September 09, 2011

Norman Scarth Is Free!

Details are thin on the ground but Sky News have announced that the Court of Appeal has ordered the immediate release of 85 year old Norman Scarth from Armley Gaol.

This is a happy, happy day!

Thank you to all who offered support.


EDIT: Short report here.


bollixed said...

Great news! Just caught it on Sky. Awaiting further details....

Oldrightie said...

Power to the blogging people!?

Captain Ranty said...


I just heard that his sentence was quashed. Does that mean we can now nail the vindictive judge that imposed this ridiculous sentence?


Captain Ranty said...


A little.

More power (I think) to his team of legal advisors. Not a lawyer amongst them.

His case did generate a great deal of support though. I am pleased we all kept the story alive.


james said...

whey who says we cant make a difference when we shout loud enough well covered captain of the rant!

james said...

also captain, do you have any info on david noakes? his website is back up but nothing from the man of late cheers james

Pesky Anonymous said...

"Does that mean we can now nail the vindictive judge that imposed this ridiculous sentence?"

Doesn't look like it Captain.
Lord Justice Pitchford virtually said it was Normans own fault (for not playing ball with them) and now that they know all the details they have changed the sentence to 12 weeks.
"......without in any way reflecting upon the correctness of the decision made by the judge at the time."

A great result nevertheless. Best news I've had all week.

Anonymous said...

What about Tommy Robinson?

Angry Exile said...

Result in one sense, but if the judge isn't being called on it I'm not sure there's a great deal more to celebrate than the fact that Norman Scarth is at least out now.

Anonymous said...

It is a happy day Cap'n. Criminal act that he was put in in the first place.


Anonymous said...

More cloaking.
1 He's mad/ill, ignore him. We are being kind.
2 any of you young whipper snappers try this and we nail you for six months minimum.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news!!! Well done to all who have supported Norman and those who have played a part in his release!!!

Bomber Jones

pitano1 said...

pure spin,on behalf of the judiciary.

if you get 6 months,`you do 3`unless
your naughty.

conspiracy theorist,`my arse.!

of course,they are going to call him
but that is doublespeak,which actually,means he is spot on.

if their was such a thing as justice in this country,or any other using the crown legal system,
there would be no room in prison,for bona fida crimanals,because it would be full of the lying lackies `of the crown coporation.
and their prostitue reporters.

NewsboyCap said...

Enjoy your freedom Norman you've earned it, well done to every one who supported him.

wv: ratwit, the cock who sent Norman down.

Anonymous said...

well done people, unfortunately they are tainting him with being mentally ill.....

well thats the excuse they are using to protect themselves.....

the true mentally ill are those that see men and woman and treat them as dead (fictions), only mad people talk to dead....

this is a stance that hasn't been used in any you tube explanations of the legal fiction aka strawman.

"only mad people speak to the dead" would make a great video title and maybe get more peoples attention and get them to think more seriously about whats going on wink wink ;-)

or "the mad magicians" is another....

Anonymous said...

they had to spin cospiracy theorist and mental health together

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain, escapee (from FreedomRebels) here.

You have thanked all those involved in Norman's release.

I like to thank you for your support and publicising Norman's plight.

You might want to see my blog entry on:

Berni said...

I found the news on the twitter feed last night.
Great news,i spread around a few forums.
But Oh dear the judges comments,you don't beleive in their system your mentaltaly ill or
delusional wtf.

There seems to be alot of attacking of conspiricy theorists and truthers of late.

Operation northwood was once a conspiracy M'lud.

Well done to Normans team, good luck for the future Norman.

Mark L said...

Outrageous that he should have been jailed in the first place. Fucking cunt of a judge.....
Well done, Norman! Congrats on regaining your freedom!

Anonymous said...

Why the hell did he thank the judge? All he did was say he's crazy and reduced his sentence! He didn't overturn the ruling. He even said that what norman did was a very serious offence! And the sentence would fit a younger healthier man! Even though cameron is about to allow filming in the courts? Allow! God i hate that word! They can film you evrywhere, even fly over your house and take a gander with all sorts of equipment, but you film them oh boy your a criminal! I'm glad he's out finally though, good luck to the old boy.