September 26, 2011

Beautiful Freedom

Ever wondered just what our nation would be like without a government?

Me too.

But I never could answer some of the trickier questions. Stefan Molyneux helps us out with some of the answers.

Check out Part 1 here.

The very thought of anarchy (for those who misunderstand its true meaning) is terrifying. I do not want lawlessness, I just want fewer laws, and a government dramatically shrunk in size. The present system (always growing despite the mythical "cuts" we hear about) is obviously unsustainable. Far too many people clock on for the government every day. They (collectively) are inefficient and they are a massive drain on our resources. Many thousands are employed just for the sake of it. That makes no sense whatsoever.

Give me a free society any day. I am responsible for my own actions, and if I mess it up, then I will accept the consequences. For many years now all kids have been taught "It's not your fault". Well, sometimes it is. Denying that they/we can ever be held responsible for what we do has had catastrophic consequences. Are we grown-ups, or are we to stay locked in some government drones version of childhood forever? Do we really, as adults, need to ask permission from people who hold no more power than we do? Can I build this house here, on my own land? Can I own a gun? Can I smoke in a bar? Can I please have a license to drive a car, even after passing the stringent tests needed to demonstrate that I am capable? Please can I have a license to sell beer to my fellow-villagers? There was a time when no permission was needed. There is no need today. The proviso, of course, is that you employ the "Do no harm" principle and all will be well.

Here is  Part 2

Part two involves feedback and questions/statements from people who watched the first video. Note that the first few are from the terminally frightened (and who can blame them? We have been force-fed a daily diet of fear for a couple of decades now) and the socialists who say big government is the answer to all of our problems. Really? Take a long, cold, hard look at the government. They rule by force. They do not know (nor want) any other way. Taxes are "voluntary". Try not paying. There will be men at your door eventually. (Unless you tie them up in knots using their own legalese, like I have done). Start by withholding one particular tax-Council Tax, for instance-and see how you get on. Research the ways you can do this legally and lawfully, be ready for any counter-moves and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. My focus is on winning the fight before the first punch is thrown. Only a fool goes to a gunfight with a knife. Have your weapons well prepared before battle commences. It is a little unsettling at first but when you win, it is a tremendous feeling and it spurs you on to do more. I would not recommend picking fights with everyone at the same time, that way lies chaos.

Governments are by their very nature, immoral. Throw in some corruption, some theft, gross mismanagement, treason, some very dodgy judicial decisions, and you quickly realise that we would be far better off without them. I do not pretend that it would be any easy path to tread, there will be hiccups, but ultimately, who knows what a truly free society has to offer? It has been eight hundred years since we tried it. The system they had then (with adaptations to modernise it, of course) could and should work very, very well.

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments.



Mike said...

Belgium seems to be getting along much better without a so called ‘government’.

Captain Ranty said...


Yeah, I noticed that.

But are they still paying an army of civil servants?

Those 650 thieves in Westminster wouldn't cost much if we could get rid of the millions that support them.

Although I believe they should all go.

Devolve power all the way down to villages, towns and cities. Local taxation, local courts, local policing, local spending.

Easy peasy.


Anonymous said...

That is the way forward. Why we need so many ignoramus people who know nothing ? Why are we run by foreign unelected warlords?. It is all money generated. Work for yourself and your neighbours, not for fictitious corporations which manifest everything in sight.

dak said...

I'm with you all the way apart from the car and gun licences - these are both potentially dangerous items, and there are far too many idiots about to have them freely available. I was talking to my neighbour yesterday and he was telling me he'd sold his rifles because it was too much trouble keeping them: still has his shotguns, though, which is all you really need.

And I've had a counter for the Belgian government on my front page for a few months now (470 days today). I've been watching the situation closely and there seems to be no solution in sight - apart from this one:



Anonymous said...

Captain, I've been mulling over the idea of having a People's Judiciary (a proper one that is, not the immoral farce we have at the moment that's masquerading as justice), and a people's council - both set up by bloggers and their supporters.

The judiciary would sent notices to individual PTB exlpaining their unlawful and treacherous behaviour and summoning them to explain themselves in the people's court. If they do not comply we warn them that if they refuse then 'bailifs' wil be sent around to recoup taxpayers money - I think you see where I'm going with this.

The People's Council will try to avoid things getting to this stage by drawing up a charter and giving TPTB the opportunity to hand back our freedoms before we have to take them back by force.

What d'ya reckon (and I'm deadly serious by the way)?


mescalito said...

Ranty and all need to see this.

Anonymous said...

Yup capt`n you have your way and I will have mine, to be honest with you I have given up on any notion of any fecker "ruling" or "governing" over me, the way I see it is, they had their centuries of chance`s to get it right and they f`ed it up, so now its my way or the high way.