July 04, 2012

Goodbye ACTA, Hello Trackya

It must be an EU rule.

One stupid idea dies, so another stupid idea must be born to replace it.

I jokingly referred to the EU as "The Stupid Club" last year and the name fits them beautifully. I risk arrest merely for criticising the EU. The Lisbon Treaty refers. (The rebel in me forces such criticism, and I could care not a jot for their insane rules and regulations).

ACTA (if you don't know what that is, go look it up. Or don't, it doesn't matter now anyway) is gone, and some in the EU celebrated it thusly:

The bastard child they just birthed is this and I would have written it up but GV beat me to it. Go read. I'll wait.


See what I mean? More stupidity that, on the face of it, is a life-saver. And it may save lives, no argument there. But it is what it will morph into that terrifies me. This is a tracking device, for your own safety, that you will be forced to pay for. And they will abuse it, as sure as eggs are eggs.

But, and this is crucial, they will make mistakes. They will track the wrong guy/gal for the wrong reasons and that guy/gal will come to harm as a result. This device will tell them where you are at all times, night and day and forever more. That freedom to move around your homeland? Forget it. Big Stupid Brother is watching.

They will mess this up. Mark my words.

They aren't called The Stupid Club for nothing, you know.



tinks said...

Drip, drip, drip... how often have we seen this MO? For the children, for the planet, for your own safety... another intrusion, and for the most part people suck it up or are powerless to do anything. (Partly because the people who should be seeing through this, our representatives, are not on our side.)

The EU is anything but a democracy. Oppressive, elitist and both very devious and arrogantly persistent.

What with Terrorism acts, RIPA, the Communications Bill snooping on all aspects of our online lives, SMART meters having remote control of energy, this and probably another 100 things I'm unaware of, this is all starting (!) to get very seedy and very Orwellian. More paranoia, more control, more fear... tracking used to give out speeding tickets or parking ticket, etc. And of course, data can't be tweaked by experts.

I truly despair. Shiny Dave & co. will lap it up.

We need to be out of the EU. Period!

Captain Ranty said...


You are 100% correct.

The control they are going to exert over us is absolutely overwhelming and utterly unacceptable.

They get away with it because we DO forget those little cuts, we get used to this or that loss of (small) freedoms, and we think we are okay. We think "That'll satisfy them, they'll stop now" but they don't. They take and they take and they take.

And we do nothing. The MPs (as you say) aid and abet the control freaks.

Before we know it we will all be micro-chipped like dogs.

Then, perhaps then, people will understand why people like you and I scream and shout.


Sue said...

We'll just have to learn how to disconnect the fuckers.

Captain Ranty said...


I hear that!

See you in the gulag. That's where "bad robots" like you and I are heading.


Anonymous said...

You absolutely mustn't buy one of these then, because they're, like, totally illegal and everything.

They ship worldwide but you may leave a money trail.

Don't tell the fat cats.

Of course it does make things rather obvious though.

I'm sure, Captain, you'll be immensely surprised to learn that Digital Dave's Snoop Charter will result in all collected information being made available to pretty much anyone, after all...



William said...

Chances of this tech working properly are poor to non existent.
Chances of everyone coughing up their £80 (probably twice that when the legal code arrives) are pretty damn good.
Look how many web site operators have implemented the dumb cookie code and are annoying the hell out if their site visitors for no purpose whatsoever other than avoiding a potential EU fine!

Sadly the majority of people I know will happily pay up no matter how crazy or illogical the 'thing' that is being imposed by the state is. These people are not dumb, they are not stupid they can clearly see the state costs them a fortune and oppresses them at every opportunity, some even see they are literally slaving away until retirement assuming they can avoid the NHS.

They are simply petrified of the alternative.

Ironic cpatcha "kLibled" !

LazyCookPete said...

Pretty soon we'll all be lining up for our RFID chip injection, and probably getting charged £200 a pop for the privilege!

There will be new jobs created in the Ministry of Truth and in the Thought Police though.

Tin foil hats on folks.

Robert the Biker said...

Two words: "Faraday Cage"

microdave said...

Just another reason to keep my (old) car and mobile phone running...

F***W*T TW****R said...

"The European Commissioner responsible for the treaty, Karel de Gucht, has said that he will ignore any rejections and re-table it before the European Parliament until it passes." So there you have it.