October 24, 2011

Realisation Dawns.....UPDATED

Tonight, 68% of the electorate will finally realise that we live in a dictatorship.

The other 32% will be glued to the X Factor.

100% of us are fucked.

Updated 24 October

Just watched the debate (some six hours of it) only to learn that we have:

111 patriots

483 traitors

56 I couldn't give a fucks.

Still, Hansard tomorrow will help us to clearly identify the enemies of Britain.

We will not forgive. We will not forget. We are coming.

Expect us.



Mr Ecks said...

Don't think it is that bad Ranty.

1-How do you get a pot,etc, to explode?. You keep the pressure on. How many people will Camoron's (and the rest of 'em)arrogance --the poster is spot on--piss off?. Today's caper will do nothing but good.
--Camoron/Hague and the rest of the Tory "leadership" will never again be able to posture as "euro-sceptics". Labour/Limp Dicks are equally treacherous.
--Wedges will be created in this useless coagulation and amongst the tories
--people will see that we are no longer a free country and our rulers don't give a shit for what we want
---anger against the EU will grow.That shower are on a down-bound train and can't get off and now there will be more and more angry people willing to hear the truth.

Contrast that with what a referendum would bring.
---They would use the 3 question format to split the NO vote. If the renegotiaters won then the "negotiations" would take longer than the Korean War peace talks (they were still talking in the 1970's if my memory serves).
---The pressure would be off "You've had your chance" they'd say
--As soon as a vote was announced every lying son of a bitch in this country would be unleashed. Every pundit, sleb, sporting idiot,etc would be called in to support the EU. The papers, the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corp, every lying leftist and pseudo-leftist (=Tory) would be rolled out.Obummer would appeal for european unity, the UN would stir their henchmen.
---The EU would take 2-3 billion (prob out of our own money) and buy or suborn everybody to ensure that the "stay" gang would get 5 to 10 times the coverage of us "Go-ers" regardless of complaints about the unfairness. The CBI would roll out promises of economic disaster, the green scum would roll their propaganda engines out, the femi-nazis too.

Even if, in the face of that, we got a definte resounding "OUT" victory they still don't have to give it to us.

The EU is getting deeper in the mire. The economy will go down and down and there will come a point where anger is ready to explode. Then they will give us what we want because the will be more scared of us than losing the EU payoffs.

Captain Ranty said...

Mr Ecks,

I agree with all of that.

The "Yes to staying in" will be given millions to sway those don't knows, just like in Ireland.

The Beeb will ignore the "Let's get the fuck out" side.

Really, all we have to do is wait. I can see that this bastard union will die one day but I am unhappy now and I am not content to do nothing. Even if that may look like the best thing to do.

The euro is all but dead and I cannot resist wrapping my hands around its throat to help it on the road to the cemetery. Same for the EU.

I just want it over with.


Jmac said...

Off this topic but may I refer to the topic regarding the "Oath of Allegiance".
After reading your piece I decided to contact my MP, Julian Smith, and ask him about to whom was the Allegiance owed.

In a very short reply he referred me to
Where the oath is "I (name of Member) swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.".
Which really dodges the question.
Do you have any further information on this subject.
If what you have written about is true, the effects could be devastating.
Regards, Jmac.

mescalito said...

Ranty man- http://commonlawsociety.co/

Anonymous said...

I would say that I await the moment of stitch up with bated breath, but can no longer admit to that level of naievity as we have seen it ALL before, I can only live in the forlorn hope that the MP's themselves wil ignore the whips in their masses and drive the government to ignominious defeat, chuck their idiot leaders on the scrapheap of history and then start again, this time paying CLOSE attention to the voice of the people ... from naievity to madness maybe but we all have to try to find a glimmer of hope, don't we?

Dioclese said...

All Cameron had to do was make it a free vote. The motion will likely fail anyway because our MPs are totally out of touch with their electorate.

I e-mailed my MP the other day as you suggested. He hasn't replied.

Anonymous said...

There are some spirited efforts going on in this performance, sufficient perhaps to conclude that a select few of these so-called representatives may have something nearing conviction (I will be charitable enough to hope that there is a tiny number in there somewhere...) Though I do believe the three party leaders scarpered the second the debate started!

One can only hope that, once the "vote" is reported, more people notice that the will of their Parliament is diametrically and contemptuously opposed to their own; they may finally realise that they have given their consent, on false premises, to several hundred largely self-interested dissembling childish idiots; and perhaps they may then start to look into ways by which they can withdraw it.

Elsewhere, however, a Vatican council has seemingly called for a "global public authority" over world finance.

One choice bit:

"It is the task of today’s generation to recognize and consciously to accept these new world dynamics for the achievement of a universal common good. Of course, this transformation will be made at the cost of a gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation’s powers to a world Authority and to regional Authorities, but this is necessary at a time when the dynamism of human society and the economy and the progress of technology are transcending borders, which are in fact already very eroded in a globalized world."

The document in full is here...



Anonymous said...

same as wayne...no answer came the stern reply...

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

If this country is to be demolished we HAVE to get into the EU.

Spooky statement but this is exactly what is happening. In order for EVERYTHING to be wiped out, Magna Carta, Bill of Rights Etc. the government HAVE to get us IN.
Once IN the whole lot comes crumbling down and HAS to be RESET 'Square One' - This only means ONE thing.
Even if it doesn't come crumbling down we have NO effective government 'IN the country' only diplomatic envoys carrying out (unelected)European Central Government orders.
They REALLY ARE pushing for us to become violent, it IS a requirement for the PTB to take over and RULE by FORCE.
Think you've seen it all yet?
For those who are currently in ignorance they are shortly about to get a RUDE awakening.

What can we do?
Continue to 'CONFOUND' their authority keep up the constant flow of correspondence, be late on ALL bills and reduce our commerce to an absolute minimum.
Hit them where it hurts most.
Further suggestions welcome (mine aren't all encompassing but a good start)

Namaste, Rev; (phil;)

Anonymous said...

It's official. We now have confirmation we are not living in a democracy.

I hope this can be turned round one day but I'm not going to hold my breath just yet.


Anonymous said...

What a load of w*****s, Cons are dead, in fact Government is dead in this country, so why the hell are we paying out of taxpayers money for this shower of tossers, watched tonight, couldn't believe the load of crap the No vote where coming out with.
They really think we are nothing, the lowly plebs, what do we know, God I hate this lot of self serving parasites.
Off to lie down in a dark room, save the rest of my bile for tomorrow.

Jan M

Anonymous said...


Alan Watt has a rather good analogy of waking up to reality. He speaks along the lines of freefalling, without a parachute, through a cloud cover that you have no idea is underneath. He speaks of wiping away everything you've been taught to know for most of it, if not all is deceit.
One thing he mentions is to give away your patriotism, for what really is it?
Look at what the UK has become and look at what it was before it became what it was?
Our society is a land filled with migrants and rapidly growing. It's a society filled with immorality, abnormality and unnatural existence, that's always been.
Our schools are nothing but brainwashing machines to get children ready for tertiary education in order to move into the workplace, to be able to pay taxes into a corrupt system that spits them out at the end of their existence with a pitiful pension.
What nationality we know was created, by the elites, who ruled with an iron rod, went overseas, raped and pillaged foreign lands and our ancestors were all part of that and still do today with the likes of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, soon to be Syria and of course Iran.
What culture we have was given to us also by our elites - a globalist one as no one today lives by their traditional Old World Order ones.
You, as an Englishman, a lovely one at that, are now living in Scotland with many of your kin who have left England, seeing it turn into an expensive, dirty, immigrant infested shithole, with gangs patrolling the streets and migrant crime syndicates doing, well, what they're known for. This therefore sumarizes the situation in your homeland that you move to another in order to escape its demise, yourself an immigrant in an alien culture to your own, well, alien as in what was, not is.

In other words Cap'n, what is there within the UK that is UK (English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh)? What is there in the UK that holds onto tradition? What really separates us from Europe as we're all the same now - globalists? Ah, the control.... Yes, but that control is merely at Brussels, whereas if it weren't it'd still be in the same place, if it isn't still there already, under the authority of the Crown.
So in essence Cap'n whichever way you look at it, this is merely one big agenda, an agenad already underway long before the first world war was waged, in fact before the Crimean or Boar wars and possibly even at the time of Cromwell and long before that.

The people who control always will control for the simple reason they see people as sheep which sadly they are as well as behave like children. If they can show they're grown up then maybe we'd have our freedom, but most of them couldn't give a shite in the first place.
I hate to say it, but EU, no EU...nothing would change in the world of the elites and the rest. You may be awake. Many who read this blog maybe awake, but I hate to tell you Cap'n that the massive majority are still chewing the cud and will continue to do so.

And I'll ask the final question Cap'n - Just what will we not forgive and forget and where are we going? Everyone is merely a playing piece on a Monopoly board who doesn't want to get off.


Anonymous said...

Go steady Captain!
Many Brits will wake up after the words of betrayal of their Robberment.
This is needed as the real threat is mentioned above: the Vatican.

Allways yours truly.

Anonymous said...

i think you will find this interesting cap,
its american but i think it applies to all western countries.
season of treason.


DAD said...

List of voting record of MPs :-


wayne said...

Have re emailed my MP this morning for what it's worth to tell him what a coward he is, putting his career before the will of the people who elected him.

Bill said...

Well perhaps now people will realise that Parliament as it is currently constructed IS a tyrant. There is no such thing as parties they all fly different flags, think slightly differently but crucially ACT the same way.

Contacting any member of this tyrannical object really is pointless. The people who are 'members' of parliament and those who gain from the parliaments activities only need the peoples consent to be governed after that has been given the people are just tax cattle.
We all assume that the voting system isn't rigged but I would argue its well rigged. As long as the Parliamentary Party aka the Lib/Lab/Con gets a majority of seats Parliament wins.

The same charade is played out in town and county halls across the land.

Change will never come from within. That much must now be obvious to even those who believe we live in a free democracy, I hope.

Pesky Anonymous said...

Outlook grim I agree.
But I'm in a good mood today, thanks to being knocked down by a large feather.
Readers will have noticed all I heard from my MP was a robot acknowledgement. And as she has a record of voting "strongly for more european integration" I thought she was a lost cause.

But I can proudly announce that my MP, (rampant red) Rosie Cooper, was one of the 19 labour MPs who voted in our favour.
I still can't believe it. Maybe she got lots of emails like mine.

Anonymous said...

Whilst one may argue that there are 111 in that place prepared to reflect the wishes of the people and the good of the country, one must also consider just how many of them are facing the loss of their seats (and associated taxpayer-funded gravy train) as a result of the Boundary Commission review.

There are a number of seats that are disappearing altogether, resulting in something of a local scramble as competing MPs seek to ingratiate themselves with the local associations and electorates. (They obviously do this every four or five years anyway ;-) but are having to do it earlier this time round...)

Other seats are seeing an influx of voters from "the other side" - e.g. some blue seats are being weakened by adding some red/yellow wards, some red seats by adding blue wards, and so forth. So a similar amount of activity is underway locally to ensure that the sitting MP - irrespective of their colour, as there is no difference in reality - gets back in next time and can keep drawing their salary and associated extras.

While this is obviously not going to apply to all of those 111, and may apply to some of the 483, it may nevertheless be the case that some voted for the motion on the proper basis, whilst others did so for "other reasons".

One such example is Stephen McCabe, MP for Birmingham Selly Oak, who "defied the whip" and voted for the motion - one of the few Labour MPs to do so. At present he has a majority of 3,482, "semi-safe" one might say. Under the Review, the ward of Bournville is being added to the Selly Oak constituency to make a new one called "Birmingham Northfield". All three councillors there are Tory and the Tories got a higher vote share in the local elections. Whilst its addition is not suddenly going to make Northfield turn blue instead of red, the ward may yet make the new seat more marginal in 2015 than the present one.

And here is Stephen McCabe's massively pro-European voting record before last night. Even being absent from the prior four divisions on Europe (since the 2010 GE), he still has a whopping 92.5% score in favour of "more Europe".

Yet he has suddenly had a change of heart?

Omne actum ab intentione agentis est judicandum: "every act is to be estimated by the intention of the doer".



Pesky Anonymous said...


Quite so.
It is not impossible there may be devious motives behind this.

Thank you for letting me bask for another hour before disillusioning me :)

Summerisle said...

What I have often felt is that whilst there is much - and growing - anger and frustration and what is being done to us and our country, there is not sufficient courage or knowledge for us all to simply say no more. Perhaps to some degree we all feel isolated, and truth be told a little fearful if we enter headlong into what for want of better words we could call Lawful Rebellion. Politically, it is dead at the moment. Perhaps what it needs is for a mass gathering, well publicised, whereby our case and grievences are stated, and our lack of faith in the current political puppets stressed. The culmination would be a call for all those who wish to enter into peaceful LB to remain within the building whereby it is agreed that from that moment forth we all pledge that from that moment forth we will do what we can to change things about, including starting to rebuild the system as we see it should be. Surrounded by thousands of like minded people might reveal our strength in unity, giving us peace in the knowledge that we will stand up for one another. At the moment we all seem to be waiting for something to happen; some person or group to come along like the 7th calvary to save the day. Unfortunately time is against us. Well, it's just an idea.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is a sham designed to give people the illusion of control - but only the illusion, never the real thing.

While you expect it, let alone your MP, to achieve anything else, you are still caught up in that illusion.

Anonymous said...


Don't mean to cause any more disillusionment :) but it would seem that Rosie Cooper is almost as pro-EU as McCabe is, although I don't know what prompted her change of heart last night as her seat isn't changing all that much IIRC.

Perhaps she has wised up and started listening...?

Surely not!



Pesky Anonymous said...

I have today received a letter from Rosie Cooper, my MP.
For those interested, here is what she wrote:

"Dear Pesky

Thank you for contacting me in relation to the motion calling for a national vote on the European Union, which was debated in the House of Commons on Monday.

I received a significant number of emails, letters and contacts from West Lancashire constituents, like you calling on me to support the motion, which I did.

It is important to remember why this issue was being debated in the House of Commons. Over 100,000 members of the British public put their name to a petition calling for this referendum. It was the Conservative-led Government that introduced the e-petition system to allow people to have their say on such issues and have some influence on what is discussed in the House of Commons.

It is clear to me on the issue of the European Union there is massive disillusionment amongst people and they feel there is a need to take a step back and have a look at how our relationship with Europe works.

This debate was an opportunity for the British public to see if their representatives were listening on this fundamental national issue.

It is a shame the media in the main focused on the internal fighting within the Conservative Party rather than concentrating on the real frustrations of constituents when it comes to the European Union.

Yours sincerely
Rosie Cooper"

A good letter on the surface, but she does not give much away.