September 27, 2011

Ridding England Of The English

How long have you suspected that there is an agenda to dilute English culture?

How long have you been wondering just why multi-culturism was a defined project, another target to be met, by those gibbons in Westminster?

Wonder no more. Your suspicions were correct. Your worries were genuine. Below I will link to a fantastically well-researched piece that will do nothing to aid peaceful sleep.

I think it's fair to say that I am one of the most inclusive people I know. I absolutely welcome different peoples to come and visit, and even settle, in my land. I say "my" land because I know for certain that we have been here since at least 1198, and with a bit more searching, I think I can take us back another few hundred years. I do not discriminate on race, creed, colour, or sexual orientation. My personal motto has long been "If you ain't harming me or others, crack on".

We are a Mongrel Nation. We have been welcoming foreigners to this land since time out of mind. But in the last 50-60 years there has been no-one watching the gates. This may not have been important at one time, but it is now. Not only are far too many coming in, they are also a very real threat to the way we live. Not for them the old adage "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". For them, this place is a place where they import their own culture, not in itself a bad thing, as long as they keep to themselves. But they do not. There are enough examples of this for me not to have to list them here. They are also costing us a ton of money to house, feed, educate, and treat, should they become ill.

Here are a couple of snippets from the paper written by Tony Shell.

The true purpose for promoting multiculturalism – of making genocidal population change seem desirable– is never admitted. It is the indigenous people (the English) who are the victims of that process, whilst at the same time immigrant people are cynically manipulated by an authoritarian elite. It is the engineering of substantial demographic change, over the last sixty years, that has been used by the ‘progressives’ to justify the effective destruction (or expropriation) by the political aristocracy of those social institutions created by the ordinary, native people. The principles of government by consent, and of the right to selfdetermination are contemptuously ignored.


In February 2011 research by the independent body Migration Watch used official ONS data to show that: “Under Labour 3.2 million foreign citizens arrived in Britain, about 80 per cent from outside the EU, whilst nearly one million (941,000) British citizens left”. [27] Observations on past census records, plus other data, can put the effects of this ‘progressive migration’ into an informative, historical perspective.

In 1851 approximately ninety-six percent of the population of England were native indigenous people (the English). [28] One hundred years later (1951) the proportion of English people in England was almost exactly the same – despite a huge influx of refugees fleeing from famine, revolution, pogroms, the upheavals of two devastating World Wars, and a brutal partitioning of Europe. [29] It was the natural increase of the native population over that one hundred year period (from 16.03 million English people in 1851, to 39.50 million in 1951) that played a major part in the maintenance of a relatively stable, cohesive society.


Despite a change in Government (in 2010), that ‘progressive’ agenda is still being vigorously pursued.

The UK State no longer serves the people, but acts as local administrators to a global oligarchy. The intention is to be effectively rid of the native English people, whilst asset-stripping the country. Such behaviour is entirely consistent with a State that is a servant of global finance, engages in unlawful foreign wars, is institutionally corrupt, has no moral scruples – and is engaged in High Treason.

Go and read the whole thing here.

You know things have gone wrong when to be a white Englishman/woman is a cause for concern. Native peoples should not have these concerns in their own countries. It's all very well blaming politicians for the mess we find ourselves in. I agree that they shoulder most of the responsibility for this sad state of affairs, but there is someone else to blame.

You. We. Us.

We did nothing to stop this. Those that did say something were vilified. Even producing this post will make me a "racist" in someone's eyes. Shamefully, some of those mis-attaching this label will be my fellow countrymen. Racism is not in my DNA. I have travelled to dozens of countries and I have been amazed, astounded and delighted at the opportunity to learn about other cultures. The difference between me visiting other nations and those that settle here? I left my culture at home. I did not attempt to change the way they live. I did not import and impose my values on others. I quietly did what I had to do in their country and left.

The figures speak for themselves. If immigration is left unchecked, as per the grand plan, by 2050 the English will be a minority in their own land. This will not do. It will not do at all.

Step away from the telly. Throw that trashy newspaper away. Go and see your MP. Tell him or her to do something. If we say nothing, they think we are okay with what they do. The old maxim applies, "He who does not disagree, agrees".

It's time to disagree.



I am Stan said...

2050 the English will be a minority in their own land. This will not do. It will not do at all.

Yo Capitan,

It`ll do me cause I dont give a rats arse and I`ll probably be dead or nearly lol.

Love Stan

Anonymous said...

In answer to your opening question Captain: Ever since "traitor" Heath sacked Powell, a couple of days after his (in)famous speech.

I agree with your third last paragraph, where you illustrate the misapprehension that many people are under when they confuse the word "racist" with the word "prejudice". As far as I am concerned it is a perfectly acceptable position to take to prefer the company of one's own kind... It's why we have clubs. What is not acceptable, is to pick out groups of another hue or viewpoint, and consider them to be inferior.

As far as immigration is concerned, if we had a nation which was based on anarcho-capitalism (as you regaled us with yesterday), it would not be a problem. There would be no point in immigrating if there wasn't at least one major crime syndicate, flush with cash from our pockets, waiting to distribute it at will.

I haven't read all of the Tony Shell article yet, but I put it aside for later after reading the first paragraph when Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was mentioned....

Now there is a racist!

Captain Ranty said...


Therein lies the problem. None of us gave a rats arse because we assumed the people we empowered would do their job.

They didn't.

I do not want, or expect, mass deportations. I'd like them to gently shut the door for a while.


Captain Ranty said...


I think that most prejudice, racism, or hatred of others (different to you/us) is born in ignorance.

I always make an effort to study a new country that I will be working in so that I know what not to do or say that will upset them. I never forget that I am a guest.


I am Stan said...

Which/What English culture are you talking about anyway, ancient, Empire, the war years,post war, modern, post modern, contemporary, what? or is it just a color ting?

Times and cultures change, change with em or be left behind negative and embittered like Harbwhinger, life will go on without you, and anyroad you live in Scottyland, leave England for us English to sort out ;)

Anonymous said...

As an "Englishman" I live in the South of France. It's for the weather and wine. There are many other "nationalities" here doing the same thing. I have nothing against the French but I'm not here for them.
There are very few attractions for living in England. Social services, free housing and hand-outs for people who get nothing in their own countries is probably the attraction. They probably have nothing against the English but they are not in England for the wonderful English or the weather.
I think people should live where they like and it's not up to me, you or any other bugger who says where people should live.
The World's full of unhappy souls trying to "ring-fence" their little piece of territory.
It's too late matey.
Still not to worry England is about to become a Third World Country so all the people you don't like will be off to another place where the hand-outs are better.

Captain Ranty said...


I am talking about all of it. Culture isn't a thing you date, it is a thing you are. A thing that makes you different, unique, in the world.

It is never about colour for me. I don't give a fuck what colour people are.

I think it's mostly about the things we are all terrified to do in case we upset someone. To my knowledge, in 45 years of travelling, no-one ever gave a fuck whether they upset me when I was visiting their country. I just want parity.


Anonymous said...

FU Jack I'm alright, was always the nastier side of English culture, it now sits , by the sound of it, more comfortably in France and other cuontries, Don't come crying at the doors of England when your faux paradise turns into a bucket of shit.

Captain Ranty said...


I agree to a point. I am all for zero borders but it shouldn't be about "What I can get for free". Things are never free. They cost someone somewhere something.

Maybe that's part of my determination to do something: we have enough home grown scroungers without letting in millions more.

In that I have been consistent: come and stay by all means, just don't add to the amount of tax I have to pay. It is not my job to support you.

It beats me why people come here in the first place. It ain't the cheapest place to live in the world. If my family had been willing, I would have fucked off years ago.


I am Stan said...

What are you blathering on about "Parity", I travelled more than most and everywhere I`ve been people have been mostly respectful.

Do you think I just stepped off the banana boat Captain, so this little snippit isn`t about color then.

"You know things have gone wrong when to be a white Englishman/woman is a cause for concern. Native peoples should not have these concerns in their own countries."

Since when exactly has it been a concern to be white and English, utter bollocks!

I am Stan said...

"I think it's mostly about the things we are all terrified to do in case we upset someone."

"Terrified" do me a favour ffs, grow a pair! terrified of what?, a nignog moving in next door, or Tower Hamlets transporting itself into your ring fenced back yard.

Captain Ranty said...


Even though I don't have to, I stated a couple of times that I don't give a fuck about colour. I really don't. Skin tone is meaningless in this particular post. It is about being squeezed out. It is about those who will be squeezed out.

As far as I am concerned, the system we have to identify English citizens is fine: both grandparents & parents born in England? Then you can/should call yourself English.

Look up the word parity. It means like for like. The same. It means that foreigners do here what we do, just like we do in their nations. I have never lived in a country then decided to wail, scream, protest and whine that my religion or my law be imposed on people who don't want it. Can you tell me, here and now that many foreigners don't do exactly that?

Have you ever interviewed for a job, been the best qualified, the most experienced, but the only white person on the short list, only to lose out for the sake of some ethnic target that must be met?

Ethnics get first dibs. Every time. So you can fuck off with your "What is there to be concerned about" bollocks.

Your last statement is pure arse. If you haven't read the same stories I have in the papers about ethnics whining about being "offended" then you need to beef up becuase you are talking shite.


Mark L said...

Your author makes it sound like a problem unique to England, CR. The fact is that this is a global phenomenon with very many western countries affected: the US, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Denmark; the list goes on and on. It's not about wiping out English culture and the English race; it's about wiping out indiginous western cultures in general, by the process of population churning. Foreigners swarm in; indiginous leave in droves. The end result being the native cultures are overwhelmed, swamped and destroyed.
I prefer a world with well-policed borders, because high fences make for good neighbours. What is going on currently is all going to end very badly - and yes, it is High Treason and Lib/Lab/Con are all equally culpable for it.

Anonymous said...

> Go and see your MP. Tell him or her to do something

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. For a moment there, I thought you were serious.

Ralph Musgrave said...

I see arch BNP opponent Margaret Hodge is adopting BNP policy. See Guardian article “MP who fought off…” (27th Sept).

The pompous sanctimonious turds to make up much of Britain’s political left are fundamentally devoid of any beliefs.

I use the insulting phrase “pompous sanctimonious turds” because unsubstantiated insults are stock in trade for the political left. For example if you aren’t happy about our immigration policy you are automatically “xenophobic” – i.e. hate foreigners. I’ve never seen even the beginnings of an attempt to show that those who favour less immigration hate foreigners.

microdave said...

"Go and see your MP. Tell him or her to do something."

She is one of the new intake, and clearly in awe of Camermong. She also has a fair majority at the moment. Based on that, plus one (public) meeting, and some email exchanges, a further visit wouldn't do the slightest bit of good.

Rest assured however, that I will be beating a path to her door when the cobelition starts falling apart...

Captain Ranty said...


I think he just did his piece on England. I suspect he knows, like I do, that this phenomenon is not restricted to us.

When you boil it all down it's a numbers game: foreigners (particularly Muslims) have more kids than we do. It's a mathematical certainty that we will eventually be outbred.


Captain Ranty said...


I fully agree.

Those that agree with me on sliding the immigration door shut are not xenaphobes, they just want to retain their culture. This is positive. It's a good thing.

They never ever use discriminatory language. But they are outraged at the cost and the growing list of reverse-discrimination stories they hear or experience.


Captain Ranty said...


I know, I know.

My MP is dyed-in-the-wool SNP. It is difficult to hold a sensible conversation with her about anything.

Unless I want to bang on about the case for independence, she ain't listening.


I am Stan said...

What utter tosh,

For a start I`ll call myself the King of Scotland if I want to and I wont be looking for the states or your permission to do so, secondly a white English male in England has an edge over everyone else when it comes to jobs but of course there`s still competition and if they still fail and keep failing then its because despite all their advantages they`re a loser, and like all losers they whine and blame someone else "its them immigrants innit" , thirdly the only religion I`ve ever had rammed down my through is Christianity and the only law the one I live under now, no other ever! when was the last time an Imam tried to convert you eh or a sharia court sent you a summons or whatever, let me tell you NEVER!!!!!

capitan said "Have you ever interviewed for a job, been the best qualified, the most experienced, but the only white person on the short list, only to lose out for the sake of some ethnic target that must be met?"

No I haven`t cause I is black and I bet you haven`t either, and I dont read the Daily Mail so maybe you could show me a link of "ethnics whining about being offended" not that you don`t do any whining eh Capitan, no not you ever eh!

Hyperbolic, jingoistic claptrap, you`ve moved from Lawful rebel to useful establishment stooge, creating division and deflecting attention, dividing instead of uniting....shame!

Captain Ranty said...

Anon (12:56),

I am, I am!

If thousands of us started banging their doors down they would have to take note of what we are telling them.

That's what THEY tell us to do. That's democracy, innit?


Captain Ranty said...


Who the fuck am I dividing? You?

You divided yourself. Don't be making shit up now.

This is not about me, either. I live in the north-east of Scotland and I see more fucking unicorns than "people of colour".

That doesn't mean I shouldn't write about issues affecting England.

If it bothers you that much, fuck off and come back when I have written something you like. I'll try never to write about white folks again.

Happy now?


I am Stan said...

Who the fuck am I dividing? You?

It`s the old natives losing out and immigrants taking over chestnut and you know it!

Seems to me you know fuck all about the "issues affecting England" (apart from what your reading in the Daily Mail or papers written by one issue/agenda think tanks), hardly surprising as you live in the north-east of nowhere.

No need to be churlish, I`m happy now and happy by nature,I`m enjoying the debate, and the point of posting is to debate is it not?, so without prejudice and with your permission I`ll hang around awhile ;)

Captain Ranty said...


And you see it as a bad thing that an Englishman wants to defend his homeland? As he is obligated to do?

Do I want my country to become an Indian colony? No. Do I want it to become a Muslim caliphate? No.

Do I feel bad for speaking out about it? No.

If you read my posts (properly) you would know that I do not read the MSM. I read, and occasionally link to the odd report here and there but I do not (and would not) buy a newspaper. I do not watch the telly. (For anything other than movies now and then).

This does not make me an ignorant dipshit who has no idea what is going on.

Hang around all you like. You have a standing invitation. Just think harder before writing bollocks.


I am Stan said...


"Do I want my country to become an Indian colony? No. Do I want it to become a Muslim caliphate? No."

Our country has not and I believe will never become either, there`s people of Asian and Muslim heritage in our country amongst many others and their future generations will be here till the end of all our days, most of them like most Englishmen and I wish to defend ourselves our homes, our families and our homeland as we are naturally inclined to do, but from what? that is the question here isn`t it, from each other?, because of our differences?, I hope not!

As the old saying goes,

There`s two bollocks in a bag!

Anonymous said...


Once the 2nd world war had been instigated and millions of the indigenous people throughout Europe had been blown to bits, most notably Germany and Russia, the next phase of the agenda was brought in to destroy Europe and the white peoples - and of course, that was immigration with the likes of Stan, et all.

The sad reality is that everyone wants to belong to something and this is why Stan, will vehemently defend his 'Britishness' and being part of the indigenous culture - which he is not of, nor ever, ever will be. He is, as I've always said, an African living in the UK.

Stan is fucked up. He's like the labrador that runs around with the dobermans believing he is one. This is the reality of all other non indigenous within the UK, not of indigenous heritage. They want to belong and will attack anyone who sees the simple fact that they are not, nor ever will belong to this land.

Once you bring people of another culture into your society; once you allow them to live; once you allow them to mix their culture into that society's, then your own starts its swan song.

So in reality Cap'n, this is about non indigenous, that which you don't "give a rat's arse" about, because they are the immigrants who are coming to the UK and have been en masse from wave one in the 50's, to wave two in the 70's ontoi wave three from '97 onwards.

I have written about this on many occasions and yes it is a prejudice viewpoint to take but look at reality? We are all prejudice whether we like it or not and it's ironic but it is prejudice that is being used to destroy indigenous cultures, by the anti prejudice, prejudiced individuals, the elites, who use the perfectly natural viewpoint of people. There is natural prejudice and there is malicious prejudice. Choosing who to partners with; choosing where to eat out; choosing what garage to use and not wanting your country to be destroyed by migrants and your culture destroyed is natural prejudice. What the elites are doing to us is malicious prejudice there to destroy.

This agenda is an old one and one that will work. Once we have mixed all peoples of this world into one, homogeneous blob and the Tower of Babel complete, there will be two races - the elites and everyone else and the elites will be gods amongst men for the rest of eternity. This is a reality if people do not see that the plan is very much in full swing to reach this ultimate conclusion.


Anonymous said...

Cap'n (cont)

Like it or not, the plan is globalism and we are all globalists. You do not live by a Scottish/English culture at all. The same for the Welsh and Irish. You do not live by you indigenous ways. All peoples, indigenous who live in the UK live under a globalist culture and they are about as Scottish, English, Irish or Welsh as an Aborigine is. Nationality is not defined by birth place. Nationality is defined by your people's culture and the culture you practice. You must have both to be, otherwise you are merely a tumbleweed, blowing in the wind connected to nothing.

And this is what the elites want. Why? They want this because people who are not of a nation do not fight that which is trying to destroy it. Going to this on a micro level, the destruction of the family has been ongoing, because if you destroy the family then the elites have a clear path to total control over society. Families defend one another - no family, no defense.

This agenda has been ongoing for hundreds, if not thousands of years in order for total control over all. And as I said, they will succeed unless people wake up to the reality that is here. Then again, the majority won't because their lifestyle is too comfortable, plugged into the matrix. They'd rather be slaves and left alone to their demise, rather than fight back and lose all their precious superficial, materialisms. After all, imagine our youth today without their I-phones, I-pads and TV?


I am Stan said...


Remind us of your brown children and why your ashamed of them, as you`ve stated so here on the intermong for every malcontent to read.

Remind me because I`m still struggling to get my head around the fact that a father can be ashamed of his own kids that he created because of their color.

Now thats what I call fucked up!

Anonymous said...

I am English, I am part of the English Nation:

A Nation is 'a large aggregate of people united by common descent, culture and language' - regardless of whether they hold the territory they exist in.

The English are a ethnic group just any other, indeed are recognised as such by no less authority than the United Nations. The UN also recognises England as the homeland of the English.

(It is unlawful under Internatioanal Law to interfere with the identity of any ethnic group)

Racially the English are Northern European, a Caucasian sub-race established sometime during the Last Glacial Maximum, approximately 25,000 years ago.

All the ancient tribes which make up the English genotype lived within 300 miles of each - hence the R1b gene found in 93 per cent of the 10,000 specimens tested (2002).

You stick to Lawful Rebellion Captain and I'll stick to defending my people, without whom Common Law would not exist.

And to those who, for political or economic reasons, wish to alter the identity of my people I say this:

I'll fight you to the death.


I am Stan said...

@ Aren`t we all related to black folk out of Africa, killing neanderthals and spreading North some squillion years ago?

Good luck with the death thingy ;)

Anonymous said...

The road to nationhood is indeed a long one I am Stan, pity your lot never made it.


I am Stan said...


I am Stan said...

Am I not here in the now Steve?, someone made it. ;)

Anonymous said...


And here was you saying earlier you had done replying to me? LMAO.

And for your info we're not all related to people in Africa.

Read it, understand it and see that we're not all from Africa. Africans are but whites aren't, or Asians. The reasons we've been fed this shite for such a long time is in order to fit into the NWO agenda that we're all the same and therefore there's no problem when we all mix and destroy the separate races and cultures we are and have created. It's called brainwashing. Wake up

JerryD said...

@Steve 27 September 2011 16:38 - Come on Steve, move over a bit will ya? I'm fighting too. You're not having all the glory for yourself ya know! ;-))

@Harbinger 27 September 2011 14:55 - As always has hit the nail well and truly on the head:

there will be two races - the elites and everyone else and the elites will be gods amongst men for the rest of eternity

Even if the sheep in la-la matrix-land baulk at such a statement - its what the Elites believe. And they believe it thoroughly. Which is juuuuust a tad worrisome.

@Captain Ranty is the shining light here - he is fighting his corner, so must we. If we don't get off the bench and step up to the plate, we can't complain when the other team takes the field and wins.

Now is the time to take a stand, not tomorrow, not next week, now. Just like Ranty is doing.

We owe it to our own manhood’s - indeed to our own ancestors - to not roll over like fucking pussies and take it on our knees.

Even if we fall, we fall with honour at our sides.

Time to stop talking.....

Time to act.....

Do we call ourselves Englishman? Well, DO WE? – well, time to ACT LIKE ONE. Time to raise hell!

and @Stan. You sound like a complete fucktard - and your posts are fucking drivel.

I am Stan said...

Time to stop talking.....

Time to act.....

Do we call ourselves Englishman? Well, DO WE? – well, time to ACT LIKE ONE. Time to raise hell!


I am Stan said...

Joking aside chaps,

The fact is different races are attracted to one another, they lust for one another, fall in love with one another and often have lil brown kiddies, just ask Harbwhinger!

Theres nothing you can do about that, no amount of hyperbole, twisted facts, papers from one issue/agenda think tanks, frenzied drum beating or moans and wails is gonna change the fact that people will love other people, the futures Brown, get over it and enjoy the ride, I do ;)

Peace and goodnight!

Anonymous said...

@Stan the moron (always putting words into other people's mouths)

"Remind us of your brown children and why your ashamed of them, as you`ve stated so here on the intermong for every malcontent to read."

I'm not ashamed of them. I'm ashamed with myself for ever getting involved with people outside of my race as it's racial genocide no matter how it's looked upon. However, you being the complete, ignorant, socialist leaning, fuckwit that you are, will never see this, for the reasons I've always explained, to you, many, many times in the past.
Not only are black males far more prone to upping and leaving their families, chasing another piece of tail, with which to do the same all over again, black women are also far more prone to get pregnant to white males, have their beautiful little, coffee coloured mixed race kids and then fuck them off because they don't want to be with men. I don't know Stan, maybe it's some fucked up, warped ideology that black women do in order to get some kind of payback for the slave trade.......
Let's face facts, black women in the UK have fake hair, fake fingernails and like you, will never, ever, ever be anything more than an African, living in a land that is not theirs, nor ever, ever will be. They will always be outsiders, the same as white people are viewed by Asians in their lands.

As also explained, you are the prime example (immigrant) of the plan that the NWO implemented upon the Northern peoples, in order to smash their culture. You, by your very being here have proved overwhelmingly with your reluctance to face facts and call anyone racist who should defend their culture and nation and take a stance at the racial and cultural genocide, happening within the UK (and all of Europe), that you are a globalist, happy to see the demise of the white peoples and all that they have because you don't want to feel like an outsider and damn anyone who thinks that you are.

This is why I totally despise everything you have to write.
You have this fucked up view that because I speak what I do I hate non whites and their cultures. This couldn't be more wrong. I simply make the obvious connection that non indigenous in indigenous lands leads to the demolition of what their indigenous cultures are, not forgetting people. You can't make this simply conclusion because you are a complete and utter fuckwit, who's happy to see the NWO agenda come to the conclusion it's planning.
I like to immerse myself in other cultures, that is by going to their lands to experience them. I also like to be able to come home to my land and live by my own.


You are part of the problem Stan and most people who read the Captain's blog will see this from your totally left wing replies, you sadly leave on here for all to see. In other words you're a socialist cunt Stan. LOL


Anonymous said...

Stan says:

"Do we call ourselves Englishman? Well, DO WE? – well, time to ACT LIKE ONE. Time to raise hell!"

Engishmen can, that is those who are of Celtic/Germanic/European (Caucasian) origin.
African men like yourself can do us all a favour and realise that they're African, not English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh and give us the right to our own identity without trying to steal it for yourselves, because your African mother happened to give birth to you in the UK and you don't want to feel out of place in a land your parents should never be in in the first place, other than to come and visit.

If you don't like these simple facts Stan, then I suggest a plane back to your indigenous lands of Africa. I do believe you can get a plane ticket courtesy of the government.

You're African, not English, not Scottish, not Welsh, not Irish, not European. You are A - F - R - I - C - A - N

That is what you were born as. That is what you are. And that is what you always will be 'til the day you die.

Face facts and stop posting the shite you do.


microdave said...

My take on this is that various cultures moving around and interbreeding is inevitable. I considered emigrating back in the 90's (and spent a fair bit of money going through the formalities). In the end I bottled it and here I still am. I was always conscious that I would be "the immigrant" and felt bad about it, as well as feeling guilty of leaving what used to be a good country behind.

I can't really complain if someone comes here off their own bat and expense, particularly if they are prepared to work hard. Our local postmaster is from Sri Lanka and has been here for 30+ years. He's a thoroughly nice chap, works long hours and rarely takes any holidays. He and his wife speak English to their kids whenever I have been in the shop. There are many more like him. I'm less happy about the Eastern Europeans who send most of their earnings back home, and I certainly DON'T have any time for the millions Liebor have encouraged to travel across many EU countries in order to sponge off MY taxes, and turn their neighbourhoods into no-go areas for indigenous people. As far as I'm concerned they should all be rounded up (at gun point if necessary) and sent back from whence they came.

If that makes me racist then so be it....

James Higham said...

Ain't no doubt about it, Cap'n and it has to be resisted.

Anonymous said...


And two more things for you:

1. I do not know the human beings that I sired. I have never fathered them (not through choice) and I hope that they have a father who will love them, that is if their arsewipes of mothers manage to keep them and not fuck up their children's heads with a string of sexual partners. A father father's children. Therefore I am no father to the human beings I was part responsible for creating. Understand that fuckwit instead of continuing to put words of hatred into my mouth, you degenerate cunt.

2. As for the word British, it comes from the word Briton. The Britons were a tribe of Celtic peoples, the indigenous peoples of the land we know as England.
The word England comes from Angle, a tribe of Germanic peoples who moved west to the land we called England and mixed with the Caucasian celts. Therefore unless you are of European origin it is impossible to be British or English. The same for Scottish, Irish and Welsh.

The sooner you understand reality and stop promoting this fairytale you've been led to believe, indoctrinated by a MSM and education system that is the elites' tool for doing just so, you will always be the ignorant fuck you are.


(To those reading, I would apologise for my expletives, but they are words and I'm all for free speech. If it offends, I'm glad. However moreso I use these words in conversation with Stan, because he is a cunt.)

I am Stan said...


My dear chap please for your own sake read the comments properly,I shall assist.

I was quoting the English keyboard warrior JerryD at 18:03, and I`ve called no one a racist anywhere nor claimed to be English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish.

You must try harder and not just see what you want to see or you`ll get confused and paranoid.


Off to watch the footy now.

Toodle Pip

mescalito said...

Ranty and all need to see this.

Captain Ranty said...


I watched that earlier. There was some talk of him being a hoaxer but he checks out.

What flabbered my gast was that it aired on the Beeb!


Anonymous said...


"I`ve called no one a racist anywhere..."

Not here but in many previous posts you have. You also have this warped belief you are British and damn anyone else who thinks otherwise.
You, along with the rest of non whites, hate the fact you're outsiders (hence why black women wear wigs and try to be white - cultural identity FUBAR) and therefore attack those whites who want their own cultural identity, quite rightly so, prime example is me.

Many people do not have the balls to express what I do because they're cowards. They will one day but then the scales will have tipped so much against them it will be futile to do so. You don't like what I write because it's the cold, hard, harsh, truth.

What you fail to see at every turn is that I'm not attacking non whites per se, I'm attacking the evil bastards who told you and continually tell you that you can be Black British, English, Scottish etc, that you take your nationality (the elites are happy trying to obliterate which is blatant hypocrisy) from your land of birth and that those who disagree with them are obviously racists, that is haters of those not of their race.
You have been lied to, just as we, the indigenous have and every other human being on this planet outside the big club.
You have been brought here for the sole purpose to obliterate our culture and once it is completely destroyed (95% there already) they will smash African, Asian and the rest of any indigenous culture that is.

You are too ignorant to see this Stan.
You have been a puppet, used and abused so that you can promote your own ethnic identity and warped assumption of Britishness, so as to destroy what indigenous culture is left within the UK and the rest of the white lands of the North.
You fail to see this at every given turn and with every word that I write.

I blame the cunts who have allowed you to live in the UK and therefore smash to pieces our cultural identity.

Black British is an oxymoron. There were no Black Britons and never will be. You are merely a piece in the puzzle of billions of pieces, that when the picture is complete your future generations will have no identity, merely grey automatons in a world where the elites rule with total supremacy, as Gods, never to be questioned and to with people as they so wish with no reprisal or punishment (on this earth) whatsoever. A return to Feudalism but you're too blind to see that Stan, as you are with everything else I write about.


Anonymous said...

In all seriousness the situation is dire, raw data from the 2011 National Census shows why:

The non-indigenous population is now greater than three of the four Nations that constitute the United Kingdom. Put another way combined, the indigenous populations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is now less than the non-indigenous population of the UK.

Furthermore, the UK's Muslim population is now greater than the population of Wales.

That my friends colonisation; it is dispossession; it is deracination; it is race-replacement. It is the definition of racism. It is cultural genocide - which will eventually lead to extinction

Even the watch I wear pre-dates this madness - it was my Dad's 18th birthday present, 1947.

War is inevitable.


Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

I've read a few of the comments but not all so if my comments mirror or counter others what the heck.

I, as all people on this planet were born equal, the country that I was born in does not make me what I am, it is I that makes me what I am.
Am I brown? yellow? red! - matters not, I was born on planet earth.

Those that say 'OUR country' are really talking about what the peoples of the time created, 'OUR country' could be anywhere and any time; it could and is being created all over the globe.

What we created is interesting; a GOVERNMENT, a body that ultimately has surrounded us with rules that make no sense and imaginary walls that imprison us in what we wrongly call a country.

the PROBLEM as we like to say is NOT the immigrants it is the rules; the laws that the government make that were designed to equalise all 'on the land mass' we call a country.

CR is wholly correct in that it is YOU, WE, US that have NOT stood up and made it clear that we do NOT agree with the rules as they stand and now we are paying the price.

DO SOMETHING NOW! don't bitch and moan because you couldn't be ARSED or just too plain STUPID to do something earlier.

The next time a protester sets up a campaign ask yourself this
'If I don't support a right I will end up with a wrong and I will have to live with the consequences.


Namaste, phil;

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

To ADD to my last comment.

The one thing the elites or the illuminati fear the most is that we BOND as ONE peoples on earth and HIT back.
Once we have done this we can argue culture and who will live where, but to do this now is counter productive.
Regardless of 'FIAT' democracy, financial meltdown, colour.

Hold the hand of your neighbour in solidarity - get SHUT of the governments that are murdering us in the hundreds of thousands, creating false wars and poisoning us with shit food. Hold there hand and TELL the self appointed governments around the world to FUCK OFF.
When they have gone all this we speak of now will disappear overnight.

Namaste, phil;
(Simplistic but not far from the truth)

wayne said...

Nothing racist in that post at all, unless you're a fuckwit with a persecution complex.

Gates of said...

Great post Captain

If respected people like yourself are willing to talk openly then there is some hope

Anonymous said...

@Live an 'Achievable Life'

"The one thing the elites or the illuminati fear the most is that we BOND as ONE peoples on earth and HIT back."

Completely disagree with the above.
They want us to be ONE PEOPLE because ONE PEOPLE are easily controlled.

This is a step by step agenda. Do you not think they've thought about every possible outcome? We are talking about an elite, who have controlled society for thousands of years, passed to their offspring to do the same as they.
They know we will fight back. They know that people will all join as one to fight back and the building of the Tower of Babel complete once more.


The agenda is the mass, mixing of all cultures and peoples with the destruction of the family. In doing so they will have no opposition. And once all this is done, once there are no Africans, Asians and Whites, they will say to us all - "We are your superiors. We are a different race. We are a different colour. We speak a different language. We are more intelligent. We are wiser and you will bow down to us like the Gods that we are."

They have got every base covered completely. This is so obvious to see it beggars belief. They have already created a globalist culture for English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish no longer are. America was the experiment for globalism and a mixed cultural and racial society. It's now moved to the rest of Europe. Russia was the experiment for communism. It's now moved to the rest of the world.
You do not see what is the status quo. People are living in fairytale land if they think that by uniting as one people then this will all be over with.


It's a case of heads they win tales we lose. This battle cannot be won until people radically change their beliefs, but in doing so, would offend many and our society wouldn't like that.


Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Divide and conquer comes to mind Harbinger.

It is impossible for us ALL to come together as ONE, there will be many ONES, all with a different goal but with the same purpose.

10,000,000 different outcomes, done peacefully and under a LAW we all understand, a LAW that the elites do not, cannot because it is NOW and not then - no one can predict the outcome.

Namaste, phil;

JerryD said...

@Phil done peacefully and under a LAW

I sure you're one of the good guys here Phil, but the only thing I want to live under is the blue sky of planet earth - or if it’s raining, a roof!

First problem - as an anarchist, there is no LAW.

The problem is NOT democracy, its NOT Labour or Conservative, its NOT the military, its NOT the police, its not MUSLIMS - its this fantasy rule, which is arbitrary, yet concrete, presided over by morons with wigs, who have an army of unthinking droogs to carry out their arbitrary wishes, with tasers, guns and pepper spray - and LOL, you THINK its real, they THINK its real - when its all a great big pretend power enslavement created by man.

If you get washed up on a desert island somewhere - are you going to worry about dropping litter on the beach - or lighting up a cigarette ANYWHERE you please? Of course not. The LAW is a fantasy, created by the Elites to control little slave people.

Fortunately, the Anglo-Saxons are a rebellious bunch - as are the Celts - at the time of the Peasants Revolt in 1381 - can you guess who the ire of the peasants was directed against – that’s right - lawyers - any lawyer found was beheaded or hung - as they were the symbol of the despotic predations of landowners on the peasants (i.e. slave wages and taxes after the Black Death of 1348).

Our ancestors had the right idea with the judiciary - and ideas are bulletproof.

Anonymous said...

Live an 'Achievable Life',

"Divide and conquer comes to mind Harbinger."

I don't know if that was meant as an agreement to my reply or a dispute. However, divide and conquer is happening simply because of brainwashing. People lived together peacefully amongst one another, within their own lands and cultures until the first armies started to wage terror on the world, led by the elites who wanted control. That's what armies are for. They were never created for defensive purposes. This is obvious to see.

They have divided and conquered us because they have removed the very thing that kept us together, our culture, by programming multiculture within us in order to create a globalist, one world culture.

I am 100% against lawful rebellion. Why? Simply because it's LAW that got us into this mess in the first place. The day they decided to write down rules for us all to obey was the day they created their stranglehold upon the people and society. Laws are written words, imposed upon the people by an elite. Rules are spoken words, there for all to respect and live by, without the force of the law's bully boys/legal mafia and tax collectors, the police to come and enforce it upon us.
It is LAW that was created by the elites, to keep them in power and us in the positions of subjugated automatons, indoctrinated from birth onwards to know our place in life next to the privileged few. In other words Phil, the system created LAW and in order for us to be free individuals, the system needs to be well and truly smashed into smithereens, locked in a box, padlocked, put into another box, padlocked, encased in steel, and dropped into the deepest part of the deepest sea on this earth, there to remain for eternity. That means a world with no law, anarchy, total anarchy where we are supposed to live as the free individuals we are, not yoked to a system and told what to do in life by others, most notably psychopaths, to be controlled.

Many people wouldn't survive in an anarchy because many are fat, lazy, ignorant, couch potatoes, whom, were they animals in their kingdom would have been eaten long ago for being absolutely useless and pathetic to natural life. Yes. There are far too many nancy boys, effeminate males, wimps who haven't a clue how to fight or live off the land. They are, as the elites call us, the useless eaters, who have no purpose in life other than to be cannon fodder and destroyed at the whim of the elites. They serve no purpose in life because they are too far disconnected from natural life.

I and friends of mine would survive within an anarchy and that would be total freedom. "Do unto others what you expect to be done unto you" as the saying goes. That to me, is really the only philosophy and rule this world will ever need.


Anonymous said...

Lol@Jerry D,

We were both writing at the same time. I posted before reading yours. We think very much alike. Good post.

"Fortunately, the Anglo-Saxons are a rebellious bunch - as are the Celts" - and it is these peoples that the elites want to utterly smash because they pose the biggest threat as they always have to their control over all and a world, totalitarian, feudalistic society.

Empires never died. The rulers merely moved on to the next one and enslavement of the people under them. The Germanic tribes, the Picts and the Celts, gave the Roman Empire the hardest battles they knew and it is the Roman Empire, Spiritual Babylon, the descendants of Nimrod and the elites that is trying to rebuild itself again. Nothing changes and the same people are the same target. If they smash the Germanic and Celtic peoples then the world will be lost totally to their complete control.


Mr R Soul said...

The tension is killing me.

*settles down with beer and popcorn*

JerryD said...

@Harbinger: Well they say great minds think alike - but thinking alike AT THE SAME TIME is something else!

Of course, you are completely right, the elites want to remove the one obstacle to their power fantasies of global governance: people like you and I, the Germanics and Celts.

What they want is a world populated by football watching, x-factor watching, culturally illiterate, LAW fearing, unthinking, obedient, not wholly white morons with limited intelligence like @Stan_the_man so they can engineer their plans of world enslavement and dominance without a fight.

LOL - which is never going to happen while people like us and Ranty and the other commentators here can still stand up, breathe deeply, and tell the fucking monarchs of the elite to go royally fuck themselves. (And we know who they think they are)

But to win ourselves, we need to obliterate this dumb bovine acceptance of the childish fallacy of LAW - utterly, permanently and completely. People need to evolve into adults who make their own decisions in life - or regress back into the gene pool of the swamp.

I have no fucking sympathy for those retarded individuals who think being part of an unthinking collective is a life-goal.

And regarding the judiciary in this country, the solution is simple - a rope and a nice sturdy English oak.

I am Stan said...


Well you could knock me down with a feather duster, Mr Tony Shell was and maybe still is the Plymouth organizer for the BNP, would you Adam and Eve it.

A busy fella our Tone, busy formenting a toxic brew of hate and intolerance with the usual ingredients, lies, damn lies and statistics for his Uber-Nationalist friends.

Mr Shell works hard to bring us the joy of the Nationalist boot on our faces, all for our own good of course, not sure how he managed to get into bed with lawfull rebellion, not that it matters overmuch.

Drink deeply Mr Shells heady brew if you wish, fear spite and anger are intoxicating to be sure, but the hangover`s a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Terence McKenna - Culture is a Virtual Reality

I am Stan said...


A most excellent and timely link there anonymous, Mr McKenna talks a lot of sense.

Neo-Nazi Tony Shell et al could learn a thing or two from him I`m sure, but then Shell would have to have him shot, nothing must stop the rise of the 4th Reich and his Glorious leader Nick Griffin.

I am Stan said...

Harbwhinger said,

"Many people do not have the balls to express what I do because they're cowards"

No dear boy,it`s because they`re not deranged, paranoid, narcissitic misopediacs.


I am Stan said...

Harbwhinger said,

(To those reading, I would apologise for my expletives, but they are words and I'm all for free speech. If it offends, I'm glad. However moreso I use these words in conversation with Stan, because he is a cunt.)

27 September 2011 19:26

No need to apologize old chap I`m sure the readers understand about, you know!, your little problem, with your brain. ;)

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Well 'LAW' was maybe a bad choice of words but it is the only way I can express what it is that brings us together.
As an individual I can and have achieved many things, however as an individual standing alone I am not strong enough nor do I have the knowledge to bring the government down single handedly.
The -'a LAW'- that I refer to would be HOW we do this collectively, it is not nor should it be A 'LAW' that will enslave. I agree LAW is what got us into this mess and LAW is what we need to remove.
Anarchy is the best way forward.

We really should have a forum where we could meet because the ideas being postulated here can not be given 'justice' in the written form.
Certainly my thoughts about this would fill volumes and I have no real room to make them clear.

Namaste, phil;

Anonymous said...


Can't argue a word apart from the oak bit. Hang the bastards on metal lampposts, as they're not worthy to grace the branches of Oak trees.

And yes, Stan is moron with limited intelligence. What makes me laugh is when the fool says this (amongst everything else he writes):

"[On the English being a minority]It`ll do me cause I dont give a rats arse and I`ll probably be dead or nearly lol."

This epitomises immigrants. They have no connection to this land whatsoever other than waking on it. You're caring indigenous individual within the UK WILL give a rat's arse about the English being a minority because they don't want their future generations to suffer because they stood by and did nothing while hell was being implemented. Stan is a cunt. He's an African cunt that should pack his bags and fuck off back there to live with the other African fuckwits who care not for those around them.

I don't want to harp on about the good white people have done for they have done much bad, however, when it comes to Africa, they did abolish the slave trade that Africans still continue with this day. Unlike Africans, the indigenous Scots, English, Irish and Welsh, never sold their own people out as slaves. This is Africa and Africans for you. They are cold. They live by the day and don't plan ahead. They care not what their country is like for their future generations and this is what makes the races inherently different to one another. It's overwhelming evidence as well that proves, whites and Asians most certainly never came out of Africa, for 'most' Africans suffer badly from a lack of empathy.


Anonymous said...

Live an 'Achievable Life',

"The -'a LAW'- that I refer to would be HOW we do this collectively, it is not nor should it be A 'LAW' that will enslave."

Well the answer to this is really a simple one and you don't need moronic group-think mentality, we see as the automatons, the useless eaters, the contaminated ones, all stare fixated at TV screens up and down the nation to watch overpaid, primadonna wankjobs, kick a bag of wind up and down a grass area, day in day out. It's about saying no:

Should I pay tax? No
Should I put my money in the bank? No
Should I shop at supermarkets? No
Should I license my children, marriage or car? No
Should we get rid of the government? Yes
Should we get rid of the judiciary? Yes
Should we remove all laws? Yes
Should we get rid of the police? Yes
Should we get rid of the armed forces? Yes
Should we remove the royal family? Overwhelmingly yes
Should we pay money to build a house? No
Should we get permission from councils to build houses? No
Should we get rid of councils and public sector jobs? Yes
Should we end all corporations in this world? Yes
Should we remove the MSM? Yes
Should we remove non indigenous in order to preserve out culture? Yes
Should we allow tourism? Yes

and so on.....

This is the reality of it all Phil. It's about living our lives as individuals and to do what we see fit. It's about no one and I mean NO ONE having any control over you or a say in what you do with your life. It's your life, no one elses and for you to do with it however you decide so. Anyone who disagrees with what I've just written is a fascist to say the least, as any disagreement means they believe that individuals should be controlled.
Now on the case of theft, assault and murder, well again that's entirely the prerogative of the individual and no one elses right to stop them doing so unless it be the other party involved. No policeman/judge/human being has the right to judge you unless he/she/they are the ones involved. Simply put our lives should be no different to any other animal on this planet. Should anyone attempt to steal from me, harm me or murder me then it's entirely my prerogative to do back to them anything I see fit to do and no one elses decision to tell me otherwise.

This is reality. This is anarchy and guaranteed, if you want to survive in an anarchy you have to be fit, intelligent, strong, wise and able to look after yourself. If you fail in any of the aforementioned then sadly, you'll last as long as a fish out of water.


Captain Ranty said...


"It's about living our lives as individuals and to do what we see fit. It's about no one and I mean NO ONE having any control over you or a say in what you do with your life. It's your life, no one elses and for you to do with it however you decide so. Anyone who disagrees with what I've just written is a fascist to say the least, as any disagreement means they believe that individuals should be controlled.
Now on the case of theft, assault and murder, well again that's entirely the prerogative of the individual and no one elses right to stop them doing so unless it be the other party involved. No policeman/judge/human being has the right to judge you unless he/she/they are the ones involved. Simply put our lives should be no different to any other animal on this planet. Should anyone attempt to steal from me, harm me or murder me then it's entirely my prerogative to do back to them anything I see fit to do and no one elses decision to tell me otherwise."

That's pretty much it in a nutshell for me.

I want all of that.