October 19, 2011

Action Stations!!

Good citizens of Blogworld, lend me your eyes.

If, like me, you think the EU is a festering corpse into which we repeatedly inject massive amounts of money for almost no return (apart from industrial amounts of stupidity), then I need to ask a favour.

Please write a letter/email to your MP/MSP/Assembly Member. Their details can be found here.

The template for your letter/email, can be found here.

It looks like this:
I note with great interest that the members of the Backbench Business Committee have scheduled a debate on the question of a motion surrounding a referendum on our EU membership for October 27th.

As a constituent, I am writing to you to ask how you intend to vote following this debate, and to put forward my argument as to why a referendum must be given.

I could write about how I, and millions upon millions like me, have never had the opportunity to express an opinion on our membership, either by dint of not being born or not being at the age of majority at the time of the last referendum, and how the Prime Minister’s statement that we have already had a say is akin to basing a policy on the internet after inspecting one of Babbage’s difference engines.

I could point out the fact that the EU has failed to have its accounts signed off for almost two decades now, how whilst the nation states of Europe are reduced to penury, the EU votes itself ever larget budgets, about how the pattern of abuse of the expenses system by some MEP’s is well documented, how their fiscal projects have put a number of nations into bankruptcy, crippled with debt repayments unprecedented in history, that this has been done against their own laws and has almost dragged us down with them.

I could state that their behaviour and duplicity when the Constitution/Lisbon treaty was being steamrollered through is anti-democratic at best and the actions of a Stalinist Soviet at worst.
I could draw attention to the practices of adhering to the regulations as set out by the EU makes life very difficult for businesses, especially small businesses – the life blood of our economy, and in many cases financially impossible.

I could highlight the costs of our membership, both in terms of taxation taken from the public and the expense of complying with ever more intrusive and complex edicts and directives from the EU.

Whilst I believe all these points are important, I think the matter comes down to a basic and vital question; Are we sovereign?

Ever closer union has only one logical outcome – a complete political union where the nation states are reduced to the level of federal states. It is all very well for Messers Cameron, Hague and Duncan-Smith to talk about re-negotiations, saying no or not allowing any further steps, but they are trying to negotiate a rebate on the lunch money the playground bully has taken from them, and I am not convinced that what is said at conference is said in Brussels.

[YOUR MPs NAME HERE], the question of the UK’s continued existence as an independent and sovereign state is at stake here, and the citizens of the UK must be allowed to deliver a binding verdict on the subject, it cannot be signed away on the strength of the cabinet at the time knowing ‘what is best’, and that verdict must be allowed to be delivered without fear of retribution or sanction from the EU if Parliament or the electorate return the ‘wrong’ decision in the eyes of the EU.

You will no doubt not be surprised to read that in any such referendum I would vote for our withdrawal, favouring as I do a pure free trade model as espoused by Lord Tebbit. However, those who hold a contrary view to mine simply must be able to express it to get this issue sorted once and for all.

I look forward to your response.

All clear?

If you need to be reminded why we do not need this vampire constantly at our throats, please do go and read this.

Will your letter/email have any effect? I have no idea. I just know that I felt better for sending mine off.

Even if your representative is a dyed-in-the-wool Europhile, you will have noted your feelings on the matter with him/her.

You have nothing to lose.



Jim said...

Or you could just make it, succinct and straight to the point. The longer the Email, the less chance it will be read.


Dear ......

I read today that the Coalition government is to institute a three-line whip and order you to vote against the proposed referendum.

As my constituency MP you are in Parliament to represent ours (the voters) wishes.

It is my profound wish that you vote in favour of a referendum in the forthcoming Commons vote.

Yours sincerely,


Captain Ranty said...


A fair point.

I thought that Snowy's template offered the chance to a) ask them to vote for a referendum and b) explain why.

I firmly believe that most MPs are ignorant. Not just about the theft of freedoms, liberties, huge chunks of our money, and the outrageous sovereignty snatch, but about the depth of feeling most of us have for this nasty little organisation.

With respect, it is hard to convey all that in three lines.

This is as much about educating those MPs who are consumed with indifference as it is about lodging your own opinion with them.


Michael Fowke said...

The MPs will vote the way Cameron tells them to. Who tells Cameron, I have no idea. Probably someone in Brussels.

Kryten said...

Done, tweaked mine to also ask if they are intend to follow the proposed 3 line whip - might as well stir it a bit, not that Im expecting a reply....

Captain Ranty said...


You are correct. Almost nothing happens in Westminster without instructions from the Hobbit and his dementors.

I think it is a worthy exercise. It should tell your MP who you WON'T be voting for next time around.

Of course, the whole exercise is wasted if no-one bothers to write to them.


Captain Ranty said...


Good stuff!

The wifey who pretends to represent me is an SNP'er, so she won't be whipped.

My concern is that the SNP are in thrall to the EU (all that free money when Independence Day arrives!) so I may have wasted my time as well.

I have had an email from her saying "Thank you for contacting me, you peon. If I can be arsed, I may scribble some utter bollocks and send it to you".*

*I may have translated this incorrectly.


Anonymous said...

Yep, a bit long-winded, but I've adjusted for my self and used it.

Thanks for the heads-up Ranty.

Action Today.

Maverick said...

Email sent to Lord Thurso, MP

All done… We’ll send your message now

If, for some reason, we couldn’t send your message to your representative, we will email you to tell you. Otherwise, you can sit back and relax — your message is on its way.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to my MP early this morning:

"Dear Bob Stewart,

Following the recent news that there is going to be a debate in the HOC on the vexed question of Britain's continued membership of the European Union, I am writing to you with the following questions.

Do you think that it is right and proper for the prime minister to enforce a three line whip on his party on this question, bearing in mind the continued clamour for a nationwide referendum on the issue?

As one of the more important figures that were involved in the independence campaigns of the various constituent parts of what was once a very similar political union in Yugoslavia, do you think that the implications of denying a referendum is a dangerous concept?

Bearing in mind that it was due to this lack of democratic accountability that the contituent parts of Yugoslavia eventually went to war with each other. Will you be defying any instruction from the whips, in order to allow the voters in the Beckenham constituency an opportunity to have their say on this very important matter and not only abstain, but vote in favour of such a referendum?

I believe that this is not a party matter, it is a matter of national importance, and regardless of the personal views of voters and MP's, almost every piece of legislation, in some way, originates from the European Commission, which neither MP's nor the voters have any influence on, or for that matter, ever will have.

I look forward to hearing your views, and thank you for your time."

I received a reply instantly stating that Bob Stewart DSO MP was out of the office, but that he would endeavour to read and reply to my email within 10 (TEN) working days…

Bearing in mind that the (faux) debate will be taking place within 6 (SIX) working days, I thought that his absence might be one of those "convenient untruths" that politicians are so keen on.

Nick said...

Hi Captain.
Just received this reply from my M.P.

Dear Mr Smith,
Thank you for your e-mail. I am happy to inform you that I have joined 46 of my colleagues in signing this motion and I back a referendum.
Kind Regards,
Andrew Bridgen.

Captain Ranty said...


Good for you! Pleased that you tailored it to your requirements.


Captain Ranty said...


I got that one as well. It was the second email from Her Gloriousness herself that had me salivating.

Thanks for joining in!


Captain Ranty said...


The cheeky bastard!

I saw him with my very own eyes on the tellybox last night.

He is quite vocal so I hope he does his thing during the debate without needing to be prompted by his constituents.

Thanks for having a go.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and all that.


Captain Ranty said...



Now, if we can find a way to make those 46 into 460 we are in with a fighting chance!

I know, I know: dream on, Ranty man.


hangemall said...

Captain, I don't like the proposed choice of questions in the proposed referendum. I can't find them quickly but it seems they are something like

1. Do you want to stay in?

2. Do you want to re-negotiate?

3. Do you want out?

It seems to me that 2 and 3 are there to split the anti-EU-as-it-is vote, leaving 1 as the "preferred" candidate. It looks like a dirty trick to me.

I think there should be a fourth option

1a Do you want further integration in Europe because you like the idea of being arse-fucked on a more regular basis?

I think this or similar should redress the balance somewhat.

hangemall said...

Fair 'nuff :)

Tim Colgan said...

Captain Ranty:

Your perspective on the current state of affairs in the European Community is an interesting one.

We are attempting to generate conversations between people like yourself, who are able to add to the global perspective and create true dialogue. If you could post a short description (with a link) to your blog, I’m sure many people would be interested.

Just reply to the following post:


Hope to be communicating soon,
Tim Colgan

James Higham said...

Albion Alliance were doing just this and the responses from the Tories were uniform - they could not respond on a national matter, only on a local. Labour ignored it, some LibDems replied and UKIP almost all replied [it was to PPCs].

Good luck with this and I'll do my bit.

Wayne said...

Done and I'll post the reply - if he bothers!

Anonymous said...

same as wayne...thanks for the heads up!

wv=sheneu just one letter out if the first E had been a U eh!

Anonymous said...

I have pre-ordered my seat for Monday's theatrical extravaganza over in the House of Fools.

Cameroid is even unleashing the three line whip to make things DEADLY SERIOUS (and by doing so makes it less about Europe and more about MPs voting against the leadership...)

A proper debate would end with a free vote, would it not?

Popcorn at the ready!

Oddly, Blogger's captcha for this comment was "electiv"...



NewsboyCap said...



Don't expect a reply though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ranty,

I just received this reply from my MP.

CROUCH, Tracey tracey.crouch.mp@parliament.uk to me

Dear RebelScum

Thank you for your email. I understand the strength of public opinion on this matter and you'll therefore be pleased to know that I was the fifth person to co-sign the motion to be debated in Parliament, so you can be assured of my support.

Best wishes

Tracey Crouch MP.

I read your blog as often as you post. Keep up the good work!

Bill said...

Sorry to sail against the wind as it were but asking the beast to change is a pointless endeavour.
The outcome of the debate is not in question. They will vote to stay in and reform from within. A stand that clearly doesn't work, as history proves, but will play well to all the paying customers of the parliamentary theatre shows.

IF the MP asked his/her constituents how they want him/her to vote before they went into the debate then I would believe we had a democracy. Clearly we don't.

But 'doing something is better than doing nothing' right?
Well I am a firm believer in effective action but sometimes as bizarre as it sounds the most effective action is to do nothing. I say let the 650 aliens in parliament have their debate, take their vote and let them vote for the fudge because in doing so there will be no clearer sign that the political class is as one on remaining aboard the sinking ship that is the European Union.

It will prove once and for all that they are not our government. They are their government.
It will also give us something to point at for those that are sitting on the fence and finding it increasingly uncomfortable, the 'better in than out brigade'.

David from Manchester said...

Just sent the letter to Barbara Keeley Labour Manchester Worsley/Eccles.

Have labour anounced a whip on this vote? Not heard anything in th media.

I expect they will.

Keep up the good work skipper, you and others are finally getting info out to the public. MSM RIP

NewsboyCap said...


My local numpty David Crausby sent this reply:

"I will of course look at the resolution that is to be debated next week and decide then how to vote. I am not in favour however of gesture politics and will want to ensure (in the interest of all of my constituents ) that Britain takes the right course of action".

Whatever that means ???

Bill said...

"I will of course look at the resolution that is to be debated next week and decide then how to vote. I am not in favour however of gesture politics and will want to ensure (in the interest of all of my constituents ) that Britain takes the right course of action".

Whatever that means ???

Whatever Mr Crasuby wants it to mean?

Rather proves my point though. Total waste of effort.

Nick said...

I really think that Edmund Burke correctly judged situations such as these. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" I know it is a monumental task to awaken people to, what I and many others see as evil, but, I have a burning desire to be able to look into my Grandchildrens eyes and be able to say " I tried" A letter or email to your M.P. is nothing. I feel rather more passionate about this than I am able to articulate, but I think the majority or readers will understand.

Bill said...

I feel that we are being led to go after the wrong target. MPs are being offered up to us to vent our wrath on. They have become the gun line as it were but I doubt they realise is nor would care even if they did because they are told and believe that we the people can do nothing to harm them which is true.

Kill one and you cause harm to another and under any sort of law that's bad and you will quite rightly be punished.
Hit one and the same applies.
Remove his or her belongings and again you will suffer under any form of law.
Threaten them with withdrawal of your vote and they will ignore you safe in the knowledge that their controllers will simply rewrite their next campaign to energise another section of the plebiscite to vote for them or the counts will simply be fiddled.

They are to all intents and purposes immune from a direct attack.

Local councils made up of local people as both employees and elected members, walk the same streets as you or I. They shop in the same shops, sit and enjoy the same parks, watch the same football teams, take their kids to the same school, in short they are accessible. They are also over confident and believe that they enjoy the same protections as the MP's. They don't.

There is no need to physically harm these people but every need to expose them at every opportunity for what they are. Humiliation is a very, very powerful tool. It doesn't even have to be done in public. Private humiliation which may go public is often the most effective agent of change.

Take a jump over to Bexley-is-Bonkers to get some pointers as to how its done. Bexley is staffed by a claque who believe they are beyond the law and yet a tiny group of individuals are taking them apart one piece at a time by exposing their deeds for all to see. This isn't my site but it shows just how effective a small minority can be.

If it could be repeated across the land before long the whole house of cards would tumble, at least that is my take on this. MP's are best ignored.

Pesky Anonymous said...

I received this reply first thing this morning:

"Thank you for contacting me by email. This acknowledgement has been triggered electronically and the emails are checked regularly throughout the day. You will receive a reply in due course. We do not give priority to emails over letters, telephone calls or faxes to the office. Each is dealt with in the order they are received."

Further installments if they materialise...

Livid From Barnsley said...

@Jim 19th Oct,12.29

Hope you don't mind Jim but i used your shortened response to my local MP short and to the point.

Thank you