog said...


Are you fooking mental, or do you really believe this rubbish?


It's the Jooooooos. Again.

Longrider said...

It's the same person. As others have mentioned, different camera angles and lighting are creating a slight optical illusion, nothing more. Nothing to see here.

Captain Ranty said...

Fair enough then.

The consensus is that it's the same bloke.

Something odd about the whole affair though. I've been sent quite a few interesting links and it all smells a bit funny.

I guess we will learn more in the fullness of time.

Thanks for weighing in.


DC said...

I reckon it's the same bloke, but that doesn't change the fact that the whole thing is convenient and fishy.

How does a med student afford thousands of dollars worth of weaponry, ammunition and kit? How does he arouse no suspicion dressed like that on a hot day when most are in shorts and t-shirts. And, unrelated to accusations of conspiracy, how come no-one in the theatre had a conceal and carry to take this guy down? Like the old fella in this video:


F***W*T TW****R said...

saw him in court. He looked drugged the f**k up to the eyeballs. definately seemed on a different planet.....

James Higham said...

It's a ploy by the Obama administration to get rid of the second amendment, the one that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

That's not a theory, Sue. His attempt to introduce legislation through the states is just that - removing arms from the people.

Captain Ranty said...

Another theory:


Anonymous said...

Could Purple Pen work in this instance? Purple is for sovereigns. Bill of sale maybe? Capital letters? Legal Owner? Straw men?