October 23, 2011

Democracy In Action?

I don't think so.

I have long said that MPs are infantile. No surprise there, considering that they live entirely in a world of their own, with no responsible adult supervising them.

Like infants, when they don't get their own way, they have tantrums.

Read this piece on the bullies in Westmonster and tell me I'm wrong.

A snippet:

"Amid reports that up to 100 rebel Conservative MPs may defy the Prime Minister, there were claims that some had been subjected to a number of threats by Mr McLoughlin to make them toe the line. 

According to one MP, ex-miner  Mr McLoughlin was overheard shouting at a rebel MP: ‘This is not the f****** Oxford Union. This is  not some f****** sixth-form debating society. This is the bloody House of Commons.’

Other threats allegedly included:
  • Banning MPs having extra time off at Christmas.
  • Giving their seat to a rival MP.
  • A four-year veto on becoming  a Minister.
The alleged threats were revealed as David Cameron faced his most serious Commons revolt since winning the Election. 

He is expected to win tomorrow’s Commons vote on whether to let the public decide on staying in the EU. But he may pay a heavy price."

How, in their world, are they acting in the best interests of those that put them in these well paid jobs?

Read the whole thing and weep, as you learn what the EU has cost us in money alone. Forget the plethora of new legislation, thousands of regulations, and the loss of sovereignty, but wonder instead, at the stupidity of those we elected that allowed this to happen.

Pathetic. Criminal. Unforgivable.



Anonymous said...

I don't believe for one second that stupidity has anything to do with it. Malevolence would be closer to the mark. I fundamentally believe that we are exactly in the position that has been planned for us and if you doubt that, ask yourself just how it can possibly be that so many western nations are engaged in the very same process of national suicide against the oft expressed wishes and concerns of their people? The truth is that a much bigger game is afoot and the puppet masters are not going to let anything stand in their way. Cameron is merely doing what he is told so ask yourself, whose instructions is he following if not those of the electorate and is he or any of them then suitable to run the country which they are supposed to do on the publics behalf?

I'll say this much, at least the one good thing that may emerge from this disgraceful episode is that maybe a few more will realise the absolute futility of giving your vote to one party over another. Is it not now obvious that they actually are all the same so why attempt to draw a distinction between shit and shite? The entire system needs to be brought down and power returned to us with whom it rightfully and solely belongs.

An Angry Man

Michael Fowke said...

Well, Cameron is acting as a dictator then. This isn't a fucking joke. It's a disgrace. If any of the rebel MPs give in to him, they will (or should) be ashamed of themselves for the rest of their lives.

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Judiciary being challenged, Statutes being challenged, LAW being challenged in court and only a few days ago (17 OCT 2011).
The FMOTL 'HAS' been recognised and by THIS 'JUDGE' has been accepted as a legitimate movement.
Listen to this audio ' Not great quality but you WILL hear treason being mentioned and fraudulent summonses being sent by 'councils' and you will hear the judge saying "That's going to cause a few problems, isn't it?" in reference to: all County Courts are Administrative Courts, applying 'Administrative Law'. They are thus UNCONSTITUTIONAL, CRIMINAL, AND FRAUDULENT.

Here's the link

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

My other post MAY read as though it is not pertinent to the current post by CR however these proceedings are hitting at the very foundation of the age old statutes that are being passed off as law. When the SHTF and we have nothing left because we are IN the EU we WILL be able to fall back on these arguments.
Cameron is on a hiding to nothing and it is because the carpet is being unpicked from under his very feet - we will not win by dropping a piano on his head. It is the massively small incidents that are being brought to court by such people as guy and - NOT - allowing them to proceed because NONE of them know the LAW even though they have studied it for decades.

We are making headway and shortly they will either HAVE to 'OPENLY' break the LAW (the government) or admit defeat and I don't believe the latter will be the case.

TREASON, Traitors and LIARS are they ALL that know and do nothing to bring this country back to the 'PEOPLE'

Namaste, Rev
Get your treason pack and deliver it to the police 'en mass'
Apologies for the plugs CR but they are majorly important.

Namaste, phil;

Anonymous said...

Captain, sorry for the double post. Feel free to remove the first one. I thought something had gone wrong when it didn't appear so I fiddled about with it a little more and posted again later.

I really should employ a little more patience.

An Angry Man

Unknown said...

Captain, they are all fucking traitors who follow an Nazi ethic as I have just said on the f2c blog. I am literally fuming about this. Why have our elected officials got it in for those that voted for them?

Trecherous bunch of bastards.

English Viking said...

Shoot first, questions later.

The SS were at least efficient.

Anonymous said...

For me now Capt'n, it's about those idiots in Westminster proving what we are all saying about us no longer living in a democracy. What they are doing is demonstrating this fact. In my opinion, I think it can only get ugly from here if people realise that our theiving numptys in Westminster, who less than a week ago were hailing and celebrating democracy in Lybia, could now be denying the very people who paid to help "democracy" rise in Lybia a say in the most important issue today.

Dark days ahead.

Just a thought.


Dioclese said...

And this is the man who promissed us a referendum in the first place!

And I hear tonight that there may be some treaty alteration as a result of the current ministers meeting. I seem to remember he promissed us a referendum on that as well.

The man is proving to be a massive disappointment...

Anonymous said...

Democracy is something of a sham.

The EU has changed beyond all recognition from that which people voted for all those years ago. Time after time, matters are decided by 'our betters' with a condescension that typifies modern career politicians.

Cameron really has been a let down. Hard to know where to turn now for any political integrity or loyalty to the electorate.

My understanding is that this motion is the result of an online petition reaching a magic number set by Dave himself.

Given the state of the EU and its impact on the UK, some form of national debate/reflection is long overdue.

We won't get it of course. Just the usual platitudes.

BTW Capt. thanks for posting the link to the song.

Ro-me-ro said...

I suspect that ukip will win some seats on the back of this mess, only I fear it'll be too late by then.

Anonymous said...

Here we go , here we go, here we go...whichever way it goes tomorrow iDave and his govt have lost...Lawful Rebellion anyone?

Krokodil said...

These "idiots" are most certainly not idiots - traitors, yes, but not idiots.

No, the EU masterplan must stay afloat no matter what happens - and financially a whole lot is happening - NO argument of ANY logic is allowed to stand in the way of that simple but tragic truth. And I'm not merely resorting to hyperbole here - I expect it really WILL be tragic in the long run.

Call-me-Dave is a Tony Blair wannabe - should ANYONE be surprised that this vacuous pretender is only a man of straw?

I'm not British, but do have some links to your great country - shame the so-called "leaders" of the UK are determined to destroy it.

Maverick said...

CR - The linked article has a diagram/graph showing the contributions made by the UK and the resultant benefits/grants monies received back from the EU. Is there anywhere that shows this information for each EU state member ???

It would be interesting to see who exactly gets what ... and in what measure .......