October 02, 2011

All Your Gold Is Belong To Us

Hot on the heels of the story I posted this week about Scottish seas being secretly given to England by that nastiest of parties, ZaNuLabour, here is today's revelation:

That 315 tonnes of gold that we thought we owned, has also been given away.

To the EU.

Have a look at the emails that came to me this morning:

"The Maastricht Treaty did, and still does, lay title claim to all the UK ’s gold and dollar reserves.  At the time of the gold sale the recently-launched euro was struggling to establish itself on the currency markets.  Receipts from the gold sale were used to buy euros, which propped it up for a while but failed to stop the slide. 

However the transaction simultaneously met a large part of the demand that all the UK ’s gold and dollar reserves be passed to Frankfurt while neatly avoiding physical transfers in fleets of bullion trucks driving to the Channel ports.  A huge potential political flashpoint had been smartly sidestepped.

Such deceit is the normal modus operandi when the EU (and the British government for that matter) knows a proposal or directive does not have popular support.

Gordon Brown lied when he claimed it was a purely commercial decision. It was intended to show support for the euro, and it started to meet the UK 's treaty obligation to transfer our national assets to the ECB if the UK were ever to join.  It also assumed that the result of then promised referendum on joining the euro would be in the government’s favour.

It is highly unlikely that the Labour government would have won the 1997 election at all, let alone in a landslide, if they had said that they intended to sell a significant proportion of the UK ’s gold reserves – whatever the reason.
After the sale, gold represented a mere seven per cent of total reserves.  Previously it was 17 percent.  And all without anyone being asked, agreeing or voicing a view. By mid-2000, British taxpayers were sitting on a loss of some £26 million.  Now it is over £13 billions.

My sources at the time were impeccable.  One of them was even inside the Bank of England.

BTW the physical gold was held in the Bank of England on behalf of the EU for some time after the sale.  Where those ingots are today I don't know. 

Ashley Mote

PS – The German government was the only one of the (now) 17 eurozone members not to melt down all its coins and pulp all its notes when joining the euro – as the treaty demanded.  The German government simultaneously embarked on a huge gold-buying programme which went on for years.  Their gold holdings are now massive.  Net result - the Dmark could be re-launched tomorrow – no problem!"


The Brown Bottom

"With the gold price hitting new nominal highs I thought it was a good moment to remind ourselves about the consequences of Gordon Brown’s sale of much of the UK ’s gold reserves.
In 1999-2002 he sold 395 metric tons of gold at an average price of $275 an ounce. Today the price stands at $1749 an ounce. No wonder Brown’s sale on the gold price charts is known as The Brown Bottom.. He also gave notice to the market that the sales would take place, thereby giving market participants every opportunity to drive the price down in advance.
Here are my calculations of the value (in millions) which would have accrued if we still held the gold today:

Sold then
Value now

99 - 02
Quantity sold tons
Average price $/oz
Sum realised US$m
Exchange rate avge.
Sum realised £m

The 2012 Olympics are estimated to cost some £9billion, so we could have paid for the Olympics with the amount of value he surrendered and had over £2billion in change left.

As of December 2010, estimated gold reserves were as follows: -

8,133 tons
3,401 tons
2,452 tons
2,435 tons
315 tons

The impact of the man’s stupidity is breathtaking.
Please circulate. The more who know about these figures the better"

Are you sick and tired of being lied to yet? Fed up of being robbed by those we put in positions of power?

Will you do anything about it?

I do hope so.



Anonymous said...

You would think that people would have woken up, and Bliar and Brown thrown out of office in 2001 for selling off our gold.

But no.

The public only listen when their bread and circuses stop.

I still think gold is a bubble, compared to historical prices. I fail to see how much more chaotic our world is compared to the last 200 or so years.

And their is NO reason for any industrial nation to find itself in debt.

westcoast2 said...

The Bernanke told Ron Paul that he doesn't think gold is money. So what's the worry if we got rid of that old traditional gold? (/sarc)

The gold price in 1980 was $850/oz. This is approx $2200 in todays terms. Todays price is approx $1625 off a high of just over $1900. In 1980 Gold was 5x the S&P, today it is about 1.5x higher (S&P closed 1101 Friday). In addition, very few people own Gold, so why do you suggest Gold is in a bubble?

The spot price seems to be manipulated by CBs and the exchanges hiking margins. This could all change with the introduction of the PAGE (Pacific Asia Gold Exchange).

Wayne said...

I think we are very vunerable.......

wayne said...

Vulnerable even!

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain,

You are falling into a trap. The UK doesn't own any Gold. Who do you think bought this Gold in the first place? When did they buy it? The Bank of England has "private shareholders" and you can bet your life that if there is any Gold it belongs to "private shareholders". Gordon Brown didn't "sell" the Gold for the UK. It was just a clever accountancy trick to look as though he sold it on our behalf but in reality it was just transferred into another section of the same privately owned vaults of the elite.
If the UK had Gold why would we need to borrow money at interest from "private" Central Banks?

All the Gold that you hear about is in "private" hands.

If people had any sense they would do the same while Gold and Silver are on sale a bargain prices.

Anonymous said...

p.s. The Gold that Germany holds is in New York and they will never get it back.
The USA is going to default and keep all of the Gold.

Anonymous said...


"The USA is going to default and keep all of the Gold."

And who owns the USA?
You'll find that it's still owned and controlled by the crown of England. The crown of England which has nothing to do with England whatsoever, that is after Cromwell sold the UK to Europe's banking elites after 1649.

The rabbit hole is deep and goes all the way to Pope, to the Holy Roman Empire, to Caesars, to Rome, to pre Rome, to Babylon and so on. The EU is merely the recreation of Rome once again and the elites have hidden in luxury until their coup detat on the unsuspecting public yet again. It's now getting so predictable, that is to those who've done the groundwork.


StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Meanwhile Bliar is lining his corrupt pockets with his World-series non-stop talking tour! Inspired, no doubt, by his money-grabbing letter-boxed-mouthed slag of a wife. A humble squaddie has to get clearance from the MOD to write a truthful book about his combat experiences in Iraq or Afghanistan but that cunt can spout his I-saved-the-World lies to his audiences of arse-licking sycophants and pocket millions! I hope he dies of Cancer and takes that conjoined twat of an ex-Chancellor Brown with him.......No talking tours for the latter, wonder why???

Laurie -

James Higham said...

Gordon Brown lied when he claimed it was a purely commercial decision. It was intended to show support for the euro, and it started to meet the UK 's treaty obligation to transfer our national assets to the ECB if the UK were ever to join.

Is treason still a capital offence?

Captain Ranty said...


The last person hung for treason was William Joyce in 1946.

The Treason Act 1351 still applies but life imprisonment is the worst you can expect.

Get Brown to gaol! Forever.


Captain Ranty said...

You had me at "pro EU twats".

We just need them-all pro EU'ers- to be gaoled for life. Then they can reflect on what they did.

Execution is far too kind.


Anonymous said...


Execution is far too kind.

Quite right. The best way to hurt money men is take away their money. Better still, put them in hard menial labour on a below minimum wage, with no pension, having to live 20 in a room for the rest of their lives. That way they live how they want us to live. That's far worse than death. Let them suffer until they die.

"Do unto others as you would do unto yourself"


Anonymous said...

Fully agree with sentiments expressed here...

While I don't necessarily want to make a connection where none may exist, wasn't the change to the Treason Act - to remove the execution sentence - one of the earlier things Liebore did? Just at the same time as they began their long list of treasonous activities?

I think it was the Act that introduced ASBOs, the Crime & Disorder Act or something.

(It's probably not the entire reason, considering stuff like the HRA came in at the same time, but it is an amazing coincidence...)

For those who like alternative theories in respect of gold reserves:

Is the gold in Fort Knox real?

"One conspiracy theory says that no one has actually seen the gold since the 1930s. But in a letter to [Ron] Paul in September, the Treasury Inspector General said he had 'personally observed the gold reserves located in each of the deep storage compartments'."

Oh, well that's alright then, it must be there.


For more, have a read of this cracking story from a few months ago; a great read, whatever one may think...