October 11, 2011

Declaration Of Intent

A comment from George got me thinking.

George thought that I may have been doing all of this just to get off speeding fines and parking tickets.

Does anyone else think that? I really am curious to know.

This all kicked off for me when the Scottish Executive-spurred on by a Members Bill from an SNP MSP and fully backed by the then Labour controlled Executive-enacted a smoking ban in Scotland. I was incensed then, and I remain outraged today because a nanny state told 8,000 landlords/ladies what could and couldn't take place on private property. They criminalised and demonised 1.2 million smokers and their friends. They ruined my social life, and they condemned a couple of thousand pubs to a slow, agonising death. This had me reading legislation for the first time in my life. During this voyage of discovery I learnt (from a well known Scottish QC) that the legislation was flawed. Not only that, but it contains six major flaws and can and should be taken to judicial review. The problem? The QC wanted £250,000 to mount a judicial review.

One year later I discovered the whole Freeman on the Land thing. I thought about it for many months before sending my affidavits to the Home Office. I never kidded myself that I truly was free. I was waiting until the government said I was. Which, of course, it never will. I liked the idea of withdrawing my consent to be governed. I liked the notion of using my alleged "birth fund" to pay all of my bills. I even liked the idea of leaving my strawman/legal fiction behind me, and carry on the latter half of my life as a flesh and blood, breathing, dreaming, sentient, responsible man.

Not long after that I discovered Lawful Rebellion. I researched that like a man possessed. I left no stone unturned in my search for flaws. The most common complaint I came across was "Magna Carta 1215 has been amended. Magna Carta 1297 but only parts of it, remain in force today". Not quite true, naysayers. MC1297 is a statute. MC1215 is a Treaty. Some say it was only a Treaty between the Barons and the monarch, King John. They further say that the Treaty was annulled within days of it being signed. When a Treaty is torn up both sides have to agree. The then monarch acted independently. He did not consult with the Barons, so it stands today. It predates the first English parliament by fifty years. Parliament today has no right to meddle with documents that they did not create. It's that simple.

When I discovered that Mrs Windsor had violated her Coronation Oath, not just once, but thousands of times, I knew I had to get involved. I sent her my affidavit. I waited for a response. Nothing. I sent her a second affidavit giving her more time to respond. Zilch. I later discovered that because I had revoked my allegiance to Mrs Windsor, I was now under the command of the Barons Committee which formed in 2001. So I dashed off an affidavit to one of the Quorum Members and swore my allegiance to the BC.

I absolutely and utterly believe that I am doing my duty as a Briton. The monarch messed up. She gave away powers that we gifted to her. She gave our nation away to foreign prelates and potential usurpers. This will not do.

This will not do at all.

So I fight back. You will note from the banner above that my instructions are clear. I am not equipped for seizing castles but distressing and distraining I can do all day long.

My intention was never to freeload. I get accused of that a lot. I can and do pay my own way. I pay all of my private bills and I honour those contracts unless the provider messes around, like my energy provider did last week.

I dispute every demand the government, or one of it's agents, makes of me. This is part of the "distressing and distraining" plan. Paying income tax is a violation of my oath to the BC. Paying speeding fines or parking tickets is a violation of that same oath.

I have lofty aims: I honestly believe that we, the people, can make the monarch clean up her act, and if not, using lawful civil disobedience, we can force the inepts in government to force her to clean up her act. It is absolutely no use sitting there saying "Bloody EU. More legislation, more regulation, more payments to them, and less for it than ever before". We have to do something. I really do want my country back. It was given away without my permission. By those charged with its safe keeping. By those who think only of themselves and not of the generations to come.

They, the government, and the monarch, broke the law. Thousands of times. Someone has to hold them to account. I am proud to be one of those someones. If I need to use an ancient right to achieve my aims, I will do so. If I have to put myself in harms way by not paying the government money that they will just waste anyway, I will do it. If it means getting arrested, I will put up with that as well. And, at some point in the future, if it means taking to the streets, I will do that too.

But if any one of you readers think I am doing all of this just to avoid paying some poxy fine, you are wrong.

I would rather you sought your entertainment somewhere else.

What I do, I do for me, my family and my friends, I do it for you, for your families and for your friends. I'm no hero. I'm no genius. This does not require strength, stealth and cunning. Just stamina. When I feel low, or jaded, or despondent, I think of the millions that fought for this nation. They fought and bled. And died. All I do is write Notices to government departments. So far I have held onto at least £10,000 that they would otherwise have spent on rubbish. Or themselves. Or the HoC wine cellar. Or travel and fancy hotels and junkets to Christ knows where. It needs to stop. It needs us to stop it. If you are waiting for the right time to do this, you'll die waiting.

I am under an obligation. ALL Britons have exactly the same obligation. Lawful Rebellion. This is not some quaint notion or distraction. It is not a lifestyle choice. It is most definitely not the path of least resistance.

This is real for me. This is my life.

If its all the same to you, I will soldier on.

If I pick up a fine or two along the way, I won't be fucking paying it. If I get arrested, I will bear it. If I get flung in gaol, I will endure it.

One thing I will never do is bend over. I will live out my days with a straight back. Looking them directly in the eye. In defiance.

They gave away my country.

I want it back.

This then, is my Declaration of Intent.



wayne said...

Another great article, nice one Ranty.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Wayne.

I needed three bottles of bleach to clean up the first draft.


wayne said...

Ha ha I can imagine!

He's Spartacus said...

Good on ya, Ranty.

You might enjoy this....


....and this....


Oldrightie said...

Keep up the good work, CR and thank you.

Captain Ranty said...


The first one is a beauty compared to my beast. If I were more articulate I would have written what you did write. Most excellent.

The second is spot on! I was saying something similar on Angry Exiles blog the other day. Fucking hypocrites. I liked the wide angle shot of all the "occupiers" on their Apple IPads/iPods/iShits wearing their Gucci protesting gear and telling their mates all about it on their Nokias, Motorolas and their Blackberries.


Captain Ranty said...


Thank YOU for continuing to read my stuff and your comments too.

Only death can stop me now. I am committed. I am resolute.


Gareth said...

What do i think?

You, vox popoli and 'fred on everything' are my 'must reads' followed closely by daniel hannan.

So, you rub shoulders with the best, and i admire you all in different ways. Youre an articulate everyman ideal, Vox gives arrogance a good name, Daniel hannan is as predictably and entertainingly erudite an orator as can be enjoyed today and fred on everything is a grumpy old man who really has seen the world.

Now ive done nothing about whats in your blog, but turned it over in my mind. I run my own business and have 1 young boy to support at the start of a recession. I dont think ill be doing anything, except possibly carrying an angle grinder in my car along with the rest of my kit incase some chancer wheel clamer has a go. But im considering getting a parking ticket, which has a limited fine of say £75 with no possibility of more, and contesting it a freeman way.

Id expect to lose but it would be a personal challenge.

Anonymous said...

Captain, you are an inspiration and a hero (although you would probably baulk at that, being the thoroughly decent chap you are), to many, many people who comment on here and to those who currently only visit.

Your blog has been another vital milestone on a journey that brings me ever closer to the goal of declaring myself a lawful rebel, and I want to thank you for the precious time you take to write your superb and important blog.

I will be joining the British Constitution Group this week (I've made enquiries previously), and will be at their conference on 5th November if I can get a ticket.

I fully intend to submit my affidavits and go into lawful rebellion in the near future - I'm just building up the courage and your blog plays an important part in building that for many of us.

I have been reading about law and our constitution for almost 3 years now and I agree 100% - WE have to get our country back; no one is going to do it for us.

Anyone who thinks you are doing this for personal gain or to get out of paying fines (!?) has no idea of the personal sacrifice and - sometimes - fear it takes to stand up to what is essentially fascist state bullying and corruption on an unbelievable scale.

David M

Captain Ranty said...


Very kind of you. Thanks for the nice words.

BTW, this wasn't a plea for back-slaps! I just wanted to set the record straight.

Clamps, eh? I once tore one off my wheel at Southampton airport. Drove home to Manchester. Three days later I got a bill for £200 (for the damamged clamp), so I said (to the airport manager), "Sure. I'll wing you £200 if you wing me the clamp".

Never heard a word from him after that. A child of three could have straightened the bent clamp, and this chancer wanted £200!

That was back in 1988. Maybe I was a rebel even way back then...

Give me a shout when/if you get that ticket. We will destroy the issuer together, if you want.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks David.

It's great to hear that you have been moved to join the BCG. It is jammed with good people. I am certain they will appreciate your input.

I have had chats with several of them on the phone over the last few years and they come over as absolutely genuine. I am a member there too.

Enjoy. Research. Cause trouble.

That's about all I dare ask of anyone.


Woman on a Raft said...

What an excellent "Declaration of Intent" summary.

It was worth writing as it is sometimes difficult to remember the order things have happened in.

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain. The thought that you were just doing it to wriggle out of the fines certainly crossed your mind.
I believe then you saw a bigger issue. One of real personal freedom. We all approach "freedom" in a different manner. None is better than the other. Freedom after all is mostly in the mind.
The one thing that struck me was that although you are fighting the good fight against the enemy you seem unfocused. It is still on a personal level. This is very commendable but this is the way it comes across from the many people who believe in the same thing. They all seem to be fighting on a personal level rather than setting up a system to fight the "system".
Maybe my thoughts are a step too far.
The only way you will defeat the thing that you despise is when you can capture the imagination of the average man who knows he is being put-down but doesn't know how to fight back.
It is only when people like you organise yourselves into groups who will defend the average man that you will succeed.
By all means fight your case and win but don't leave it there. Organise with other like minded people to form a group that will defend the average man in the street that doesn't have your fortitude. Then you really will be the winner.

Anonymous said...

dear mr ranty what you are doing is showing people who are sat on the fence and not quite sure of how far they can go, that they too can do the same as you, and show disobedience for the good of all in the long run hats off to you pal! james

alfababe111 said...

After reading that... I admire & respect you BIG time. Its great to see such passion & determination, & that your eyes are wide open where most have their eyes wide shut.
With regards to her Maj, feast your eyes on what they really are all about... http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/biggestsecret/biggestsecretbook/biggestsecret18.htm It might not connect, so try 13 bloodlines of the illuminati & look for black nobility. (I promise that no joke!) I would love to know your thoughts about it.

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

I'm with you Capt'n.
This is the country I was born in and I have much invested in it.

I have many current battles as you have now but I will not bend nor will I waver. Gaol holds no fear for me and 'FINES' Piff! Who cares.

This government has spent MY whole life 'promising' to pay me and all I have had is a debt notes. When I get a paid for my labours they will get my respect and their due.
Until then F*ck OFF.

My children rely on me to provide a future that is viable and not under slave rules.
I will fight this fight and hopefully back to back with you Capt'n, I will not stop regardless of what they do to me.

In this, like you I am resolute.

Namaste, phil;

Bill said...

Pay no heed. You have to justify what you are doing to no-one but yourself and family.

Captain Ranty said...


That may have been true once. For about five minutes. The moment you start writing about what you are doing, your readers are free to say what's on their minds.

In a way, I am pleased that George felt able to say what he thought too. It had a catalysing effect.


Captain Ranty said...


Thank you my brother from a different mother.

I love your comments here and on FMOTL.

I know we can rely on each other.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the link. I will check it out.

I have read hundreds of pages about the black nobility and the black pope.

It seems to be a step too far for most, so I research and read more than I post about that stuff.

I'll do a piece on it and see what kind of reaction it gets.



Captain Ranty said...


I think disobedience is a trait all Brits have.

It is just buried deeper in some.

Winkling it out is the tricky part :)


Captain Ranty said...


"The thought that you were just doing it to wriggle out of the fines certainly crossed your mind."

No it didn't. Not ever.

I thought I had explained clearly over the years. Obviously I did not.

You can and must say what you want to. No censorship here. Never has been. I am pleased to say that (apart from spam) I have never once deleted a comment.

The battle has to be personal. There is only me in it. As I have said, when I make a big stride forward I will let everyone know. That's all any of you want, right? Proof that this method works?

I'll get the proof. Then you can all join in.

This whole blog has been about education. For me as well as everyone else. This stuff is brand new to us all.

Baby steps. That's all we can take for the time being.

Soon we'll be running.


Captain Ranty said...


Yes, you are spot on.

It needed writing down. As much for me as anyone else.

I guess the old military maxim comes in useful here:

March apart, fight together.

Surprise the bastards. (That's a Ranty maxim).


Woodsy42 said...

Of course you aren't doing it to get out of paying your way. I know that! No, you are doing it because you have been pushed into becoming a difficult, awkward, obstinate, contrary and incompliant character towards authority. I applaud you all the way, you are inspirational.

Captain Ranty said...

Ah Woodsy,

You are a wordsmith indeed. I'd like all of that on my gravestone.



Anonymous said...


A great post, and a good point of entry for the friend who asked me last night "Have you heard of the freeman thing?" (she's similarly inclined to me so will no doubt find much of educational value in the Ranty vaults...)

Like many of us, I've gone through a process of mostly accepting the status quo, even if disliking bits of it, to opening my eyes to a mass of ideas (voluntaryism, anarchocapitalism, FMOTL, lawful rebellion, peaceful parenting, non-coercion, home education etc etc). This then led to a lot of cognitive dissonance as I tried to reconcile all of this new info, and where it placed me WRT the mainstream. This is now all coalescing into feeling more fundamentally simple, as it all boils down (for me) to an expansion of certain basic ideas - self-ownership, autonomy, exchanging value for value (be it money or other), acting in accordance with satisfaction of ends on our value scales, helping others without compulsion. When you construct a worldview from first principles up, it all feels more coherent and you can answer new concerns in a consistent way.

A couple of things I haven't quite worked through to my satisfaction, though.

The first is whether the freeman approach still relies on some sort of 'approval' from those you're escaping, or whether it is a negation of their jurisdiction over you full stop (and so what they do or don't consider you to be is irrelevant).

The second is whether lawful rebellion suggests one is OK with the notion of governance in principle, and maybe with some form of democracy, but the issues are with the corruption of the government/monarchy and the ends to which it has been exploited to reduce our sovereignty. A government towards nobler ends would be OK? I feel uncomfortable with governance in general (in terms of democracy, and also on a personal level in terms of coercion on/by others) so am not sure how to assimilate this.

Apologies for rambling, but the wine here is tasty. Be interested to hear your thoughts on these points.



bollixed said...

Nice one CR. No-one doubts your motives. If it was just about 'getting out of paying for stuff' you wouldn't be on here telling everyone else about it. I rest my case... :)

We do not do this for personal gain. My efforts thus far have cost me over £100k in lost income as I gave up a senior role working for criminals to enter into Lawful Rebellion. I was on the sidelines of the inner circle for a short period as an adviser and got to see how the world really worked and how the rest of us are treated with contempt by a small group of self-appointed criminals. They are laughing at the rest of us domesticated cattle. Believe me. I didn't find it funny though.

For those who say we're all on the take....go fuck yourself! Doesn't deserve a more articulate response, frankly.

Then I found you lot of ugly but entertaining buggers and my faith in humanity was restored. Not since my army days have I met such honesty, cameraderie, decency, honour, and trust in others. I know if a bullet were heading my way that someone would jump to take it for me. And vice versa. If I were in deep trouble that dozens would rally around me and mine, unasked. That I would do the same for them in a heartbeat. Not one of us has an agenda that includes financial reward.

As I keep telling everyone, we may disagree on what we're pushing for but we're united as individuals in what we are against.

Never, ever, ever doubt that what you are doing isn't based on anything other than the highest of human motives. You have my deepest respect and I consider you to be an honourable man.

I've already told my family that on my gravemarker I want the words "I lived and died my own man". I would be happy to lie under that...

bollixed said...

"Abandon your perceptions about how society is put together, and understand that nobody is at the steering wheel. Then join Common Purpose to learn how it works, and how to steer.

Richard Lyon, Business Advisor, BP"

Taken from www.stopcp.com. (Please consider dropping JW a donation for the site as he has been working hard on behalf of the rest of us for some time - and great personal risk - in exposing this outfit that look like one of the rogue baddie organisations in a James Bond movie.)

How can anyone read this treason and not get angry enough to want to do something??

Sue said...

Oh No. If we don't fight back, what the fuck is our world going to be like? These things start small. Silly things like the smoking ban in pubs, but they can develop into much more sinister things (no smoking in your car, third hand smoke).

It's already been allowed to go on for far too long. The righteous get cocky and out of control. They become demented, heinous dictators.

There is a principle here. It's not about paying fines or taxes. It's about greed, corruption and loss of freedom. It's about who is working for whom.

There aren't many of us left "untouched" by the brainwashing and propaganda. It is our moral/ethical duty to be anarchists!

And most importantly. WE ARE RIGHT!

Anonymous said...


For avoidance of doubt I have never once thought that you were doing any of what you do so as to "get away" with anything - but to stop THEM getting away with things instead. After all, they have got away with far too much already, have they not?

I can only admire the way you go about it. For various reasons (that I shan't go into here) I unable to operate in a similar manner so I have had to work more on the QT; all I can do is offer you whatever limited support may come from tapping the odd comment/email on a keyboard.

People that follow this sort of path can get accused of the freeloading. It's the default position because most people think that they must pay, be licensed, obey "laws" that aren't laws, buy shiny things with nonexistent money, work to death and all that palaver.

This is of course the deliberate result of indoctrination over successive generations to the point that the vast majority do not know any different, because no alternative is disseminated and, indeed, any other way is deemed heretical. To most, things are as they are and the minority that do debate things are directed into rigidly controlled, predefined areas of acceptable thought that will ultimately do no damage to the system itself, and may even support it further.

I believe that at a subconscious level quite a few people probably see the absurdities that surround them, at least to some extent. They know that something is not right but they are unable even to comprehend much more than that and even if they can the enormity of it may overwhelm them. Not all, of course, but some.

That which has hitherto been hidden must be found out independently, and places like yours are vital to that process.

Keep stirring Captain, things are better off for it.



PS: Seen this wonderful news?. I'm sure in due course they will "sidestep" this little thorn in their side just as they did with the bailouts in the first place, but for the moment: :-D The MSM reports on this are as scary as ever. Bloomberg: "Slovak lawmakers failed to approve an overhaul of Europe’s bailout fund". Because obviously approving it is what they should be doing and anything else is just not on.

I believe they are already being "encouraged" to vote again, as they didn't get it "right" the first time. FFS...

Antony said...

If ever there is a reason to follow you in your path, this is it -:


Found A Voice said...


I agree with everything you said - if it wasn't for the (understandable) distraction I've had this year of emigrating, starting a new job and getting my family settled in to HK, my affadavits would have been by now sent in.

What I do find is that you have helped me understand the arguments. I don't take as fact everything you say but I try and check it out myself and, so far, whilst I may disagree on some points regarding LR and Freeman, I mainly agree.

Moreso, I'm able to talk to others about it and they either love the fact that I'm doing it or think I'm a nutter (but usually both!). And they could be right.

However, if it's any consolation, all they do is focus on the money that is being withheld and believe that is the true motivation. Never mind the truth is getting out.


Anonymous said...

Captain, you have my admiration. You might not be a hero (yet) but your actions are heroic.

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain,
I am a fan, really I am, but I'm not a sycophan-t.
We all need people to believe in us and you certainly have your fair share of "commenters" who do just that.
You also need "rough" friends that are willing to challenge your principles. That's me. I'm certainly not against your stand or your belligerence when faced with so called "authority".
There are various ways to go about defeating the "enemy". Each are equally valid.
Your method we know because you have explained it. The statutes do not apply to you because you have altered your standing legally. You do not agree to be bound by their statutes.
The rich man does it another way. He has a coterie of top lawyers to defeat the "system". The police can also defeat the system by turning a blind-eye to each other. The legal profession can defeat the system by "the old pals act".
There are many "ways". Each of these ways is subject to attack by the "system" if it becomes too universal.
Unfortunately your problem will be when you are noticed by the main-stream. You will not be just a normal bloke standing up for "his rights" but a celebrity. That will be when the "system" will start to take your threat seriously. They know that they have problems when they take you to court so they will try to destroy you in other ways. You will then realise that you really need to have spent a totally spotless life with no skeletons in the cupboard.
How many people who say they are going to do the same will not buckle?
I'm actually depressing myself now because at heart I think your right. I know after 69 years that "principles" are fine until your whole way of life and your family are at stake. I now only fight battles I know I can win and only from a position of avoiding retaliation. just remember Sun Tzu.

I wish you well.

OBO 110X said...

I believe Elizabeth of the Windsor family has not broken any oaths but Her Majesty in right of England is actually the Crown Corporation, City of London has deceptively brought upon you all your troubles.

But that also means that you need a contract with "Her Majesty" to deal with all of these things that wind you up mate.

As public trustees in these relationships ask them what right they have to make demands on you the executor and beneficiary of your trust and more importantly present the contract.

Government only has jurisdiction over its own business, are you employed by the government? How much were you paid and when did you agree to it?

Remember only debtors argue/explain/educate lesser entities that demand money for services that you didn't ask for.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Captain.
In my lifetime I have challenged 2 parking tickets and won.
I also faced down the BBC licence gestapo in court and won.
Keep up the good work.

Summerisle said...

Nice article CR. I have myself taken the first tentative steps into Lawful Rebellion. The problem is, I think, in that researching this it is so very much a hit or miss affair, and the advice offered on the net is often sketchy, varies greatly in quality, and is often contradictory. You certainly do need a lot of time and patience to make sense of it. At least that has been my experience. As such, I doubt whether it will ever be the mass movement it needs to be, though I like to think that groups and websites will come about whereby everything is made a lot clearer. Perhaps the BCG could do a lot more than they currenly do in regards to education and training?

Captain Ranty said...


A great comment. Thanks.

Yes, I was a bit naive back then. On some level I expected the govt to say "Sure. You are free. You caught us out, go live your life and be happy".

It was never going to happen. I think we are trained to expect permission for everything we do. A swift tug of the forelock and off we go.

I decided some time ago that I would change my requests into demands. That's what they send, with nary a please or a thank you.

Fire, it seems, must be fought with fire.

So be it.


Captain Ranty said...


Thank you too, for a great comment and your kind words.

There are more and more people sticking their heads over the parapet these days so we are not alone. We are just thin on the ground.

What (constantly) baffles me is why people don't question stuff more. Writing a letter/Notice back to the govt agency demanding your cash requires absolutely no bravery at all. As long as you have looked for the methods others have used in the past, there is nothing to be scared of.

As I mentioned in the piece, I have been saying no, or at least asking why for a couple of years and it has saved me a small fortune.

But as you can see in the comments here, people are starting to question things. And they are managing to stop some bad stuff happening by just saying no.

Imagine if we all did this, day in and day out? Those civil servants would be forever off work with stress. (Which is fine by me).


Captain Ranty said...


I agree with every single word.

If ever I get to Spain I am going to buy you as many G&T's as you want.

Your blog, and the fantastic posts you do on the EU helps to keep me sane.


Captain Ranty said...


Thank you also, for your kind words.

This sentence:

"This is of course the deliberate result of indoctrination over successive generations to the point that the vast majority do not know any different, because no alternative is disseminated and, indeed, any other way is deemed heretical. "

...pretty much sums up the Herculean task we face.

After the police left on Saturday, I found Mrs R almost in tears. She said "Why can't you be normal?"

I said "I don't know what normal is. If "normal" is defined as doing exactly the same as everyone else then no, I do not want to be normal. I am happier being abnormal".

You guys may ask me some hard questions from time to time, but my toughest audience is 'er indoors. She thinks I should just toe the line.

I have explained that my toes will never be near a line again as long as I live.


Captain Ranty said...


Missed your postscript.

Yes, I did see that and my heart filled (briefly) with unadulterated joy. Then I read that although the government collapsed, it will be re-formed within weeks.

But by Friday this week, the Slovaks will approve the bailout.

They voted wrongly the first time, see?

They will now be asked to vote again.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the link.

Scary, is it not?

I knew that US cops could hire themselves out. In Houston, at knocking off time, cops stop traffic outside the bigger office buildings to allow those employees to get out onto the road without wating for ages. Screw everyone else (like me!) who just happen to be driving by, they can wait.

Not the same as your link, I know, but it is just one small example of what cops get up to for a few bucks.


Captain Ranty said...


Disagreement is fine by me. Anything that forces us to dig a little deeper to get the real facts is a good thing.

I welcome debate. I learn a great deal from it.

You are right, of course: all (any) govt cares about is money. That, and keeping the livestock dumbed down. Can't have rogue bulls & cows going in their own direction. Nosirreebob.


Captain Ranty said...


I doubt I ever will be!

It is not a planned goal. If I can help others to see things similarly to my viewpoint then that will be enough.

Neither sheep nor shepherd be.


Captain Ranty said...


At the risk of repeating myself: I really am pleased about your comment. It generated this post, and that is a good thing. It was good for me to take stock, and to let everyone else know what I was about.

You be as "rough" as you like. As I said earlier, our views need to be challenged. If not, there is a very real danger that we are going the wrong way.

Celebrity? Christ, I hope not. I'd be most happy to talk to groups of people but neither fame nor fortune are mentioned in my mission statement. Long may that be the case.

I will not be permitted to succeed. I am not that vain, nor that stupid, that I don't realise that. Think, for just a few moments, what would happen if I bounced into court next month a villain and emerged with a piece of paper that said I no longer had to obey statutes?

There would be chaos. Until order returned. It would turn this nation upside down once word got out.

They cannot have that. Not in a million years.

The very best I can hope for is "Case dismissed. Now fuck off".

Reality bites, does it not?


Captain Ranty said...


You are right. It was laziness that had me typing Mrs Winsdor instead of her title. I did send my affidavits to the monarch.

But our contract is now broken until she decides to repair it. That is for her and her alone to do.

In the meantime, the most I can do is distress and distrain her govt.


Captain Ranty said...


That brightened my day!

I haven't started on the Beeb yet, but is on my "to do" list.


Captain Ranty said...



I agree. It is a bit hit and miss. My Rule Number One is to avoid anyone who wants money for this information.

At best, you can only read up so much and decide for yourself whether it is truthful, honest, and contains common sense. Some of the stuff I have read makes my hair curl.

I have been at it for just over three years and I have only scratched the surface. There is so much to study and not enough hours in the day.

Your gut will keep you on the right track. Trust it.

I believe that the BCG may have workshops planned. I will check.


NewsboyCap said...


If you go to Lawful Bank, Sue has a button on her Blog, Roger Hayes has 8 videos explaining The alternative money system. But in the final video he says that the BCG are trying to set up workshops, on Lawful Rebellion, for members of BCG. I think they are in Herefordshire. Also the BCG annual meetings are in Stoke 22nd October and London 5th November. Hope to see Y'all in Stoke.

Jammingfinchfork said...

Well said CR. No real need to explain or justify your actions as those with enough intelligence will understand what you are doing and why.

When, and if, I decide to return to the UK I hope to be able to join in in Lawful Rebellion.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Newsy.

I thought I had seen something about workshops.

Still mulling over that Lawful Bank plan....


Captain Ranty said...



I was fairly sure that most people knew what I was trying to do but then I started worrying about how many thought that this was all about money.

If/when you do return you will be most welcome in the ranks!


He's Spartacus said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks you're trying to 'Get away' with paying a fine hasn't understood a few things.
1: Statute created FPNs are absurd on the face of it. They're an offer to contract.
2: There is NO injured party.
3: If more people 'Distress and distrain', then the whole thing would get a lot easier.
Good luck to ya Cap'n, and respect due for showing the way.

Manoftheworld said...

Dear Captain,

I was an avid reader of your blog for a long time, life caught up with me and i digressed but i have just rediscovered some of the excitement i initially felt for the rebellion that is needed in this country.

It can be a real slog trying to explain the concept to people, just like your article explains many people often think its just a way to freeload - by the way these same people will moan all day long about the way they are being ripped off by this government!

I am fairly confident now that you know your arse from your elbow re lawful rebellion. Could you direct me to some sites to find some good research?

I like you am self employed, i am particularly interested in finding out how to operate in the commercial world without my fiction to trade - no doubt i am making a mistake as i write but any advice is helpful.

Captain Ranty said...



In fact, as part of my distressing and distraining I am obligated to make as much trouble for TPTB as I can.

As I have only been "caught" speeding once in the last few years it is testament to my good grace.


Captain Ranty said...


You can start with Lawful Rebellion (link on the right-hand side of the blog), go and visit the British Constitution Group, and make sure you swing by Albert's place, A Case For Treason.

These will get you started but have a look at their links as well.

Try to avoid the obviously lunatic sites, and never ever ever ever pay for any information.

I am not self employed though. If I were life would be a great deal easier. They still steal my money at source. Though I am looking into changing that.

Lastly, you might want to hang on to your strawman. It is a tool you can use against them. It can be a protective umbrella for the man.

Good luck on your journey.

I suggest that you sit well back from your desk. Some of this stuff is jaw-dropping. I had a bruised chin for months on end.