October 21, 2011

Cameron Demands EU Referendum

He demanded it right up to the time he moved into No 10. A couple of slaps from the true wielders of power, and he changed his tune.

He is a liar.

Liar! Liar! Liar!

You may want to chant that on Monday 24th October.

You may want to remind his spineless fellow party members just who they report to.

You may want to voice your disgust, your contempt, and your outrage.

You may want to shame him into keeping his promise.

Details on how you can do ALL of that are below.


"The vote in Parliament on a European Union referendum was scheduled to happen next Thursday 27th October. However the government has now switched the date of the vote to this Monday 24th October after ministers were worried about the huge number of people the People’s Pledge would be able to mobilise to lobby Parliament.This is an outrageous attempt to stifle debate and peaceful protest. Not only does the government not want to have a referendum on the EU, but they want to shut down the debate altogether.
We need you to contact your MP again. MPs from all parties are being pressured by their whips to toe the party line and oppose a referendum. They need your support to combat party pressure and must hear from you in the next 48 hours. Please act now.
What you can do.

STEP 1: Ring your MP

Call your MP on 0207 219 3000 - This is the House of Commons switchboard. Please ask to speak to your MP about the EU referendum vote. Tell your MP that you have signed the People’s Pledge and that you want them to vote in favour of an EU referendum.  Inform them that, through the People’s Pledge website, you will watch how they have voted and will take this into account at the next general election.

STEP 2: Email your MP

Even if you have already done so, do it again.
Tell them how annoyed you are that the day of the vote has now changed and that the parties are forcing their MPs to vote against the EU referendum that polls show a majority of people want. Remember you must give your name and address so that your MP can respond. Please forward to us any responses that you get.

Contact your MP here
STEP 3 : Join us in lobbying Parliament on the new date Monday 24th October.

The People’s Pledge are holding an official lobby of Parliament on the 24th of Octoberand we would like you to attend. We have secured permission to hold a group lobby of MPs in person before the vote in Parliament. To do this you must arrive at 2pm at St Stephen’s Entrance where supporters will start to queue to lobby their MPs.
The next 4 days are vital and we need as many of you to get involved as possible. To generate maximum pressure on MPs don’t just complete one of these steps; please do all three, and forward this email as widely as possible. 
The People’s Pledge Team"

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Michael Fowke said...

"The vote in Parliament on a European Union referendum was scheduled to happen next Thursday 27th October. However the government has now switched the date of the vote to this Monday 24th October after ministers were worried about the huge number of people the People’s Pledge would be able to mobilise to lobby Parliament. This is an outrageous attempt to stifle debate and peaceful protest. Not only does the government not want to have a referendum on the EU, but they want to shut down the debate altogether."

Eh? Who's running this government, Colonel Gaddifi? I thought he was dead!

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered that one of the blue ones near where I used to live has a huge score on TheyWorkForYou.com in respect of voting in favour of European integration.

It is 60 points more than Cameroid (whose score is low because he is absent from most divisions on it) and 30-odd more than Calamity Clegg (who is also absent from most divisions on it). Even arch-Europhile Ken Clarke is outscored.

This annoys me.

A three-line whip will not be needed with this one!

"You may want to shame him into keeping his promise."

They have none, and no ability to feel any!



Anonymous said...

M.P. contacted. Interesting one this, she has already spoken out FOR the ref and she's a new one, but will she dare defy Cameron.

He's Spartacus said...

Good work, Ranty!

NewsboyCap said...


Have wrote this to my numpty in response to his strange reply:

David Crausby's office

Thank you for your prompt reply, although I do not fully comprehend what you are saying " I am not in favour however of gesture politics".

I understand that the 'Great Leader' is to enforce a three line whip over Mondays vote, rendering your 'decision' redundant.

On a matter of such importance as the facts laid out in my previous Email, I would expect nothing less than a vote free of the whip, and a Referendum for the people to decide their own futures regardless of the views of politicians, who have lost touch with the feelings of the people and have conveniently forgotten their oaths to defend the nation from foreign influence and Laws.

It is not the servants job to decide the future of their masters - the people - or are the EU your masters?

I look forward to your reply.

Dave T. said...

If these cunts defy the will of the people and continue to sell us out to foreign interests, they are de facto guilty of High Treason; it's as simple as that. Note carefully who votes and what for. Mark their names well, for the future is coming and tomorrow belongs to us.

Anonymous said...

As you will notice, David used the prefix 'I think' many, many times, instead of words like 'we must', 'I must' or 'it is my duty' etc.

His get out, like many other sneaky politicos, is that was what he _thought_ at the time, but now is different.

Got to laugh at the language of liars :)

Anonymous said...

Tony Blair secretly repealed the treason law, unfortunately.

English Viking said...


You`re still living under the delusion that they give a shit what you think.

BTW What on Earth have you done to Churchill`s hand?

English Viking said...


No prob, I`ll reinstate it, and back-date it.

Retrospective legislation used to be illegal - but Blair changed the law on that as well.

What goes around, comes around, as they say.

Livid From Barnsley said...

Sent mine off again.

DisenfranchisedOfBuckingham said...

Pointless. Why do you think i call myself Disenfranchised Of Buckingham?

Represented by a useless, non voting, dwarf with a slapper wife:(

Anonymous said...

I don't see the courts as they currently operate having much of a function over the coming few years. I suspect the adoption of summary justice will be unavoidable in the times ahead. Likewise vigilantism. Best prepare whilst there's still a little time left.

banned said...

Youtube comment (5 hours ago)

"how long before this video goes the same way as the Limp Dumbs Petition for an EU Referendum website which was still active until yesterday, (when people started signing it again) - needless to say, the site has now been pulled..."

Buck Moody said...

tomorrow belongs to us.

Hey, c'mon, let's not go there!

Captain Ranty said...


The only difference between leaders in "developed" countries and dictators in the 3rd world, is subtlety.


Captain Ranty said...


I had momentarily forgotten we were dealing with sub-humans who care only for themselves.


Captain Ranty said...


There is a slim chance she will jump on the bandwagon with the other rebels.


Captain Ranty said...


My pleasure!


Captain Ranty said...


If he thinks saving our nation is gesture politics he is a moron.

Let him know.


Captain Ranty said...

Dave T,

They really do just think of themselves.

Whatever they say in public their priorities are:

1. Me
2. Party
3. There is no 3


Captain Ranty said...

Anon 18:55,

Yup. Pathalogical liars. All of them. They don't even know they are doing it.


Captain Ranty said...

Anon 18:58,

Yes he did. He needed to cover his arse.

I would say that he acted with guilty knowledge. That is one thing the CPS need to show to prove guilt.


Captain Ranty said...


I am not delusional. I know that they don't care but the alternative is to do nothing.

What's up with Winnie's hand?


Captain Ranty said...


Good stuff!

Stay livid.


Captain Ranty said...


I feel your pain.

Let the little twat know anyway.


Captain Ranty said...

Anon 21:41,

I am ready.


Captain Ranty said...


I think they have just realised we are here, we are mightily pissed off and we are not going away.

Censorship, force, and guns is all they have.

That may work for a short time but it is not going to save them.


Captain Ranty said...



We have to start somewhere....


English Viking said...


I don´t suggest doing nothing, just that to write strongly worded letters etc is a TOTAL waste of time.

Winston appears to have no thumb and 5 fingers, two of which seem to belong to someone else who is an albino.

Tonyb said...

There is a very interesting David Icke Video here. I would like to see this go viral

Charles Crane said...

The only thing worse than a liar is a bloody hypocrite!

mescalito said...

im on it ranty man!

mescalito said...

all done Ranty,

for those of you who say " its not worth it, they don't listen" shame on you, your just lazy, even if it doesn't get the result we want, at least we were able to pull together and get something done as a group, isn't unity what this movement is about after all???

it also shows them how many people are un-happy and want change, and we all know this is a numbers game.

in the time it took posting a negative post with regards to this, you could of executed step 2 of Rantys plan.

there are no excuses, if you want change, you have to try.

richard said...

Wrote to MP in the forlorn hope that he worships at the altar of Dema-Kerazi.

mescalito said...

this is what my MP emailed me back:

No need to lobby Parliament, I’m voting for the referendum. And on the bright side, I will be in Kyrgyzstan on Thursday but am here to vote on Monday!