July 27, 2012

Friday Funnies

This week's Friday Funnies is dedicated to the good Captain Haddock, who sailed away from us on 10th July. We shall see you in Elysium, Cap'n! Keep the beer cold for us.

Full story here for those of you that didn't know, or didn't come across his great writings on various blogs.

Here we go:

Increase your self-esteem.

Oh, is that the time?

We all need an outlet for our sexual frustrations.

Translation for Weegies:

Should have gone to....

Can't wait to hear the crowds chant his name...

Time for a remake?

"Fatman: The Slimmening".

Safe as houses. Good work, fella!

This will annoy the feminists..

This would annoy the stupid but they won't get it.

For clarity: the "stupid" are the 2% in the graph.

Slim pickings this week. There were thousands of images of the Olympics but I really couldn't be arsed.

Have a great weekend, yall.


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James Higham said...

Love that Korean athlete.