October 11, 2011

Wake Up!

All of your instructions are in the song.

Go to it.



Anonymous said...

Dear Captain,
I post this again as it seems appropriate.

Dear Ranty. I do see your point and I know it's not just to avoid a speeding ticket. I was probably a bit flippant in my last post because I too must be fed-up with "money-grabbers". Let me try to put it another way. Terrorists always seem to make the mistake of attacking ordinary people who are mostly innocent. They rarely go for the actual people who are in charge of the system The only time the system is attacked is when it seems to be an inside job to further a clamp-down with more rules.
It seems to me that the "system" must be attacked using it's own tools and rules.
The only way a mass movement will be gotten off the ground is when there are lawyers trained in the principals that you espouse. It's only when enough ordinary people take this route and are defended by lawyers steeped in the intricacies of what you are and others are trying to do that anything will start to happen. You may see your stand as a way to defeat the enemy but you only win a small battle for yourself which then has to be repeated over and over again without any effect on the "system".
Why not put your obvious knowledge to use with a group of other knowledgeable people and try to get an organisation going that will defend ordinary people. Once the man in the street has the option to use people like yourself I think the "system" will start having heart-attacks in growing numbers.

NewsboyCap said...


"The only way a mass movement will be gotten off the ground is when there are lawyers trained in the principals that you espouse".

With respect, do you really think that Lawyers are going to promote their own downfall?

Lawyers are the system, they write the very statutes that bind and fine us, not idiot politicians.

No war was ever won on the first day, now thine enemy, find his weakness then exploit it one battle at a time. TPTB have perfected the system over hundreds of years, and they have all the Guns.

Take a look at the link and see what can be achieved by making 'them' abide by 'their' system.

Alexander Volpin and the Origins of the Soviet Human Rights ...


Anonymous said...


I use the term "lawyer" in loose term. By lawyer I mean expert in nuances of what this site seems to be about.

People who will form a fighting committee for the average man-in-the-street.

Not all people want to become an "anorak" in this form of struggle but would probably agree with the principle and would love to be defended by someone like Captain Ranty.

I would give it go but certainly wouldn't try it by myself. I would take the easy way out unless I was standing alongside an expert in unarmed legal combat. It would be great fun. I just do not have the inclination to learn all of the wrinkles and sayings necessary to negotiate my way in that particular forest without a guide. Most be people wouldn't either.

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for reposting here. I did see the comment in the last post.

I agree with you 100% that we/I am "attacking the wrong people" but, who else can I get at? MPs will swear on a stack of bibles that they respond to every letter/email ever sent to them. I am living proof that if the subject matter is in any way controversial they will ignore you forever and a day.

The cops that came to see me on Saturday are part of the regime I want to fight against but they only know what their boss wants them to know. The days when coppers acted under oath the way they were supposed to are long gone.

My fight has to be with the court. At least there the sheriff/judge will have an inkling of what I am talking about.

There are already groups that you suggested should be formed.

The trouble is, I need to earn a living. If I didn't I would offer my services (limited though they are) to anyone who asked for them. I'd be happy to help people out.

You say one man fighting alone will not make waves. I believe otherwise. I know that once a ruling is handed down that Lawful Rebellion is a legal/lawful stance, this movement will snowball.

It is also one of the reasons I don't think any judge/sheriff will want people like me in their courtroom.

We will see.