September 13, 2011

On The Move

All good things must come to an end.

I am leaving Cameroon and heading to Lagos.

Many of you will have noticed that your 419 scam emails have been abysmal of late.

I am holding a few seminars here:

 an effort to improve on spelling, syntax, sentence construction and grammar.

If my mission succeeds, you will soon be reading scam emails that will not make you wince at the butchery of the English language. Recent examples have been very poor indeed.

And that, dear readers, is something up with which we shall not put.

Play nice.



John Pickworth said...

"I am leaving Cameroon and heading to Lagos"

You must have been very bad in a past life? ;-)

Stay safe.

Michael Fowke said...

What a terrible life!

Dioclese said...

Work is the curse of the drinking classes, Captain...

James Higham said...

Nigerian bride?

Bucko said...

Fuck Cameroon!
To quote the London rioters.

nominedeus said...

Coo int all that travelllin glamorous eh!...sigh, jis look at them sights eh!...niiiiice!!!

wv= sunin, lucky beggar you

Jim Fryar said...

My problem is not so much with the grammar, or even the spelling. Of late my percentage has dropped from 50 to 20%.

If this goes on it will hardly be worth my while sending in my banking details.

Captain Ranty said...

John, thanks.

Michael, it is, it is!

Dioclese, agreed. I was smited with the same affliction.

James, on balance, I would go for a Cameroonian bride. They have an exceptional beauty.

Bucko, indeed. Before it fucks you...

Indy, belay that talk. I have a horrible life.

Jim, a valid point. 20% of $15 million isn't worth the hassle. I will advise my students to offer more.