October 18, 2011

Dislodge. Disconnect. Let Go. UNGRIP.

This is a remarkable film.

For those of you that may have stumbled here, and wondered just WTF I am on about, watch the movie. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It will inform you in 1 hour and 11 minutes. Left to me, it would take 1 year and 11 months. Hell, it has taken that long to get some of my articles out so that you can read, reflect, and decide for yourselves whether or not I am wired directly to the moon.

For those of you that have perservered with me, a lot of this movie just reinforces what I have been banging on about, and it is nice to have it affirmed from a different source. (It doesn't all go my way, as you will notice around 30 minutes in). Still, this movie kind of says what I would have said if I had made it. I face similar battles in the days ahead. Films like this, and the determination of those in them, spurs me ever onwards.

I hope you enjoy it, and learn from it, as much as I did.



GoodnightVienna said...

These gems are why I love you. There's no left/right dichotomy, just people, corporations and the state.

James Higham said...

Around 40 mins very interesting. Canada has its own government so how can there be a GG in the name of the sovereign? How could the Canadian Navy be renamed recently, recognizing the British Crown?

Twisted Root said...

Don't agree about Magna Carta being a contract signed under duress.

It is a treaty. Treaties are signed after a conflict. A winner and a loser. King John lost. The terms of the Treaty are always going to favour the winner e.g. Versailles after WW1.

For the first time the terms of the Treaty the winners, rather than thinking just of themselves, had the foresight to try to restrict future wannabe tyrants.

Edo said...

Tip of the hat to you Ranty.
I remember very well the first two movies this guy put out. Very inspiring and honest.

Cheers Mate.

NewsboyCap said...


Excellent stuff, just goes to show with a lot of research and an awful lot courage what can be achieved.
I feel I have a long, long way to travel.