October 04, 2011

Just To Annoy The Righteous

I am posting this purely to piss off the puritans. No doubt they will move heaven and earth to get it banned.

People-handsome, sexy, pretty people-are......smoking!! All of them. All the way through the video.

Run for the hills! Cover the childrens eyes! Write to your MP!

Demonstrate! Prote..(Enough, we get the message, Ed).


Tip of the beret to fellow blogger Muddy.


Lord Lindley said...

Well posted. I agree that all TV & films should be realistic. Smoking outside the Queen Vic & The Rovers, out in the street, etc should be shown. Trying to brainwash gullable idiots into pretending it's not there is a sign of the Old Labour regime & should be forgotton as a bad time in history for normal people.

Captain Ranty said...


Could not agree more.

Airbrushing cigars/cigarettes/pipes out of historical figures pictures is just one example.

Even Popeye has his pipe removed, FFS!

Let's reflect real life.

Over 2.2 billion people smoke.

Leave us alone.


Dick Puddlecote said...

I take it the cameraman dropped dead of a heart attack soon after filming, yes?

He didn't? But they told us ...

The Travelling Toper said...

Even better -the actors throw their butts onto the floor which should upset that strange fellow from Stoney Stratford.

F***W*T TW****R said...

Off to Digg with this one C.R.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link CR.

I found the vid surfing round the late night music channels, guess that that was why it was being shown.

I'm sure that the rightous are projectile vomiting bile at the very thought of such a thing. Expect it to be banned any moment!!

bollixed said...

I'm off to spark up (tax free, of course) :)

nisakiman said...

Ah yes, I can hear them now!

"This sends completely the wrong message..."; "These people are supposed to be role models..."; "This irresponsible type of thing only serves to glamourise smoking..."; "This video must be BANNED!".

Ha! I'd love to be a fly on the wall when the dreadful Arnott watches it! Perhaps someone should bring it to her attention.

Anonymous said...

Bill Hicks - 'Smoking'


Angry Exile said...

Oh noes, I have teh fourth hand smoking from watching that.