September 04, 2011

And It's Guten Abend From Her....

Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear.

Merkel is finished.

Can't think why....

....don't let the door hit yer arse on the way out.

Sarkozy? You're up next.

Then that little (alleged) sex pest, Berlusconi.

I love it when a master plan falls apart.



Nick said...

Oh! This does bring a wry smile to my face. On my last visit to my German employers office in Dusseldorf, the subject of of the Germans paying for europes failures bought fourth real vitriol from my colegues... Buy the way, I'm in a hotel bar in Russia, I'm smoking and no one gives a f**k

Captain Ranty said...

I love it!

The architects of doom, doomed!

I really didn't think the German volk would put up with bailing the whole of Europe out for much longer. The voters have spoken.

Aah, smoking in bars....another favourite hobby of mine. I am heading to Cameroon on Tuesday and they don't mind it either.

"Undeveloped nation" my arse.


Woman on a Raft said...

For commercial reasons I'm not at liberty to go in to, I'm quite pleased to see her get her come-uppance. When that little chip Sarkozy gets his, I will open a bottle of good English cider as they are neither of them on my Christmas card list.

I might have a precursor cider while I'm waiting. Pops bottle top while cheerfully whistling the Death March.

Captain Ranty said...


Odd, isn't it? You pray for a thing for years and when it comes.....not a drop of fucking gin in the place.

Bizarrely, I bought a crate of Becks two hours ago.

Like Merkel, they will meet their end tonight!


Anonymous said...

More good news(if true)over at benjamin fulfords blog,i love this bit,

Estimates of people such as senior bankers that will be going to jail if the accounts are audited is expected to be more than 50,000. I believe that Globally, it could be closer to 100,000. The very thought of all these lying, thieving bankers who cheat and steal from hard working people doing hard time is a joy I cannot contain within myself.

Anonymous said...

Sarko is the bigger danger, as he really wants a pop at Iran. I can see it happening as early as this month to deflect from majorly bad financial events.

Krautland is the beating heart of the EU machine. Once Germany pulls away, it is game over.

NATO is a different matter entirely.

Will the evil ones do another spectacular, or just start dropping bombs on Teheran, because fuck you we can?

Barking Spider said...

Much as I'm delighted to see the old commie bitch get a damned good kick up the arse, CR, the alternative doesn't even bear thinking about.

banned said...

She was a gonner from the moment she condemned Germany to a pre-medieval economy by shutting down nuclear power in the wake of Fuckyoushima without noticing that Germany does not have many volcanoes or earthquakes.

Captain Ranty said...

Anon 21:12,

I'll believe that when I see it. We all know they should be in gaol but there will be a lawful excuse for their shameful, criminal activities buried somewhere...


Captain Ranty said...

Anon 21:22,

They don't seem to need much of a reason for anything they do.

Nothing surprises me anymore.


Captain Ranty said...


Who do they have lined up?


Captain Ranty said...


That was just about the most moronic thing she could have done.

Apart from joining the euro, that is...


Lion of England on a distant shore said...

You can bet your life on it that some German Eussr freak is waiting in the wings,
of that i have no doubt most of the German
political class just love the Eussr and they will not stop until we are all IMPRISONED IN THE NEW FRENCH/German mince
do mean of course those Un honourable ladies
and gentleman.thieves of the highest order.

John Pickworth said...

I wouldn't celebrate too soon... this is going to end very badly for everyone.

To be fair, it needs to happen. But it ain't going to be pretty when it does.

Sell: Euros
Buy: Bottled water and tinned food.

James Higham said...

For the next stage to take its place though, Cap'n.