July 03, 2012

The Search Is Over


The country is broken.

The banks are broken.

The police are broken.

The NHS is broken.

The judiciary is broken.

The government is broken.

It's all broken.

It's corrupt. It's bent.

It robs us of our hard-earned coin daily, and not content with that, it takes our freedoms, one by one.

The hero we need has been here all along.

Can't see him or her?

Look in the mirror.

Time to fix our broken country.



Woodsy42 said...

What better comment?


Oldrightie said...

I see only one possible way, like it or not, UKIP. If this small Party were to trounce the big three guilty and corrupt same old same old lot then we could support others with some hope. The Old Guard who got us here needs be beaten.Above all else the biggest and most guilty is Labour.

Dystopian society said...

Capt'n THEY can have it ALL I don't need it.
Money Phugh
Banks Phugh
Lawyers Phugh

I CAN live without all these, YES I do use them, however that is while they are here, they are useful but I do not live my life round them.
Ifthey GO, So what, I do not need them.
HOWEVER,THEY NEED ME. They CANNOT operate without me (That is us) without us they are NOTHING at best. Plus they will have to RUN very FAST because there are going to be plenty of people chasing them.
When they are caught, or should I say they WILL be caught, maybe not right now but SOONER rather than later. I would NOT be in their shoes OR anyone else that has been helping them.

Their GAME 'IS' up it is only a matter of time and that TIME is SHORT 'VERY' short.

If I were them I would be CRAPPING myself and I mean that, I would be REALLY worried.

NOT so BIG now arethey.

Namaste, rev;

RAs B said...

Tell dem sah !!

Anonymous said...

Namaste, rev,

Normally I'm entitled to agree with your replies, but this one, well, it sadly shows ignorance.

Of course you can live without them...for now, but tell me, what happens in society when the RFID chip becomes mandatory, that:

"so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name"?

Once everyone is forced to have this implanted into their skin, or a tattoo (barcode) how do you plan to live in a society that unless you comply to its every demands, your chip will be switched off and you'll be fucked?

Why in the fuck should the bankers and the lawyers be crapping themselves? Is it really a matter of time? Really? I can't see any massive shift in the status quo to a liberty and freedom loving society can you? All I see are people walking down the streets, grasping their mobile phones and not giving a fuck about what's going on in life other than football, soaps and celebrity gossip. All I hear are people speaking about the loony, tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists, whenever any intelligent debate on reality comes up.

And here we have Roger Hayes grabbed and imprisoned. We all saw the same with Robert Green up in Aberdeenshire with the Hollie Greig debacle. This is Stasi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Mao China all wrapped up into one and no one gives a fuck. Where's the reporting on this in the news? Eh? Yup, absolutely fuck all.

There is ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL being done to change the situation. The system is growing from strength to strength and people are more than happy to take up the positions of abusers on their fellow men in order to get their ever decreasing wage.
The smoking ban in pubs - where was the outrage?
The continuing rise in alcohol - where is the outrage?
The massive influx of immigrants into the UK - where is the outrage?
White flight (especially from England up to Scotland) - where is the outrage?
The dramatic rise in the cost of living - where is the outrage?
The murder of foreigners by British forces in Afghanistan and Iraq - where was the outrage?
The obvious attack on the people (9/11, 7/7) by the state - where was the outrage?

I could go on and on, but why in the fuck do you write drivel that the elites are on the run? They're not. They've never had it better. They're moving back to feudalism and are looking forward to the fact that it can't be stopped.
Jesus Namaste, what a dumb reply you wrote. One without any thought whatsoever.


Dystopian society said...

LOL, wishful thinking on my behalf.

There are things going on, but we would never hear it in the MSM.
As for are they on the run? Yes, however beware of the cornered RAT.

But what I was really saying was I can do without them but they could not do without me (us). Maybe it was a bit shoddy, I will try to do better next time.:-)

Temporary glitch.

Namaste, rev;

Dystopian society said...

I think I may have just been thinking 'FUCK IT'. I get these moments but rarely write when I am in that sort of a mood.

Anonymous said...

Although I'm not religious, but most certainly a deist what is it in life that will create such a massive paradigm shift in the human consciousness, which will stop the prophecies (planned?) of the bible coming true?
Everything does seem to be working to plan doesn't it? What is there to stop the future enslavement of the human race, under an oligarchy elite who will rule like the Kings and Queens of old?

....but the people will rise up and they will fight...." for what? There are no nations anymore. There are no cultures anymore. The Scots, English, Irish and Welsh no longer exist as the culture that the inhabitants of the UK have been living under for a good whack has been a totally globalist one. There is no real love and respect for family anymore. Foreigners are accepted as indigenous, when the indigenous don't even know who they are. Homosexuality, transexuality, heterosexuality...it's all relative along with morals. There is no good and bad.

While people still believe that the people will rise up, ask yourself who are the ones abusing and keeping the people down? Who make up the police, the armed forces, the judiciary, the government, the educational establishments? Would it be the people per chance? Yup, the people are abusing the people for the elites who are abusing them.
The MSM continues to happily keep people in lala land with nonsense on print, big screen, TV and radio.
No one really has a clue as to what's going on, but ask them who's shagging who on Corrie or Hollyoaks and they'll give you a two year summary.

The bottom line is people don't care. As long as they have their little bit of space, which ironically gets smaller and smaller, to complaints but acceptance, they're happy to comply to evermore government legislation that's going to enslave them even more.

You all really need to wake up and realise that there is going to be no massive wake up in the UK. The people have been altered through indoctrination in school and continued chemical pollution of their foods, water and environment. They have been fused into the system and they will attack anyone who seeks to cause it harm. Yes, that leech on their arm that's sucking all their blood they protect viciously.

This is reality, You want things to change then make them. It will most certainly result in your incarceration or death, but at least you'll have done something to try and change the unchangeable. Negative? Pessimistic? Of course, but reality it is. You just simply fail to see that we are where we are because we've accepted the implementation of this hell and have done nothing about it whatsoever. And you really think people are going to wake up. ROTFLMFAO


Anonymous said...

Namaste rev,

(BTW the above reply was really to everyone not just you 3 July 2012 23:30 so don't take it personally)

You say that:

"But what I was really saying was I can do without them but they could not do without me (us)."

Well, I will agree but then I'll also state simply that considering the plan is to bring the world population down to under 500m, with 1% controlling the other 99% (as per usual), those who the elites will be using to work for them will be complete hive minded, automatons who will be happy slaves. In fact, they won't even know they're slaves.

In a total control network society, what people will know will be what the elites want them to know. I don't really think people are getting the big picture of the socialist, expert run future society. Humans will be little more than mere cattle. There will be no individuality because they'll have been engineered (eugenics/bio ethics) to simply do and not think. You're not looking at this logically to see where society is headed Namaste.

As for things going on behind the scenes, well, considering that they already have complete control over the internet and telecommunications, then it's going to be very hard for an uprising to happen when under surveillance.
When I see unrest within the police and the armed forces; when I see the judiciary breaking apart and lawyers fighting against the corruption; when I see the teachers no longer teach the drivel their given will I believe that something's going on, but in the meantime, I'll continue to take the stance I do in that nothing is changing for the better and that things are and will continue to get rapidly worse and there will be no light at the end of the tunnel for a very, very long time.